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Social Media is a really big deal right now. And we're pretty sure you'd like to become a Social Media Super Hero. This presentation will show you how to leap your competitors in a single bound, chart your flight path, put in place some surveillance, sort out your bat cave (website) among other things.

Learn from Super Girl and Wonder Woman AKA Zoe deLuca and Yvette Adams of The Creative Collective who between them have an online social network of 40,000 people!

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  • Consider all of these things. Put yourself if their shoes.
    Do a poll – get them to answer each of these.
  • Once you know who your target market is you need to consider your USP that is, why they would want to buy from you and not the next person. What need or want are you trying to satisfy. Think back to the target market and the behavioural and psycho considerations.
    This is particularly important if you are operating in a competitive market. Hands up if you think you are in a competitive market?
    Please don’t say customer service. It’s not enough. Everyone thinks they offer a great customer service but have you check it out versus the competitors lately?
  • Now make sure you fill out everything. The more information you include the better it is for your business. This includes adding as many photos as you’re allowed and adding yourself to as many relevant categories as possible (up to 5). Also make sure the address you use for your Google Local listing is the same address you have listed on your website.
    Note (added April 21, 2010): Google Local Business Center has changed its name to Google Places.
  • Google Places allows business owners to further refine how customers locate and use their services. If you travel to serve customers, you can now show which geographic areas you serve. And if you run a business without a storefront or office location, you can now make your address private.
    Google has finally added options for business owners to set their service areas, as reported a couple weeks ago by Matt McGee. Today it officially rolls out, again, along with a re-branding of the Local Business Center, now simply called Google Places.
    The service area is great for those businesses that work from a home address they would rather not display, or businesses that serve multiple areas from one physical location, which is very common in larger metro areas (think plumbers, landscapers, remodeling contractors, interior decorators, etc..). Up till now many of those businesses targeting multiple cities had to resort to obtaining unique addresses and phone numbers in those other cities, often through UPS box addresses, a practice Google now frowns upon.
    The question is, how are rankings influenced by these new service area settings? Will a business located in “City A”, yet services the adjacent “City B” to the north, be able to rank for City B search queries when all its citation sources mention City A? It’s too early to tell and for some of my clients that this is well suited too I’m a little hesitant incredibly hesitant to make any changes as they already rank well. Perhaps the next fresh client becomes the guinea pig.
  • In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a fair bit happening online these days.
  • Hands up if you have seen this do the rounds. I had to include it in today’s presentation. It’s a classic. It is very easy to vent on social media but the consequences can be massive. If you were this girl’s employer you’d be glad you were aware of her posts right?
  • This lovely lady may be looking smug on her stool right now, but she was toppled last year when she tweeted the logies and got fired as a columnist for The Age with these lovely comments about much loved Aussie icons. Her retort? “ “ the Aussie public didn’t agree. Goneskis.
  • However you can take it too far. For some it becomes a guilty obsession. They can’t help themselves… to the point of no return…quite simply, it is an addiction.
  • Hands up if you have seen this do the rounds. I had to include it in today’s presentation. It’s a classic. It is very easy to vent on social media but the consequences can be massive. If you were this girl’s employer you’d be glad you were aware of her posts right?
  • Hands up if you have seen this do the rounds. I had to include it in today’s presentation. It’s a classic. It is very easy to vent on social media but the consequences can be massive. If you were this girl’s employer you’d be glad you were aware of her posts right?
  • Hands up if you have seen this do the rounds. I had to include it in today’s presentation. It’s a classic. It is very easy to vent on social media but the consequences can be massive. If you were this girl’s employer you’d be glad you were aware of her posts right?
