Newspaper case studies


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I have done research regarding the strategy in terms of design and other tactics adopted by newspapers around the world

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Newspaper case studies

  1. 1. Case Study Strategies adopted by thenewspapers around the world to strengthen their position in the market Presented by
  2. 2. Market ScenarioFrom time to time newspaper publishers are faced with the challenge ofsustaining their brand as credible sources of information and apremier advertising medium.
  3. 3. How they achieve it?The newspaper may adopt any of the following means:- Revamping newspaper design in terms of layout, typography, colours etc- Re-branding exercise to make newspaper look contemporary- Pick up any social cause to promote the newspaper, which has relevancewith current issues in the society
  4. 4. CASE STUDY 1The Morning Call is a daily newspaper basedin Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the United States.
  5. 5. 1. USE A VOUCHERThe idea is low cost. A proven, efficient format. Easy to print, produce, and mail.This voucher is a two-part, folded form.Each part measures 3-1/2″ x 8-1/2″. There’s a perf on the fold.It prints both sides using spot colors.
  6. 6. 2. LEVERAGING THE VALUE OF CONTENTResearch shows readers buy newspapers as much for the price-off coupons as forthey do for the local coverage. So The Morning Call promoted the value of both.Readers mostly ignore state and national and world coverage.Hence The morning call focused instead on close-to-home interests such as- Gardening- Parenting- Weddings- Clubs- Real estate sales- Community news and such.
  7. 7. 3. CREATED LOW COST , ENTRY LEVEL PRICE:Almost everyone can afford $1.00. Try to create an offer priced that low, even if onlyfor your Sunday paper. Even better: 99¢
  8. 8. 4. OFFERED FREE GIFTS ALONG SUBSCRIPTION:New subscribers expect a reward. Gifts make a dramatic difference in response, andmore often than not pay for themselves in additional orders.If you do not have the budget to offer everyone a desirable something, then offereveryone who responds a chance to win a prize drawing with a high intrinsic value.
  9. 9. CASE STUDY 2
  10. 10. The only newspaper is India to adoptBerliner formatThe Berliner format is slightly taller and marginally wider thanthe tabloid/compact format; and is both narrower and shorterthan the broadsheet format.
  11. 11. The effort at Mint, a business paper from Hindustan Times in association withThe Wall Street Journal, has been to bring clarity through every aspect of thenewspaper –- The experienced Editorial team- The unbiased and credible analysis- The exclusive WSJ partnership- The path breaking design- The rich reproduction- It relies on significant typography and elegant graphic highlights to visuallydivide the content.
  12. 12. A very neat and clean layout as compared to all other financial newspapers in India
  13. 13. Result:Launched in 2007Within four years Mint has over two lac readers make Mint a strong No. 2 player25 percent readership share in the key markets of Delhi, Mumbai andBangalore.With editions in Kolkata, Chennai, Chandigarh, Pune and Ahmadabad it reachesthe who’s who of corporate India nationally
  14. 14. CASE STUDY 3 (Marathi)
  15. 15. Lokmat Media unveils a refreshing look for Marathi newspaper ‘Lokmat’ May 2011Objective:To strengthen its position further in the Market
  16. 16. Old New
  17. 17. The changes in the pages include- Shorter stories- A Maharashtra centre-spread with zonal news- Statistics where-ever possible- A discussion forum -- Khuli Charcha -- to integrate and converge with the onlinewebsite.- The sports page will also focus on local sports and inter-school tournaments.
  18. 18. Layout changes:- Redesign is contemporary and elegant- The newspaper is easily navigable- A defined colour palette makes the pages more attractive and disciplined
  19. 19. CASE STUDY 4Lokmat Samachar
  20. 20. Lokmat Samachar, the Hindi daily fromthe stable of Lokmat Media, hasundergone a revamp.The new look for Lokmat Samachar wasunveiled on August 15 2011 acrossNagpurKolhapurAurangabadAkolaJalgaon.This is the first time that the daily haschanged its look since its launch in 1989.
  21. 21. Old New
  22. 22. The new identity of LokmatSamachar boasts of-A new design-Easily navigable content- A colourful layout.According to the company, the new version aims to :educate, inform and entertain its consumers.
  23. 23. CASE STUDY 5Rajasthan Patrika
  24. 24. Rajasthan Patrika, the Rajasthan-based Hindi daily, has undergone cosmetic changesto attract young readers.The design change had been done to re-position the daily as per the tastes andpreferences of Sec A and B.The change had been carried out across all editions of the newspaper.
  25. 25. Teaser Ad
  26. 26. New Look:The new layout has an urban, youthful feel,and is contemporary in design.The news pages have been re-designed,keeping in mind :- Eye movement- Essential elements have been highlightedusing a news hierarchy- Non-priority items have been eliminated
  27. 27. CASE STUDY 6The Guardian, a London (UK) daily,
  28. 28. Overview:The Guardian, a London (UK) daily, provides an excellent example of how anew layout can positively impact readership and revenues.Rather than copy its two chief rivals, which converted from Broadsheets toTabloids, The Guardian went to the even smaller Berliner.That inspired a bold redesign that features updated typography and takesadvantage of new capabilities to provide colour throughout.The result was more vivid colours and blocks without sacrificing legibility andsharpness of presentation.
  29. 29. Before After
  30. 30. Result:Following these changes,The Guardian saw an incredible increase in its circulation of40 percent on the first day of introduction30 percent during the first week14 percent readership in the year following the new layout.
  31. 31. CASE STUDY 7 Expresso, the leading nationalweekend newspaper in Portugal,
  32. 32. Expresso did a completeredesign that was- Fresh-Provocative- Smart and easy to read.It incorporated- Rich colours- Clean grid-based layout- Concise typography.
  33. 33. Expresso: with rich colors, clean grid-basedlayout and concise typography.Notice how the colors are applied and howthe content is separated
  34. 34. Result:One year later Expresso sold 9.1 percent more paid copies than theprior yearAdvertising was up 3.9 percent and the newspaper now has moreyoung readers than any other Portuguese newspaper.
  35. 35. CASE STUDY 8Hindustan Times – new look Unveiled in 2009
  36. 36. Objective:It tries to cement its place as themarket leader in New DelhiTo become the fastest growingEnglish-language daily across India.New look:- More use of colour- New layouts and typefaces- A new line-up of features andcolumnists,
  37. 37. Old Look New Look Kindly note now they write name in small caps
  38. 38. hindustan timesstarted with givingCrux of each articles.It was aimed for thepeople who prefer toscan through themorning newspaper.This feature makesHindustan times standsApart from TOI
  39. 39. Result:It has maintained No. I position in Delhi, and is one of the fastest growing No. 2newspapers in other metro cities.
  40. 40. CASE STUDY 9The New York Times
  41. 41. Old Designs:Six-grid BroadsheetChallenge:They wanted to include more contentwithout compromising much with thesize of the newspaper.
  42. 42. New Designs:By using a 5-column grid, the space was more effectively utilized.Result:The overall size of the newspaper was shrunk by about 10% and was able to fitabout 10% more text than that of the original layout. newspaper
  43. 43. CASE STUDY 10 Dainik BhaskarPromoting newspaper through social cause
  44. 44. Editorial – 23 days campaign
  46. 46. Award WinningNewspaper Designs
  47. 47. CASE STUDY 11 The Hindulaunches monthly luxury tabloid – Watches, Luxury & Beyond
  48. 48. Watches, Luxury & Beyond, the monthlyoffering will be published on the lastSaturday of every month.It will be distributed across seven marketsalong with The Hindu and Business Line.Brands such asBreguet, Omega, Versace, Victorinox,Mercedes and Classic Collection from GRThave already come on board as advertisers.
  49. 49. The pullout is targeted at- High net worth individuals-Corporate managers-Discerning buyersIt aims to be a one-stop shop for information on the finer things in life.
  50. 50. El Economista (Madrid, Spain)
  51. 51. El Economista uses a very traditional, subtleand unique newspaper layout.Notice how well the typography reflects theweight of single articles.Infographics support the content andheadlines are surrounded by huge amount ofwhitespace.
  52. 52. Inside pages
  53. 53. Äripäev (Tallinn, Estonia)
  54. 54. Äripäev‘s signature is the heavy use oftypography.The packaging is always clean, simple to digestand easy to read.Grey and red are applied carefully andsparingly.
  55. 55. Inside pages
  56. 56. De Morgen (Belgium)
  57. 57. De Morgen focuses on attractive packagingand a visually appealing layout.Vivid colors offer readers more eye-candy.Clearly separate quotations from the overallarticle.Headlines are centered, background-colorsdiffer from page to page.
  58. 58. Inside pages
  59. 59. Politiken (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  60. 60. Politiken has a very eye-pleasing, legible layoutwith soft, neutral colors.Notice the clean horizontal packaging on theright-hand side image below.The sharpness of typography is breathtaking.
  61. 61. Inside Pages
  62. 62. The Rzeczpospolita (Warsaw, Poland)
  63. 63. The Rzeczpospolita displays its conservatismin a traditional, conservative layout.No fancy images, no vivid background colorsin use.The content dominates and helps the layoutto gain a rather traditional look.
  64. 64. Inside Pages
  65. 65. Le Monde (Paris, France)
  66. 66. Le Monde presentsA mix of colorful infographicsSolid typographyProfessional content…
  67. 67. Inside Pages
  68. 68. Dubai Express (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  69. 69. Dubai Express is another example ofcolorful yet legible layout design.The layout has 10 colors on one singlepage, used in different contexts indifferent colors.Note the sharpness of typography anduse of capital letters on the front page.In this case color is definitely appropriateas the newspaper’s main topic isentertainment
  70. 70. Inside Pages
  71. 71. Thank You