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Michael Jackson Inspiration Mind Map


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Michael Jackson Inspiration Mind Map by Paul Foreman

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Michael Jackson Inspiration Mind Map

  1. 1. Michael Jackson InspirationMichael Jackson has and will continue to inspire millions with his unique talents. This mind map captures and highlightsmany of his traits presented in four key areas.QualitiesMichael Jackson offered clarity – his audience would “get” what he was about within seconds and then be treated to anavalanche of over-delivery. He blended complexity with simplicity; from comprehensive dance moves and stage settingsdown to trademark and memorable props like the glove and hat for the song “Billie Jean”. Audiences would know thesong on seeing the hat and anticipate the brilliant dance routine including famous moonwalk. Hours of refinement wentinto crafting the perfect performance. Michael Jackson blended space, timing and presence to create the idealatmosphere. He elevated his performances from basic song delivery to full stage productions; from a concert to a show.He contemplated the bigger picture package, tapping the senses and emotions of the crowd and leaving a lastingimpression.MastersAs his own best critic, Michael Jackson had unbreakable self-belief and 100% commitment to improvement, throughpractice and patience. He aimed at peak performances; his dedication included a desire to not only reach his best, hewanted to be the best and that meant constant innovation, invention and reinvention. Michael Jackson sought and drewinspiration from other unique and talented greats such as James Brown. He studied how and why they excelled andfound his own unique ways to stand out, to shine and to lead.ValueMichael Jackson delivered exceptional value because he cared; he was committed to making a difference to every singlefan and never lost sight of the bigger picture – the worldwide stage, including desires for global peace, harmony andunity. He loved the planet and its people and wanted to make the world a better place; his values set a wonderfulexample for others. Through high standards and the desire to optimise his performances he aimed to always betterhimself. Each album, each song, each concert, each video, was an opportunity to set a whole new level. The video forthe song “Thriller” is a perfect example – he wanted more than a pop video; he wanted a mini film production; thegreatest value-orientated performance ever seen.UniqueMichael Jackson pushed boundaries and shifted dimensions. He added levels that never existed. If you hear one of hissongs or see one of his videos or stage performances you’ll always recall it – that was the impact and the memorability
  2. 2. factor of his exceptional ability. Lasting impact, rather than fleeting entertainment – his music inspired and changedmillions worldwide.Here are some quotes from songs and from Michael Jackson’s autobiography “Moonwalk” (full details of the book appearbelow)Quotes from Michael Jackson songs:“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change”“Heal the world – make it a better place”Quotes from “Moonwalk” by Michael Jackson (autobiography):Michael Jackson’s father on the Jackson 5 winning a trophy in a talent contest: “When you do it like you did tonight theycan’t not give it to you”Michael Jackson on James Brown: “No spotlight could keep up with him when he skidded across the stage – you had toflood it! I wanted to be that good”Michael Jackson on influences: “The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work”Michael Jackson on art and drawing: “A picture or a painting can reveal a universe”Michael Jackson on unique expression: “An artist’s imagination is his greatest tool”Michael Jackson lived and breathed excellence; he made millions because he gave to millions; world changer, peoplechanger; one of the greatest performers of all time, a legend who left an immortal legacy and a shining example of thepinnacle of human achievement.To learn more about how Michael Jackson rose to stardom I recommend his autobiography “Moonwalk”, which offers afascinating insight into his journey from childhood pop star to mega star.Further reading: “Moonwalk” by Michael Jackson (autobiography) ISBN: 0434370428
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