  • Become a social media super hero

    1. 1. Become aBecome a Social Media Super HeroSocial Media Super Hero PHASE 1: Get ‘kitted’ out and know where you’re flying
    2. 2. • Award winning business owner • Have started 4 businesses from scratch, some of which have since been sold • Now owner/director/franchisor of The Creative Collective. • Work with start-ups through to large corporates locally, nationally and internationally • Love training and assisting others Introduction – Yvette Adams
    3. 3. What I do with my clients 2000 on the database 6729 on the database Unique users per month to site = 665 Unique users per month to site = Regularly 5000+ Communication frequency = infrequent Communication frequency = every two weeks – either newsletter or special offers Online sales = $6000 per annum Online sales = $100,000+ per annum Predominantly offline marketing Predominantly online marketing
    4. 4. So where are YOU at…??? • Website? have one? use it? • Google Places? know it? use it? • SEO? know it? use it? • Emarketing? know it? use it? • PPC? know it? use it? • Facebook? know it? use it? • Twitter? Know it? use it? • Linkedin? know it? use it? • YouTube? know it? use it? • Blog? know it? use it?
    5. 5. Now let’s chart your flight path…
    6. 6. • Build their ‘brand’/ ‘profile’ • Market more • Work on the business, not in the business • Get more leads/inquiries • Get more sales And ideally…. • Have more time! • Earn more money! • Take a holiday! What most business owners I meet are trying to do… Does this sound like YOU?
    7. 7. • Building their online presence/profile • Use cloud computing and other technology that saves time and money • Have clear business objectives, a business plan • Ensuring they have a GOOD website with strong calls to action • Creating a bullet proof conversion system • Systemising/procedurising EVERYTHING they do • Tracking and measuring EVERYTHING they do • Delegating more – leverage their time • Retaining & reactivating their customers • Keeping in touch with a database regularly with quality content • Conduct research to understand buying motives and barriers to sale • Only doing marketing that gives a GREAT return on investment • Create and take publicity opportunities for the good of their business What business owners should be doing if they want to succeed…
    8. 8. STOP START Always doing what you’ve always done (because you’ll always get what you’ve always go, or worse – times are changing!) Thinking outside the square of the most innovative marketing strategies you could possibly engage in Burying your head in the stand and making excuses about being busy/non techie/limited by budget Being open minded about the possibilities and how they could benefit your business some of which are very easy to do and low cost or no cost! Throwing stuff out there with no proper measurement devices in place Tracking and measuring EVERYTHING you do Measuring the cost of advertising and marketing activities Measuring the impact of marketing activities Doing things offline… ..if they can often be done faster and cheaper online Looking for new business If you haven’t maximised what you’re already sitting on and what they are worth to you Hoping for the best and having a ‘bit of an idea’ of what you want to achieve at the end of the day Getting crystal clear about your objectives, setting SMART goals and targets But first let’s shift some mindsets!
    9. 9. So what are your SMART goals and business objectives?
    10. 10. UN-SMART GOAL....
    11. 11. SMART GOAL....
    12. 12. You have to do this. The difference between a dream and a goal is written words. If you are not writing down your goals, they will remain dreams. Don’t just think about goals – write them down and tell those close to you why these goals are so important to you.
    13. 13. •Goals – are long-term aims that you want to accomplish. •Objectives – are concrete attainments that can be achieved by following a certain number of steps. •Goals – has the word “go” in it. Your goals should go forward in a specific direction. Goals will often go into undiscovered territory and you therefore can’t even always know where the end will be. •Objectives – has the word “object” in it. Objects are concrete. They are something that you can hold in your hand. Because of this, your objectives can be clearly outlined with timelines, budgets, and personnel needs. Every area of each objective should be firm. The difference between goals and objectives...
    14. 14. EXAMPLE: 1)To attract new parents for free music classes 2)To recruit new educators throughout Australia & New Zealand, particularly in locations where there are currently none 3)To sell products online When it comes to business objectives – keep it simple – no more than 3 – 5 core objectives.
    15. 15. Defining your target market • Geography - what is their location, where are they??? • Socio-economic – who are they? What is their gender, age, income, occupation, education, sexual orientation, household size, and stage in the family life cycle. • Psychographic – how do they think? What are their attitudes, values, and lifestyles. • Behavioural – what are their behaviours? Do they celebrate occasions, who is their degree of loyalty, how much are they online, do they read magazines? • Product-related – what is their association with a product i.e. Beer and sport!
    16. 16. Once we are clear on what we intend to do, we can look at the market we intend to fly in. Consider - geography...
    17. 17. USP – Unique sales proposition What’s the one thing that makes your business unique and distinct? Why should people buy from you and not your competitors? Do you promise great value, benefits, or service?
