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2012 april pj the interventions


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Summary of the interventions element of the AHRC-funded Cultural Intermediation in the Creative Urban Economy

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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2012 april pj the interventions

  1. 1. The interventions Phil Jones (UoB)Yvette Vaughan Jones (Visiting Arts)
  2. 2. Work Package 5: Interventions• Lead: Phil Jones• Input: Yvette Vaughan Jones / Paul Heywood / Andrew Dubber• Case studies in: Birmingham / Manchester• Aim: attempting to develop, commission and test innovative modes of intermediation• Commissions led by communities worked with in the Communities Work Package
  3. 3. Using art as method
  4. 4. Participant creativity• Researchers are now comfortable asking for creative outputs from participants• Art-as-therapy – Different media to express the inexpressible• Mental mapping (Gould & White, 1974) – Differing representations of the same spaces• Participatory photography – ‘Empower’ participants to capture ‘their’ spaces – (cf. Collier, 1957 on photo elicitation)
  5. 5. Lorne, 2011
  6. 6. Arts-based research• Patricia Leavy (2009) Method meets art• Pirkko Markula (2006) on dance – Experimental, doesn’t always work in the way intended• Increasing acceptance that arts practice can be used as a tool for researching ‘social science’ topics
  7. 7. Creative engagements
  8. 8. Hybrid activity• Using a practice-based approach to engage participant creativity• BUT it’s the participants who commission the practice in the first place• Most flexible part of the project – Part of the budget not predefined except earmarked for commissions by local panels – One commission pre-allocated to further explore the Visiting Arts Square Mile method