Free Giveaways - How To Get Great Testimonials With FREE Giveaway


Published on - Testimonials are great ways to presell and sell your product or services, and
if you have list of customers who have either bought a product or service in the past,
they can be a great way to get killer testimonails.

But if you don't have any list then you are leaving money on the table for your
competitors, just like the old saying goes "The Money Is In The LIST" and that
is just the truth when it comes to both online and offline marketing.

In this infograhic, you will learn the basic steps to take to help you get those
killer testimonials with FREE Giveaway. The infographic will show you how to get
great testimonials giving out free report, video, newsletter in return of thier
email then start getting those great testimonials.

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Free Giveaways - How To Get Great Testimonials With FREE Giveaway

  1. 1. How To Get Great Testimonials With FREE GIVEAWAY For FREE THERE ARE ONLY THREE WAYS TO GO ABOUT IT 1. Create Your Squeeze Page 2. Offer Value 3. Ask For It STEP ONE Create Your Squeeze Page Setting up a squeeze page helps you to collect visitors email address, giving you their permission to send them freebies, promotional or any other form of emails in the future. The squeeze page can be a video base or a bold headline text with a call to action that will make the visitors to enter their name (optional) and email address. You can either do this yourself or hire experts to get it done for you. STEP TWO OFFER VALUEYour offer which could be a free video, eBook, or sequence of newsletters but it MUST contain valuable information that will be of help to your subscribers. The offer should be irresistible to your subscribers so that it will be easy for you to get that great testimonials from them. When you provide a not so good offer you get no testimonials and you will also lose your subscribers after the whole hard work spend. STEP THREE Ask For It Tell them to send you a testimonial about the free product they received. This testimonial could either be a video which works best, an audio or text format. Promise to give them a special gift when they send you a testimony. When the testimonies are sent, you can either put them on your website, order form page or other places where people can gain access to them to know how effective your giveaway or freebie is. This can drive in more optins and increase your conversion rate. If your subscribers don’t know how to send the videos to you, simply tell them to upload it to YouTube or any other video sharing sites and send the link to you to share. Embed the videos on your website or blog site and don’t forget to send them the link to the page. Also share the links to other subscribers and encourage them to share the link also. This will make your site go viral and increase the number of testimonials.