    18. 18. And make sure you have a good Super Hero ‘Headquarters’
    19. 19. By getting a website RIGHT! How?  Visually appealing  Fulfills the ‘8 second rule’  Data capture prominent and enticing for users to leave details i.e. incentive  Any desired call to action prominently featured  Social media links prominently featured  Contact number prominently featured  Opportunities for clients to ‘interact’ where-ever possible – comments, fill in form, check availability, view photos, videos, audios etc.  Easy to find the information they want with multiple navigation points plus main service offerings clearly identifiable  Loads fast  Scannable copy with lots of internal links  Search engine optimised  Regularly updated so encourages repeat visits – events and news articles + streaming social media good here Does your website tick all these boxes? If not, work on it NOW!
    20. 20. Once you know your flight path you are ready to get ‘kitted out’…
    21. 21. STEP 1 – Set up tracking devices • Google Analytics • Facebook Insights & Analytics • Offline procedures in place You must ask every single person who: • Walks in, Phones up, Emails you For their: • Name • Email • Phone – main and alternative is ideal • Post code • Preferred method of contact i.e. phone or email • HOW THEY HEARD ABOUT YOU. ‘newspaper’ is not enough – try and extract exact name of the publication and note it.
    22. 22. STEP 2 – Get set up with the tools you need to be efficient Google has a lot to offer….
    23. 23. 2.1 Google Account 2.2 Google Profile 2.3 Google Maps 2.4 Google Alerts 2.5 Google Calendar 2.6 Google Analytics (covered) 2.7 Google Trends 2.8 Google Webmaster 2.9 Google Docs 2.10 Google Sites AND there is many more! A small intro to the suite of Google’s free tools
    24. 24. 2.1 Google Account
    25. 25. 2.2 Google Profile
    26. 26. 2.3 – Get Yourself ‘On the Map’ – Google Maps • 60% of activity online is one way or another ‘related to local content’ (Google 05/03) • 73% of activity online is in one way or another ‘related to local content’ (Google 5/07) • 70% of online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses. (Kelsey group) • 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant to buy something offline (comScore Networks) • 54% of search users have substituted internet/search for the phone book (comScore Networks) • 35% of ALL searches are ‘local’ (DM news)
    27. 27. 2.4 –Google Maps
    28. 28. An unclaimed listing…
    29. 29. A claimed listing…(of course the Coast knows how to do it better!)
    30. 30. Flesh out your listing
    31. 31. The types of categories you might like to list for
    32. 32. The types of categories you might like to list for
    33. 33. Photos & Videos Up to 10 photos Up to 5 videos Videos must be on YouTube
    34. 34. Coupons Add fully customisable coupons to your listings including: Images Show on mobile phones Apply to multiple listings
    35. 35. • What people are saying about (reviews)– the price, the service etc – these filter in from various sources that provide reviews (more later) • Post to your place page – Allows business owners to post updates to their place page via short announcements i.e. ‘we’re closed this Friday’. It appears on Googles Place page within minutes • Service areas – Google realises businesses may only service certain areas, where you are willing to travel to serve certain customers i.e. deliver pizza. • Street view – Imagery collections are continuing to expand. People can check out destinations before they get there. 3D view now too. • Transit features – Who is looking for directions to you and where are they coming from. Not in Brisbane or Qld yet… The new additions to Google Places
    36. 36.
    37. 37. Example Place Page Posts Specials: "Free chips and salsa today from 4-6. We'll even throw in free guacamole." Posted 3 hours prior to the start of Afternoon Special Events: "Come to our open day" Today from 9:30 am to 11:45 am." Posted 4 hours prior to the event, linking to the Facebook event page. New products: "Have you checked out our newest musical instruments? Great for baby’s birthday!"
