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What is inspiration Mind Map


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What is inspiration? A mind map exploration delving into inspiration, what it is and how we can feel inspired

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What is inspiration Mind Map

  1. 1. Inspiration What is inspiration? For me, inspiration encourages both peace and positive action. I’m attracted to things or people who inspire me or who encourage peace or encourage positive action. Inspiration can be an outer trigger or come from within. Outer inspiration prompts me to think or act or both; inner inspiration does the same yet is self-generated: self- inspiration. When someone makes a difference I’m inspired. When I can make a difference I’m inspired. Sources of inspiration are infinite and varied; they arise whether inner or outer from countless areas of life and for different reasons. Quotes about inspiration: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” Thomas Edison That one percent is crucial! The magic ingredient required to create inspired thought and/or action. The ninety-nine percent might not happen without the one percent. “Life should be a constant inspiration” Paramahansa Yogananda Inspiration is a daily exercise in self-improvement, seek it, create it, share it, and celebrate it, in yourself and others.
  2. 2. How and when I feel inspired I feel inspired when someone says or does something that touches my heart or touches the hearts of others. I feel inspired when I can share something that will help others. I feel inspired when I can create, share and achieve lasting difference and longstanding benefit. I feel inspired when I’m moved to tears with positive emotion about what is good, right and just in this world. I feel inspired when I know the answer and don’t know why. I feel inspired when I listen to or watch another person performing with excellence. I feel inspired when I’m left saying “wow” with very little more to add. I feel inspired when I see the quality of human excellence and dedication to outstanding performance in others. I feel inspired by the appreciation of the hours of practice experts have dedicated to perform at peak. I feel inspired by genuine, by genius, by go-getters and givers. I feel inspired by those who can raise warmth, love and a smile of gratitude that change a person’s life. I feel inspired by kindness, devotion, peaceful acceptance, the thankful, the unconditional and the timelessly dedicated to causes greater than themselves. I feel inspired by transparency, honesty, clarity and simplicity. I feel inspired by leaders and innovators, change catalysts and influencers, goal setters and achievers, people changers and world changers. I feel inspired by those who share experience and knowledge, and develop potential in themselves and others. I feel inspired by the efficient, the effective and the harmonious. I feel inspired by those who transcend their limitations and overcome challenges. I feel inspired by those offering solutions and critical “hows”, exceptional value, and fail proof cures. I feel inspired when I see people come from humble beginnings and go on to excel. I feel inspired when I see people not give up hope despite failure. I feel inspired when I see people display exceptional acts of courage or determination to succeed against all odds. I feel inspired when I see people go to extraordinary lengths for a positive cause and leave a legacy of change and meaning.
  3. 3. Methods of encouraging inspiration Meditation and relaxation Creative actions Follow/read/learn from inspiring people/books/audios etc. Tap silence and explore regular solitude Dream, fantasize and imagine Take power naps Create a relaxing environment and de-clutter Explore changes of scenery Connect with nature Give yourself time to think Break habits and celebrate the new you step by step Eliminate anything that does not harness inspired thoughts and actions Be patient with others and most importantly yourself Spend time, incubate and spend more time Explore exactly what it is you want to do, be and create in your life Listen to your positive gut feeling Practice gradually for continual self-improvement Explore your talents and uniqueness and discover the gifts you can offer to help make a difference in the world both now and for the future Welcome change and uncertainty as part of the process Balance and celebrate both inner and outer worlds Hold true to your positive purpose which gives your life meaning and helps others
  4. 4. Stick with your vision Recognise mistakes and failures can prove just as inspiring as successes Your next thought could be the inspiration you seek so never give up Being grateful and thankful are simple everyday inspirations Inspiration is a journey not a destination Rise above or let go of anything that does not give you peace; does not inspire you Inspiration can arise from perfection or imperfection When you don’t feel inspired, wait rather than push Use the energy of worry as fuel for positive intentions – rise above Overwhelm fades in silence Discover yourself in stillness A clear mind welcomes beautiful thoughts Relax, let go, explore, express and be free Breathe!
  5. 5. Associated words Inspire, inspired, inspiration, inspiring, inspirational, in-spirit What the thesaurus offers Inspiration Influence Muse Spur Stimulus Revelation Creativity Illumination Insight Inspire Stimulate Animate Encourage Enliven Galvanize Arouse Enkindle Excite
  6. 6. Produce Inspired Brilliant Dazzling Impressive Memorable Outstanding Superlative Thrilling Wonderful Uplifted Elated Enthused Exhilarated Inspiring Heartening Moving Rousing Stirring
  7. 7. Some extras Incite Impel Fire Prompt Tonic Encouragement Waken Celebration Uncovering Inventive Wisdom Genius Sense Feel Perceptive Wise Understanding Sharp Virtue Unity Wholeness Sources
  8. 8. Love Truth Authenticity Giving Healing Hope Sharing Caring A selection of Dictionary definitions Divine influence or action on a person which qualifies him/her to receive and communicate sacred revelation Being inspired An inspired idea The action or power of stimulating the intellect or emotions An inspiring agent or influence To influence or guide by divine inspiration To affect Inspired, outstanding or brilliant Creative force or influence Person etc. stimulating creativity etc. Sudden brilliant idea Latin Spiro breathe Stimulate to express creative activity
  9. 9. Animate with feeling Prompt; give rise to Inspirit – put life into; animate, encourage Thought etc. inspired, prompting; sudden happy idea Inspiring principle Poetic impulse Magnetic personal charm and power of influence or inspiration Inspired new idea or discovery Call to action Afflatus – poetic inspiration or other creative impulse; a divine afflatus Charisma Trouvaille (French) inspired new idea or discovery Clarion call (high pitched-trumpet) inspiring and insistent call to action; heed the clarion call Thinking prompts Who inspires you? What inspires you? Why does it inspire you? When do you feel inspired? How do you feel inspired? What happens after you feel inspired? How can you encourage inspiration? Inspired to do what?
  10. 10. Inspired to be what? Inspired to think what? Inspired to make what? Inspired to create what? Inner inspiration is self-inspiration; summoning up, creating and sharing your inspiration, so that you are moved to positive action or thoughts. Outer inspiration is being inspired by others leading to advocating, celebrating, commending, recommending and also sparking self-inspiration. The timeline of inspiration is past, present and future; learning, creating and designing. Inspiration can be both the known and the unknown, links and associations, researching and learning and putting inspiration into practice. You can be inspired by the world, the planet, nature, humans, peace, music, sport, growth, the celebration of life and much more. Most important of all you can inspire yourself :)
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