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Relexation activities 16 feb 12


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Relexation activities 16 feb 12

  1. 1. RELAXATION CONCEPT Presented by Jasmeet Singh Warraich for
  2. 2. What is relaxation? A pathway to peace & calmness of the mind and body
  3. 3. How it helps Human Being?It releases of the stress hormone It increases energy levels It lowers blood pressure It decreases cholesterol It reduces adrenaline It releases built up tension It improves digestive problemsIt strengthens the immune system
  4. 4. How it effects senses?Eyes feel calmness It gives soothing effects It’s like a fragrance of to ears Serenity to nose A taste of harmony the touch of happiness
  5. 5. How it connects to mind?Relaxation restores the balance between mind and body.
  6. 6. SPORTS & FITNESSSports:TennisSquashPing-pongBadmintonFootballVolley-ballBasketballFitness:Body toningEquipped fitness roomswith a team of staff on hand We can have Sports Court
  7. 7. READINGA library will have the followingcollection of books to read for funand relaxation: Historical fiction Fantasy novels Jokes Sci Fi Motivational Spiritual Inspirational
  8. 8. KIDS RELAXATIONWe can createMagic Land that includesDelightful imagery for ages5-12.Character like MickeyMouse, Mickey Donald etc
  9. 9. PEACE & CALM ZONEAn exclusive zone wherepeople can sit calmly andconnect to there inner self.We can have smooth andsoft music in the zone
  10. 10. UNIQUE FLOWER GARDENBeautiful and colorful flowersoothe the senses.
  11. 11. LIGHT THEORYThe right light effects in theroom can swing the moods
  12. 12. COLOUR THEORYLike lights, the shade ofcolours sets the tone ofmind
  13. 13. WORKSHOPWorkshop for the following activities• Painting• Craft• Motivational Speeches• The art of living courses
  14. 14. DUMMY WATERFALLGetting exposure to naturebenefit the health of body,mind and spirit
  15. 15. SWIMMING POOL WITH MUSICDive into the world of the fascinatingsound of underwater music.It relaxes body and mind.
  16. 16. YOGA FOR RELEXATIONSix Major Types of Yoga for relaxation• Hatha• Raja• Karma• Bhakti• Jnana• Tantra
  17. 17. SPA & SAUNAFollowing treatments will be available Body Massage Bathing/Hot Tub/Steam Bath/Sauna Bath Fish Pedicure Hay Bath
  18. 18. AROMA THERAPYAromatherapy is useful for therelaxation of the mind.• Lavender• Sandalwood• Jasmine• Spearmint
  19. 19. FOOD & BEVERAGES FOR PURIFICATION OF MIND AND BODYA restaurant specially servingOrganic foodBlack tea is a stress-fighter,A café serving only Black Tea
  20. 20. RELAXATION THEATREIt will screen Short movies Documentary Filmal based on relaxation theme
  21. 21. RELAXATION ROOMIt’s like a confection room,where any one can come andspeak their heart and feelrelieved
  22. 22. RECOMMENDATIONWe can also offer the following suggestion Bungalow Designs Creating right environment Flower Selection
  23. 23. THANK YOU