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Corporate events for futurex feb

  1. 1. CREATING HIGH VISIBILITY FOR Presented by Jasmeet Singh Warraich for
  2. 2. ABOUT FUTUREXThe 38 storey Marathon Futurex is destined to be India’s showcasecommercial space.It’s an audacious dream, employing world-class engineering, futuristic GreenBuilding design, cutting edge technology, and unheard-ofconveniences, which are set to revolutionize the way offices are built andoperated in India.Brought to you by the Marathon Group, a name synonymous with highquality development, for over 40 years in Mumbai.
  3. 3. WHAT IT REQUIRES?Revenue / Conversion:- It requires institution sales rather than retail salesBrand / Project Identity:- It requires to portray Futurex as distinctive landmarkPositive reaction/ Preliminary Enquiries:- It requires to create curiosity & hype among its target audiences
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCEDemographic Sec A & A+ (Chairmen, Board of Directors, CEOs, Honchos of top companies including all corporate celebrities)Psychographic They are undisputed leaders of their field. They posses clear vision hence have a driving force within them to achieve their goal. They always want to stay ahead of others and will never compromise on quality
  5. 5. PROMOTION TOOLSponsoring Corporate eventsis a great platform to generate awareness and to create hype.The best way to create the high visibility among the target audiences – i.e CEOs isto get associate with the events, conferences or seminar they attend.
  6. 6. BENEFITS Sponsorship allows you to reach specifically targeted It will enhance brand/product image Increased sales, marketing and network opportunity to new customers,I t will help to develop new partnership & alliances
  7. 7. CASE STUDY DLF "through a fair and transparent open bid process with a highest bid of Rs 40 crore per annum. The deal gives DLF Ltd. exclusive title sponsorship rights for five years, valuing in excess of Rs 200 crores".Emaar MGF have paid upwards of $6million to come on board only for the2007 Twenty20 World Cup.
  9. 9. BusinessEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE The summit is a unique congregation of leaders Targeting CEOs and top and opinion makers of global stature, deserving honchos Of MNCs unparalleled mindshare. Business leaders in luxury such as Santo CEOs of top luxury brands Versace, Fulvia Ferragamo, etc across GLobe CFOs of all leading companies The first-ever ranking of India’s best chief financial officers. It is recognition of Indias Best Managed CEOs & top management of Companies, organizations that celebrate companies from different excellence. category
  10. 10. BusinessEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE Top business women It recognizes and felicitates women from the corporate world. Companies and sectors that have contributed the CEOs, & Top management most to the Indian exports and imports story. I across different sectors CEOs and top management An annual endevour to honour India Incs top of India INC’s top 100 companies CEOs and top management The award focuses on small and medium of small and medium entrepreneurs entrepreneurs striving for world-class facilities,
  11. 11. BusinessEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE The annual event, preceded by a high profile Top business leaders and corporate Jury Meet celebrities CEOs of Micro, Small and Medium It recognizes the contribution of Micro, Small Enterprises (MSMEs) and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) CEOs, & top management of leading NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards have Indian entities houses & MNCs been instituted to award organisational excellence. The award recognizes the Indian(s) whose CEOs, & top management of leading contribution to the country in a calendar year Indian entities houses & MNCs
  12. 12. Financial SectorEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE Top management of all leading Since 1993, the annual Business Today survey of banks Indias Best Banks, conducted in association with attend this events, a right KPMG Consulting, has come to be regarded as the platform to best yardstick for Reach financial institutes. Shipping & LogisticsEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE Here we can specifically target A benchmark for recognising excellence in the logistic sector maritime and logistics sector, be it of companies or individuals. Sports & EntertainmentEVENTSEVENTS DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION SCOPE SCOPE It is an exclusive invitational event for CEO’s and A unique sports event for corporate heads across India. CEOs of company across India
  13. 13. Media & EntertainmentEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE FRAMES is a three day global convention covering It encompasses the entire the entire gamut of Media & Entertainment universe of media and entertainment IT SectorEVENTS DESCRIPTION SCOPE Awards for the country’s most progressive Here we are specifically get organisations, in the area of technology deployment, ting visibility in IT segment
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  18. 18. THANK YOU