    38. 38. 2.4 – Alert yourself on Google Alerts
    39. 39. 1. Automatically manages invites and RSVP’s for events. 2. Share whole calendars company-wide or with specific people. 3. Have multiple calendars. 4. Make calendars public, private or shared. 5. View calendar that belong to other people. 6. Quick to add calendar appointments (drag & drop). 7. Full Calendar scheduling facility. 8. Send calendar invitations to other people. 9. Opportunity to sync your calendar with your mobile or Outlook. 2.5 – Google Calendar
    40. 40. 2.6 Google Docs • No Software Required – goodbye to Microsoft? • Create, Edit Word Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations • Sort Documents in Folders • Share/collaborate on documents with other people • Upload Emails and Microsoft documents straight in to Google Docs for editing
    41. 41. 2.7 Google Docs
    42. 42. 2.8 Google Sites • Create simple or sophisticated websites/wikis without any programming knowledge. • Share knowledge or files with your co-workers or the world. • Centralise company information with an internal website. Easy to update information/photos/attachments/presentations. • Google have a profile update for each staff member making it easy to find staff that may have special skills.
    43. 43. Apart from Google I have several other favourite programs I couldn’t live without…
    44. 44. • Knowing yourself • Knowing where you want to go • What your issues are – as your business grows • What your clients issues are • What your staffs issues are • How your business flows from prospect to completed job, identifying the gaps/problem areas and fixing them up The key to finding the right tools for you are:
    45. 45. This involves mapping out your entire sales process Lifecycle of a client website 1 Client requests an estimate on basis of phone conversation Word of mouth Media ??? Potential client Contacts us by phone or email to make appointment Requests work to be done immediately Head office receipts deposit – notifies account manager to commence work Estimate accepted. Invoice/deposit raised by franchisee and sent Estimate sent Project completed Team completes work to time frames and budget Final payment receipted Invoice followed up if required Project set up in basecamp. Work allocated to team Client requests more work done or proposal sent for more work Placed on WIP/database for follow ups. Goes on to life as successful business owner/entrepreneur Regularly sent info and invites to one-off events, new products and offers past clients might be interested in !!! Tells others to use us via word of mouth, referral form and affiliates Client kept abreast of project with regular contact Offline marketing Events Logs on to website and fills in web form online Online marketing 2 Arrangement made to meet up for initial consult (paid) 3 Client gains info and opts to ‘think about it’ Paid consult held Final invoice raised and sent 4. Referral / repeat business 2. Conversion 3. Project 1. Lead 4 Identified that client is not ideal or not a service we provide and referred or sent on their way Website goes live/job sent to print etc
    46. 46. Pimp your mobile out – get into Apps 1. Get a smart phone – iphone, Blackberry & others 2. Click on the Apps button and search for ‘free’ or ‘popular’ apps. 3. Check out the paid Apps 4. Note websites that have phone Apps and download 5. Use them! 6. Consider creating your own…
    47. 47. Recap from first session  Check out Google Tools – they could save you time and money!  Find the right online systems – we can help you!  Get a website and get it right – does it tick all the boxes? If not, get them ticked!  Optimise your website  Claim your listing on Google Maps, flesh out your listing, encourage reviews  Pimp out your mobile  Get key company documents i.e. templates, forms, contacts, procedures and policies ONLINE utilizing technology such as wikis, Google Docs or otherwise where you can share and collaborate online and mobilize your business.  Make sure your marketing features your website and other social media community links ALWAYS and PROMINENTLY  Make sure you have a good email signature with these links too!  Track and measure results, then refine!  Have fun with it all!!!
    48. 48. Become aBecome a Social Media Super HeroSocial Media Super Hero PHASE 2: Developing Your Social Media Super Powers!
    49. 49. • Social Media Marketing Specialist, Speaker, Trainer, Business Mentor and Internet Entrepreneur • Operate Multiple businesses from my laptop while travelling the World • Using Social Media since early 2008 and grown entire business online • Twitter Following of over 33,000 and over 45,000 views on YouTube • Developed Social Media Training Programs for clients in 7 countries and Global audience of thousands. Introduction – Zoe deLuca
    50. 50. Social Media is it Creeping up on You?
    51. 51. What Is Social Media Marketing?What Is Social Media Marketing? According to Wikipedia sources: “Social media uses Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.” Social (two-way) communication medium, sharing user generated content
    52. 52. 500 Million Active Facebook Users Source: Tech HeraldPhoto Credit: Oversocialized Holy Guacamole Batman!
