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WEDN Learn and Lead 2016 Casey Steinbacher How to Be Cool When Coolness Matters


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Coolness in Economic Development, why coolness matters, how to get cool.

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WEDN Learn and Lead 2016 Casey Steinbacher How to Be Cool When Coolness Matters

  1. 1. How to be cool….when coolness matters…. WEDN Leadership Conference casey steinbacher founder
  2. 2. Here’s the storyline…… How Casey discovered COOL Coolness in economic development Story of Durham The Attitude of Coolness Embracing coolness…how Casey did it and you can too!
  3. 3. What is economic development…. Creating economic prosperity… Jobs…investment Creating vibrant communities…. People….places
  4. 4. How we do that….has changed dramatically…….. Corporate decisions….Talent Sense of Place… Community Vibe… Diversity and Authenticity…
  5. 5. The Story of Durham, North Carolina Durham County…285,000 people Durham City….245,000 people 80% of the Research Triangle Park Duke Univeristy, North Carolina Central University Black Wall Street Tobacco and Textile
  6. 6. The Story of Durham, North Carolina…. 1980-1993 Decline of Tobacco Decline of Textiles Regional Growth Decline of Downtown
  7. 7. It all began with the decision to build the Durham Bulls a new ball park downtown… BUT…. It’s the only minor league ballpark in the world with an onsite brewery….player uniforms featuring Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lego’s, Mario Brothers, and emoji characters…
  8. 8. A 1.3M sq ft renovated tobacco warehouse with offices that feature stackable glass cube meeting rooms, stadium seating conference rooms, happy hour bar shops down the hallways, hammock parks, fire pit eating areas, life size chess sets, and a basketball /dodge ball court. American Tobacco Campus Downtown Durham, NC
  9. 9. Where Lion King, Neil DeGrasee Tyson, Aretha Franklin, Whale Watching Tour 2016, Blood Red Orange and John Legend all sell out! Pollstar rated top 5 nationally, top 10 world wide in ticket sales $1M or better to the bottom line of the City of Durham every year since it opened Latest season: 338,998 guests 224 events 112 sell out performances 15,167 season ticket holders
  10. 10. 250 start up companies….3 locations in Durham…1500 employees….Google Entrepreneurial HUB…won every Google Pitch Contest…average $40M in venture funding… 7 company exists for $1.5B Features a sliding board from the first floor to the basement, razor scooters, a rapper in residence, and smoffices….UNDERGROUND
  11. 11. DowntownDurham: Then and Now 1993-2015 3,800 to 16,500 employees 180 t0 500 downtown businesses 112 to 1,700 residential units 187 to 742 hotel rooms 160 to 2,500 residents living in downtown Median age from 55 to 36 years old Median salary from $30,000 to $58,000 annually 1.1M visitors to 3M annual visitors 1M SF of office at 70% occupied to 3M SF at 94% occupied $1.7B in investment since 2000 20% of the investment and job growth of the entire county in an area that represents 0.05% of the county SM… .751 square miles! And competes with a 7000 acre RTP…
  12. 12. The attitude of coolness… authentic diverse vibe/energy/feeling purposeful collision based innovation
  13. 13. Why Coolness Matters? Because it matters to the Millennials who are the largest talent pool in the current US Labor market…
  14. 14. What matters to millennials… First Global generation Learn by trying/failure part of learning Work must be purposeful Live, work, learn, play are co-mingled The place is as important as the work Will only engage if impactful Career is less about the job experience and more about the life experience
  15. 15. How Casey Got Cool…. Hired a DCAS Got over my fear of failure Embraced LWLP Leveraged the early wins…. Learned to drink beer
  16. 16. The attitude of coolness… wasn’t a choice for some of us…. authentic diverse vibe/energy/feeling purposeful collision based innovation
  17. 17. Coolness is an attitude…. It’s not about what you do…it’s not about how old you are…it’s all about how you think and learn and feel…
  18. 18. Embracing Coolness…. Knit hats…. Ear buds Skinny jeans cellphone addiction Beer and Pizza…
  19. 19. “True wisdom only comes when you are at an age in which you have more wrinkles than orgasm’s!” My favorite slutty romance novel