Employee engagement programme


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Employee engagement programme

  1. 1. Employee-EngagementProgramme for: By jasmeet.warraich@gmail.com
  2. 2. | ObjectiveTo make people put their suggestions whole heartedly fortheir individual and organizational betterment.Marathon’s concern for their employeesCreating a hassle-free and smooth working environment.Sustainable growth & development for organization as well asits employees
  3. 3. | Our ApproachAspects Medium of Name of the activity communicating it to the employees
  4. 4. | Activity Name – opt 1 iGain
  5. 5. | The logiciGain convenes that this initiative by ‘HR” is for the employeesIt will help to create positive frame of mind for the activityIt will definitely make employees feel excited about itIt will persuade the employees to partner and offer their co-operation to the activity
  6. 6. How to spread word about the activity to the employees?How to create an awareness about the platform for fearless and confidential feedbacks?
  7. 7. | Communication MediaE-MAILERWe will send countdown e-mailers on a daily basis to employees to createcuriosity, and with each mail we will send motivational quotes or interesting factsthat will convince employees for their involvement.For reminders, we can have announcement in the office by the ‘HR Head’through centralized speaker system.
  8. 8. | Communication Media In count down E-mailer with the running timeline we will also portray theimportance of talking out the hidden worries and its benefit in the future.We will flood the office with iGain buntings with a quote on it.
  9. 9. | Activity 2: BLANK NOTE BOARDSA blank board of fairly large size would be put up at office areas which havemaximum frequency rate in terms of movement.The gain logo will be on the board with blank space to write:Banner conveying the purpose by adding a positive thought in footer strip.“The Gain of the day”
  10. 10. | Activity 2: BLANK NOTE BOARDSOnce the banner is filled with the inputs. “if we can talk about daily gains let’salso talk about the barriers of communication” and mentioning the mediumthrough which it is possible in Marathon.“The Gain of the day”
  11. 11. | Promotion Plan: Graffiti PostersA graffiti poster with a rebellious connect. Quotes on posters talking about greatsayings on truth presenting it as A Movement Of Truth in complete internalambience.Significance: Will help in generating confidence for filling the form by subtlyreflecting the importance of truth and at the same time supporting copy talkingabout the secrecy of their involvement.“Lies runs sprints But the truth runs Marathon”“The movement of truth”
  12. 12. | Campaign: Graffiti Theme Line iGain GROWTH
  13. 13. | Campaign: Graffiti Theme Line iGain INSIGHT
  14. 14. | Campaign: Graffiti Theme Line iGain ADVANTAGE
  15. 15. | YES vCAN!‘V’ – the victory sign denote two meanings here.One- victory itself and,Second - ‘we’, the team spirit.
  16. 16. | Write Your RightsThe name itself indicates the purpose behind the initiative and at the same timemotivates for individuals for participation. A very simple and straightforwardapproach that inspires to put across observations and views.
  17. 17. | Talk TimeHere presenting a few tricky and very commonly used words with a great seriousinsight. It’s time to share your views and bring the change for betterment… it’s timeto rise… it’s time to talk.
  18. 18. | Open upHiding thoughts has always been a barrier. Sharing things has always been a way tothe solution. Let’s wash out all the reservations and Open UP to close gaps.
  19. 19. THANK YOU