Homeless cure Mind Map


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Homeless cure Mind Map by Paul Foreman

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Homeless cure Mind Map

  1. 1. Homeless cureCure sounds unlikely. Of course it would depend on whether the homeless wish to be cured. Naturally some would, somewouldn’t. Yet, if a cure for homelessness were a reality, what might that reality look like? What, all be it hypothetical,system might represent a cure, or as close to a cure as possible?I’ve pondered this question for months and this mind map explores an idea that came to mind by considering theadaption of existing structures. Rather than instantly mind map this idea, I chose to visualise in my mind the unfoldingand developing of the idea, adding extra ideas and incubating my thinking. This is a fascinating way to create mindmapsand goes against the instinctive common sense of getting ideas down before you forget them! What I discovered is thatby incubating, the mindmap essentially built itself and branched out only when ideas came, almost like my brain wereconstantly revisiting the issue and further evolving potential solutions. For days, weeks even, the only image was thecentral image as thought drafts, practice strokes and blanks circled without landing. Another way to visualise ideas is toimagine a scale model on the ground in front of you – perhaps your mindmap as a 3D model.Naturally, the mindmap you see above is not necessarily the final answer, and could of course be further improved byothers. My attempt at visualising a potential cure for homelessness centred around the existing structure of a hotelcomplex.I imagined how a hotel with paying guests could be staffed by previously homeless persons. An add-on idea came laterto extend the hotel and surround it with product specific charity retail outlets; turning donations into dedicated shops foreach type of goods.The hotel structure would facilitate a system of taking homeless people off the streets, attending to medical issues,clothing, accommodation, rehabilitation, training and eventual placement within the hotel as an employee. Need it stopat hotels? What other existing structures could sponsor rehabilitation programs?Hypothetical, yes, a possibility, maybe, cure, possibly, or as near as likely.Takeaway idea 1 ~ Entertain possible cures to problems using imagination and associationTakeaway idea 2 ~ Try incubating mindmaps instead of instantly drawing themTakeaway idea 3 ~ A possible cure for homelessness :)
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