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Kristin Reese WEDN 2018 Let's Talk Talent


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Presentation given at WEDN 2018 in Charlotte, NC.
Kristin Reese WEDN 2018 Let's Talk Talent, Creative Strategies for the Modern Economic Developer.

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Kristin Reese WEDN 2018 Let's Talk Talent

  1. 1. Creative Strategies for the Modern Economic Developer
  2. 2. 2006-2018 $6.5 Billion New Capex 2006-2018 4,500 New Jobs 2006-2018 Increase in Manufacturing Wages
  3. 3. • Hundreds of Available Manufacturing Jobs • Baby Boomers Retiring or Planning for Retirement • Fewer HS Students & College Grads Choosing Manufacturing as a Career • Flat Population Growth Rate & Low Unemployment Rate for Manufacturers
  4. 4. “A Brand that Puts Cleveland County on the Map”
  5. 5. “It Takes the Work Out of Job Searching”
  6. 6. “Not Your Grandparent’s Manufacturing Job – Personified”
  7. 7. “Gives to All Communities”
  8. 8. We’re Movers and Shakers…and Makers. Good Jobs for All Kinds of People. Marketing Collaterals
  9. 9. Weeklong Warriors: Print, Digital and Billboard Advertising
  10. 10. In today’s highly competitive environment f talent, a compelling quality of place - a communit attractiveness to existing and future residen and workers - is a competitive advantage. Validation: We are on the Right Path
  11. 11. Talent Attraction Campaign Costs 2017: $140,000 TOTAL [$100,000 from CCEDP Funding & $40,000 from Manufacturers] • Brand & Strategy Development • New Photography Assets • Website • Brochures • Advertisements: Print, Digital & Billboards • Social Media Ad Placement Costs • Deployment Strategy Development 2018: $50,000 TOTAL [CCEDP Funding] • Print, Digital & Billboard Placement Costs • Tactical Deployment Strategy Management • Talent Attraction Tool Kit for Manufacturers Metrics • Website & Social Media Analytics • Employment Applications: How did you hear about us? Was it through Charlotte’s Backyard? • Manufacturing Testimonials • Population Growth Rate • Outbound Commuting Statistics