    53. 53. 10 Billion+ Tweets Sent on Twitter Since 2006 Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable
    54. 54. 2Billion Videos Are Streamed Each Day On YouTubePhoto Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch
    55. 55. Why Super Heros Use Social Media?
    56. 56. Are Your Super Powers of Direction Confused?
    57. 57. TURBO CHARGED SOCIALTURBO CHARGED SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGYMEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY 1) Develop your Social Media Strategy & Personal Brand 2) Set up your Social Media Marketing: Social Media Profiles, Blog, Business Websites, Follow up 3) Structuring your marketing activities Planning, Integrating & Automating Social Media Marketing
    58. 58. Personal Productivity andPersonal Productivity and Laser Like FocusLaser Like Focus Social Media Marketing for Business is all about sharing your businesses philosophy and unique selling points – through networking online You don’t market your business online – You market YOU! Lead with providing valuable content and positioning yourself as a leader
    59. 59. Developing Your BrandDeveloping Your Brand ““SUPERHERO Inc”SUPERHERO Inc” • Choose whether to brand your name or business (or you ‘within’ your business/team) • What is Your Unique Selling Point – Passion, skills value? • Create a Logo, Headline, Bio and Story • Get a great photo/s (professional/intentional) • Keep this consistent across all websites and marketing
    60. 60. TURBO CHARGED SOCIALTURBO CHARGED SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGYMEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY BRANDING AND POSITIONINGBRANDING AND POSITIONING • Determining niche, desired outcomes and set goals for your Social Media Marketing • Set up your Marketing Funnel – Blog, Social Media Profiles, Follow up • Program set times into your schedule for Social Media Marketing
    61. 61. Creating your Social Media VortexCreating your Social Media Vortex (aka Sales Funnel)(aka Sales Funnel) 1. Social Media: Position You As a Leader 2. Blog/Personal Site: Link back to quality content and more information About You - Company blog, or SUPER POWER: 3. Auto responders: Only thing you’re selling is “Next Step” in the process 4. Business Information/Website: Qualified prospects 5. Conversions : increase once people feel they know/like/can trust you
    62. 62. Time to Flex Your Social Media Muscles
    63. 63. Super Hero Hangouts –Super Hero Hangouts – Top Social Media Sites for Business MarketingTop Social Media Sites for Business Marketing TWITTER FACEBOOK PAGE YOU TUBE LINKED IN - Targeted/Niche sites
    64. 64. Super Social Site 1 - TWITTER
    65. 65. What is in the ‘Twitterverse’?What is in the ‘Twitterverse’? • Social Networking Site combined with “Micro-Blogging” • Posts (called Tweets) are 140 characters or less • Immediate – moves quickly & people react to tweets quickly • Gives you access to top ‘Influencers’ in your market that would otherwise be out of reach – Levels the playing field • Establish Joint Ventures and business relationships • Good for link building and visibility in Search Engines • Fantastic for Building Your Brand and sharing the human/personal side of your business • Can build a Fan Base of loyal “Followers” • Fast feedback for customer service/follow up • Own Virtual Think Tank-referrals, advice, discussions (2 way) • Viral by nature due to re-tweets and recommendations
    66. 66. Design and Set Up Powerful Twitter ProfileDesign and Set Up Powerful Twitter Profile • Sign Up – Chose profile name carefully Check .com url and • Upload a great personal photo • Geographic Location – keep general but important • Website URL – only live link • Optimize Bio (Under 160 chars) –incorporating keywords • Customise profile settings and background for branding • Backgrounds can be free or paid
    67. 67. Super Social Site 2 – FACEBOOKFACEBOOK
    68. 68. Your Super Hero Brand PageYour Super Hero Brand Page •Profile/Groups/Pages – GET THIS RIGHT! •Effective first website – free and fast to set up • Or use to drive traffic to and enhance existing website/blog with PPC • Feature a great profile picture/personalised graphic • Add information including photos/videos • Add applications – including Static FBML for Capture Page/opt in box
    69. 69. Super Social Site 3 – YOU TUBE
