Provis concepts doctor communication


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I have worked for Provis India brand launch

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Provis concepts doctor communication

  1. 1. Launch plan : Doctor communication
  2. 2. Corporate background Provis, a division of Promed to be launched in India Promed is a global research-based health care company Starting with a team of few people 21 years back, Promed has over 500 professionals in R&D, manufacturing, Sales & Marketing. Promed is committed to provide innovative products and services meeting global quality standards which meet or exceed customers needs and expectations Promed Group always adheres to established quality standards which are reviewed continually for improvement.
  3. 3.  International quality standard ophthalmic products which are equal to or better than the best International Companies. o Promed manufacturing plants are validated to US FDA standard. o High quality raw materials used for products development those are from validated international sources. Strong R&D in place to develop products as per markets need & ability to bring them at faster pace. o Developed advance products in disease segment like Glaucoma & OSD. World-wide presence with expertise in Ophthalmology of over two decades. o Currently ranked no. 2 in the ophthalmic market in Russia (Source: RMBC MAT Dec. 2009) First time in India introducing ‘Preservative free’ single dose unit pack (Unims) in most therapeutic area. o Also adding value by introducing 15ml Multidose containers for artificial Tears.
  4. 4. Launch planPre-launch: Announcement mailers ◦ 1st on 1st September ◦ 2nd on 10th September ◦ 3rd on 20th September Detail aid & Corporate brochure ◦ Company brochure & VA (8 Pager)
  5. 5. ObjectivesPre-launch Communication To introduce PROMED (PROVIS) in India as an internationally acclaimed company that believes in pursuing excellence by adopting global quality standards & innovating new products To make doctors aware of a new innovative, global standard and quality products in Ophthalmology is coming in Indian market Global quality standards and innovative products can depict by using plant photographs in India. Provide a retention value and innovation to all the inputs
  6. 6. Mechanism / Strategy Our aim for the initial communication is to send the doctor inputs which has retention value and can remain on his table We therefore send him teasers as cards with interesting and engaging information that can hold his attention. We also send an acrylic stand along with the first card to keep the card on his desk These cards will go under a ‘desktop series’ name that has a good recall value e.g. ‘Leaders in Ophthalmology must-haves’ The purpose is to enable the MR to continue giving such cards in the form of brand reminders even after the initial communication is over.
  7. 7. Media Teasers will go as front-back cards. An acrylic stand is provided with the first teaser. The cards are sent as direct mailers for the doctor to place in the stand. This ensures retention of the inputs at the doctor’s end. After VA is revealed, the MR can place new cards on every visit.
  8. 8. Proposed conceptsConcept 1:‘Different views… one VISION’ The new ophthalmic division is a collective dream and effort of all thoseat Promed. While the corporate has many values, perspectives andideologies, it upholds one combined vision – Provis. This vision is the resultof unusual perception and intelligent foresight. The views in question are those related to good quality, dedication toinnovation and excellence. This theme also communicates the ‘standardized quality’ aspect of itsproducts globally.
  9. 9. Proposed conceptsConcept 1:‘Different views… one VISION’Visual Treatment – The theme is communicated by using ambigrams. An ambigram is a typographical design or art form that can be read notonly in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction,or orientation. One can read it in 360 degree. We write the values or ‘views’ of Promed / Provis in the form of anambigram to convey the above message.
  10. 10. Proposed conceptsConcept 1:‘Different views… one VISION’Creative Execution –For the teasers, we write the values or ‘views’ as ambigram, followed by amessage – ‘Different views, one Vision’ coming soon… The back has an image of the plant in India, with a message / quote basedon the word that appears in front, in order to co-relate the two.
  11. 11. Proposed conceptsConcept 1:‘Different views… one VISION’Campaign Extension – The above thought can be modified and communicated in different waysto extend the campaign, e.g. an extension of the ambigram would be a flipillusion (two faces / images as one. A different view shows a different faceor image) One image which has more than one meaning. e.g.
  12. 12. Proposed conceptsConcept 1:‘Different views… one VISION’Campaign Extension – Later, we can focus on different attributes that add to the company’svalues, e.g. ‘An eye for detail’. Inputs that ask the doctor to find an object / word in a clutter, etc. Or different kinds of optical illusions can be used to add to the theme. Only professional For example: In the given image, with vision can find a there is one different pair of cubes and different pair we ask doctors to find it.
  13. 13. Proposed conceptsConcept 2:‘The next big thing in ophthalmology’ The world is constantly innovating and re-inventing itself. Every innovation sets off a trend which makes a mark somewhere in history. We dig out interesting trends that were introduced through thecenturies, tracing events that added to the bulk of knowledge about eyesand vision, eventually co-relating Provis as another initiative that will makea mark in history.
  14. 14. Proposed conceptsConcept 2:‘The next big thing in ophthalmology’Visual Treatment – The teasers highlight different innovations or trends that were set off indifferent parts of the world at different points of time. The message will then flow to the ‘Provis revolution’ which we want thereader to be a part of. The disconnect in the matter will compel the reader to ponder andassociate the two – which will establish Provis as yet another innovation atpresent.
  15. 15. Proposed conceptsConcept 2:‘The next big thing in ophthalmology’Creative execution – The look & feel will be a marriage between the old and the new – a sort offusion. While one side of the teasers will depict old events, the other will show animage of the Provis plant, with a message – Join the Provis Revolution, thenext big thing in eye care.e.g. Front: ‘1600 BC… The egyptians made the first eye friendly dye for eyemake up’ Back: ‘2011… Join the Provis revolution, the next big thing in eye care’
  16. 16. Proposed conceptsConcept 3:‘Window to a new world of eye care’ The eyes are the windows to the soul… as well as windows to the world.Knowing them better provide a clearer, deeper view into the world around. We give little snippets about these precious windows… a greater insightinto the mysteries of the eyes will lead to a new world of eye care. By sharing little known facts, we pass a message – ‘We understand theeyes like no one’.
  17. 17. Proposed conceptsConcept 3:‘Window to a new world of eye care’Creative execution – Little known facts presented in a unique manner appear on one side of the teasers, while the other side gives a glimpse of the Provis plant with the company values. E.g. 1 card front – ‘Eyes are composed of more than two million working parts. card back – ‘We understand the eyes like no one. Coming soon… the window to a new world of eye care’ E.g. 2 Card front – ‘Eyes utilize 65% of all the pathways to the brain’ card back – ‘We understand the eyes like no one. Coming soon… the window to a new world of eye care’
  18. 18. Proposed conceptsConcept 4:‘Qualities of Legends of Ophthalmology’ A simple communication to co-relate good qualities of an ophthalmologistwith the qualities of Provis and its products. As teasers, each card carries an effective habit of an ophthalmologist. Correspondingly, on the back will be a great quality Provis, as an eye carecompany, possesses. We communicate the essence of Promed’s values like internationallystandardized products, commitment to innovation through R&D, etc.
  19. 19. Proposed conceptsConcept 4:‘Qualities of Legends of Ophthalmology’Creative execution – The teaser series can be titled ‘5 effective habits of an ophthalmologist’. The topics are attention grabbing and something the doctor would like to keep on his table. As an extension, additional cards or posters can be given to the doctor carrying tips on e.g. ergonomics etc.
  20. 20. Approved concept Concept 2: ‘The next big thing in ophthalmology’
  21. 21. Teaser 1The next big thing in Ophthalmology is coming soon..
  22. 22. Teaser 2The next big thing in Ophthalmology is coming soon..
  23. 23. Teaser 2The next big thing in Ophthalmology is coming soon..
  24. 24. Thank you