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Best Event Promotion Tips


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Organizing an event? Need some promotional ideas? You’re at the right place. We have elaborated the most useful Event promotion ideas in this presentation. Let’s take a look.

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  • Promoting the event through social media is the best way to promote your event successfully.
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Best Event Promotion Tips

  1. 1. Lets Know About The most useful Event Promotion Ideas ..??
  2. 2. Networking Develops a strong client Base
  3. 3. Networking with hotels or caterers also gives you opportunity to meet other people whom you need
  4. 4. Advertise in yellow pages gives good visibility with ROI to your business
  5. 5. A line of advertisement is provided free of charge in Yellow Pages ….
  6. 6. You should also consider advertising in local newspaper for more results
  7. 7. Business Cards
  8. 8. A well designed professional broacher can cement you with professional clients and make them image you as a professional planner
  9. 9. The Broacher should contain all the information along with photos of you and a successful event
  10. 10. Always careful and select the right broacher for right group
  11. 11. Most Important tip: You should leave your broacher or business card in place of florist or caterer or photographer etc. that make you socialize among their clients
  12. 12. Direct Mail Marketing
  13. 13. Select the mailing list wisely for getting the better response from attendees…
  14. 14. Use mailing list of organizations like  International Special Event Society  Meeting Professional International  National Association for Catering and Events etc….
  15. 15. You can tweet quick messages to your existing list of people about your event
  16. 16. Be creative when you are planning to promote you event in social media
  17. 17. Some Other Ideas To improve Your Event Promotion
  18. 18. Make sure to take a series of course in event management
  19. 19. Invest your time with Event and Industry consultants for better understanding of ROI from event
  20. 20. Attend other events to understand the presentation ideas
  21. 21. Join some Trade organizations and subscribe to professional newsletter or journal for getting more ideas…
  22. 22. Website: nt-promotion-ideas ervicesInc