Setting up new school year


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Setting up new school year

  1. 1. Setting upWordpressMultisites for a New School Year*<br />john sutton | creative blogs <br />*for Wordpress MU Super Admins<br /><br />
  2. 2.<br />This is just one method<br /> There are lots of different ways to set blogs up for a new school year. This is just one way. By following this method you will:<br />Archive all existing blogs to a page<br />Set up fresh blogs for each class<br />Reorganise users to access correct blogs<br />Edit the links on the homepage<br />
  3. 3.<br />Things to check first<br /> Is your new blog template designed as you want it?<br />Set up a new test blog using your template design:* Sites > Add New (making sure you select your class blog template);<br />Check to see it has the right theme, links, widgets, logos and header;<br />If anything needs changing, go to the dashboard of the template blog and edit the design.<br />*No blog template? Get in touch.<br />
  4. 4.<br />Step 1: Set up an archive page<br />From the dashboard of your homepage go to:<br />Pages > Add New<br />Call the page “Archived blogs” or something similar.<br />
  5. 5.<br />Step 2: Edit the “Archived Blogs” page<br />Add hyperlinks to all of the current year’s blogs. Then publish the page<br />Note: The links to these blogs will still be on the homepage so you can do this in advance of year end and replace the links on the homepage when you are ready (see Step x)<br />
  6. 6.<br />Step 2: Edit the “Archived Blogs” page<br /> Once you have added all the hyperlinks to the current academic year’s blogs you can publish the page.<br /> Option: Edit publish date settings to make the archive page appear on 1st September.<br />
  7. 7.<br />Step 3: Create new class blogs for next year<br />From the “Network Admin” menu go to:<br />Sites > Add New<br />
  8. 8.<br />Step 4: Edit the users for each blog<br /> If you need to move users (such as child logins and teaching assistant logins etc), from the “Network Admin” menu go to:<br />Sites > All sites<br /> For each blog, click “Edit” then click on the “Users” tab and add users.<br />Note: Children should be set as “Contributors”<br />
  9. 9.<br />Step 5: Change the links on the homepage<br /> As soon as you are ready for the new blogs to go live, remove the existing links on the homepage and add the new links. From the dashboard on the homepage: <br />Links > All Links<br /> Either edit the existing links by adding the URL of the new blog, or delete the old links and add new ones.<br />
  10. 10.<br />We specialise in custom built WordpressMultisites for education<br /> Web:<br /> Twitter: @creativeblogsuk<br />