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Laura Webb -Women Power and Money WEDN 2019


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A critical conversation about the way women think about money.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Laura Webb -Women Power and Money WEDN 2019

  1. 1. Women Power and Money A Critical Conversation About the Way Women Think About Money
  2. 2. Laura Webb, CFP ® Founder and President Webb Investment Services
  3. 3. The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make 1. Not Understanding Your Money Story 2. Not Taking An Active Role in Your Finances 3. Not Saving and Investing Enough
  4. 4. Trudy’s Story
  5. 5. Polling Word Cloud? Think back to your earliest memories of money, what one word or phrase comes to mind?
  6. 6. Your Money Story  Figure out your own Money Story  Understand it’s influences  Work toward a healthy relationship with money
  7. 7. Poll  Poll – What ___________% of women will assume financial control of their money at some point in their lives?1
  8. 8. Not Taking An Active Role in Your Finances  Develop a Spending Plan or Budget  Create A Family Financial Statement  Schedule a Planning Weekend  Plan a Financial Date Night  Actually Read Your Tax Return  Seek Third Party Guidance  Help get debt under control, develop a savings plan and create a Retirement Income Model.
  9. 9. Poll  The average shortfall for a woman when she retires runs _______ on average below the net worth a man would have2.
  10. 10. Not Saving or Investing Enough (and the most important)  Issues Facing Women2  On average women live longer  Social Security benefits is based on lifetime earnings  Not all women participate in work retirement plans  Women are more likely to work in part-time jobs  Not only is there a pay gap but there is an investing gap3
  11. 11. Conclusion  Most Important take aways: OWN YOUR MONEY STORY Take and Active Role in your Finances Make sure you are saving AND INVESTING ENOUGH  Build a team to help you understand and achieve your goals
  12. 12. “ ” It’s time that women be more mindful about putting their money where their values are - Laura Webb, CFP ® Webb Investment Services
  13. 13. Questions This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
  14. 14. Sources 1. dealers-by-women-advisors 2. 3. inequality/
  15. 15. Contact Information and Disclosures  Laura Webb, CFP ® President 82 Patton Ave, Ste 610 Asheville, NC 28801 828-252-5132 Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC Webb Invesment Services, Inc is not a registered broker/dealer and is independent of RaymondJames Financial Services, Inc. Investment Advisory Services offered throught Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc.