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How to-become-a-super-hero-wendy moore-list_building_using_social_media


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Wendy Moore of Savvy Web Women provides insightful presentation slides on List Building Using Social Media as presented at The Creative Collective's Become a Social Media Super Hero workshop. This presentation will help you learn more about social media and how it can impact your business.

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How to-become-a-super-hero-wendy moore-list_building_using_social_media

  1. 1. Become a Social Media Super Hero List Building Using Social Media
  2. 2. The Power of Article Marketing
  3. 3. The Power of Article Marketing • ABC Radio Hobart
  4. 4. The Power of Article Marketing What material do you currently have that would make a great article (or Facebook Note) topic?
  5. 5. The Power of Article Marketing • Bio about YOU • Professional Photo • Call to Action – what can you offer? • Website URL (clickable link)
  6. 6. Creating BRAND YOU!What does your Digital Brand say about YOU?
  7. 7. Social Media - Twitter
  8. 8. Social Media - YouTube
  9. 9. Before – No Branding…
  10. 10. After – With Savvy Branding…
  11. 11. Professional Photos
  12. 12. Professional Photos• Magazine Cover
  13. 13. Facebook Business Page
  14. 14. …Matches the Website
  15. 15. Facebook Business Page
  16. 16. …Matches the Website
  17. 17. Facebook Business Page
  18. 18. …Matches the Website
  19. 19. Facebook Business Page
  20. 20. …Matches the Website
  21. 21. Facebook Business Page
  22. 22. …Matches the Website
  23. 23. Facebook Business Page
  24. 24. …Matches the Website
  25. 25. Social Media - Buttons
  26. 26. Action Plan• 3 Things You Will Do Tomorrow on Facebook
  27. 27. Raving FansAble to Grasp the Concept“YOU are awesome. Just showed Leela [hernew Facebook Business page and she isECSTATIC].Your ability to grasp the concept and run withit and turn it around SO fast is INCREDIBLE.YOU ROCK!”Thor Saleswarlord & Leela Cosgrovewww.LeelaCosgrove.com
  28. 28. Raving FansI Thought I was Past Social Media!I recently attended a seminar with Wendy and I had noknowledge of Social Media or Facebook but I wanted togrow my business so I went along. Found it fabulous.Wendys information was clear and concise and now I am aFacebook Addict and even started a blog, . I love socialmedia - I didnt think I would - I thought I was past socialmedia but I have really enjoyed it.Thank you Wendy for all your fabulous, concise information.I found your workshop invaluable".Elizabeth Conway, Melbourne
  29. 29. Raving Fans“I’ve been in the business for about nine years now with mywife, Maria and I think what was slowing our business downwas the fact that we thought we had to do it all ourselves.I’ve never trusted anybody to outsource to but after meetingWendy, I feel really confident to outsource and get new thingshappening like Facebook and LinkedIn and optimise ourwebsite. I’m pretty excited to get that started with Wendy andthat will allow me to focus on what I’m really good at which isphotography.Now I can get out there and find more business while Wendyis doing what she’s good at. So, I’ve learned to not to have todo it all myself which is really exciting. Thanks.”John Weninger, Top Shots Photography
  30. 30. Are You Ready toTotally OWN Your Niche?
  31. 31. Savvy Client Connect – Hero Pack • Your Facebook Business Page • Your Facebook Personal Profile • Using Directories to Spread Your Reach Just 497.00 Today (then 497.00 in 30 days) Limited Hero Packs at this Exclusive Price