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Flood ideas Mind Map


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Flood ideas Mind Map

  1. 1. Flood ideasWhat the floods need are a flood of ideas for tackling them.Here are some possibilities for consideration and to help fire up the imagination. Collaborative brainpower may unearthideas that will reduce water levels.I’ve considered five central possibilities plus a potential prevention measure to eliminate future flooding.Idea (1) Water TowersIt may be possible to design and introduce large water towers that can be sunk down through the water into the groundbelow. If spikes were used to drive the structures home and make them stable, the water towers could then be filled viapumping or other means. The tall water towers could also have pipework’s to utilize gravity and redistribute water.Idea (2) Air liftHuge bags or pipes might be a way to transfer water, by dunking and carrying, to purpose built reservoirs or even todesert areas that could use the water.Idea (3) Drill tubes to create wellsDrills like the one used to save trapped miners in Chile may be a way to create wells for deep underground waterstorage. If a tube structure were used to gain access to the ground beneath the floods and water pumped clear it couldgive access to dig temporary or permanent wells.Idea (4) BagsLarge sealable water bags might be a way to seal and collect water for sinking, fixing by chains to sunken poles, floating,tugging or air lifting.Idea (5) Underground reservoirsIt may be possible to create underground reservoirs by controlled explosion to drain water away.Potential prevention:
  2. 2. A possible solution for flood likely areas would be to dig down and build up – create higher building and living areas andlower dug out reservoirs. Imagine two “U” shapes; the dug down earth becoming the high rise level. Manmade andpurpose built to collect potential flood water.I hope the above ideas help get you contemplating ways in which we might combat floods, whether tackling existingones or preventing future ones.Whilst tackling the entire area of floods may be a monumental task we may at least create some impact in selectedareas to assist reduction and rebuild opportunities even if it means waiting until water levels fall to more manageabledepths.I think by using our imaginations collectively we may arrive at a solution to the floods.What do you think?What other ideas might there be?How would you tackle the floods?
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