    70. 70. The Secret Super Hero withThe Secret Super Hero with VIDEOVIDEO MARKETING MAGICMARKETING MAGIC · Why everyone should have a YouTube Channel * Get set up for Video Marketing - simple equipment · Ultimate way to interact with potential clients on social media · Research your market to find powerful video ideas that will add value and increase your natural search engine listings for keyword terms - yes FREE advertising on Google! SUPER POWER –
    71. 71. Super Social Site 4 – LINKED IN
    72. 72. Super Social Site 4 – LINKED IN Consider your target Niche – what sites are they on? • Business People/Professionals - • Take time to fill out your profile • Interact in discussions/forums without ‘pitching’ • Add value to the community – lead with quality • Ask for ‘Recommendations’ and ‘Referrals’ • High Quality conversations and best opening rate on messages
    73. 73. INTERACTING – ENGAGING PROSPECTSINTERACTING – ENGAGING PROSPECTS Or Capturing the Minds of Mere Mortals! What to post - when? • Blatant marketing will never work – offer value or you will be ignored/unfollowed • Provide links to valuable information/resources – Google Alerts/RSS Feeds • Inspiration, quotes, product innovation • Customer feedback/testimonials • Event’s you’re attending (online and offline) • Promote your content • Ad photos, link to videos • Promote somebody else’s content
    74. 74. Come into the Cave......Come into the Cave...... Ninja Tricks to Get Results Fast Than a Speeding BulletNinja Tricks to Get Results Fast Than a Speeding Bullet To integrate multiple Social Networks: Distribute Content across multiple Social Media Networks/sites
    75. 75. Super Powers on SteroidsSuper Powers on Steroids (Well Legal Ones)(Well Legal Ones) Examples.....Examples.....
    76. 76. Gain ‘Power’ through ‘Spreading Good’ on Social Media Sites The true power of Social Media Marketing is in establishing ‘Social proof’ of your ability to provide the clients desired product, experience or outcome– NOT in fanatically ‘pushing’ your business Be professional, engaging, post consistently, provide value and have fun. - The results will flow as a result – why walk when you can fly? SOCIAL MEDIA HEROSSOCIAL MEDIA HEROS
    77. 77. Become aBecome a Social Media Super HeroSocial Media Super Hero PHASE 3: Take the ‘fear factor’ out of flying…get surveillance
    78. 78. There’s a lot going on in social media right
    79. 79. With all these mediums, conversations are potentially going to happen online about you / your service / your product / your business / your competitors / your industry these days, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT
    80. 80. So you can choose to participate.... or bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening....
    81. 81. Or you can participate. Remember the ‘party analogy’ 1. Monitor conversations first - LISTEN 2. Introduce yourself and start conversations, ask questions - ENGAGE 3. Answer questions, give advice, if appropriate (i.e. if you can be helpful) – CONTRIBUTE 4. Share the advice if you believe in it (and encourage others to share yours)
    82. 82. If you don’t like what they say…
    83. 83.
    84. 84. Are you prepared to let go of your brand, at least just a little… • It may seem scary at first but it could be the best thing you’ve ever done. • Feedback is good (and consumers will talk regardless) • We don't live in a perfect world and no one expects your business to be perfect (okay some do!) • In fact, if you had nothing but 5-star reviews across the board it might strike consumers as a bit suspect, is anybody REALLY that perfect? • Also, negative reviews offer a golden opportunity, to go above and beyond. See:
    85. 85. So GO to the party…but go prepared!!! Your options: • Get tracking in place – Google Alerts & more • Choose when to do something about it, and when to ‘LET IT GO!’ • ‘Kill them with kindness’ • Be attentive - ask them how you can fix it... show you care! • Personally see it through to the end • Saturate the market with ‘good stuff’
    86. 86. To do this you don’t need this…
    87. 87. • Track what people say on Twitter. • Like Google’s search engine but just for Twitter! • Good comprehensive option to pick up mentions on Google. • Tracks all social media, so should be able to find mentions of your business on Facebook and Twitter as well as on blogs. • If you expect most of your customers to be talking about you on blogs, you need a Technorati account. You can do one-off searches of the blogosphere for your business, but you can also automate your searches by using a Watchlist (look under the Favourites tab) • Like Google Alerts but for social media. You need tools like this...
    88. 88.
    89. 89. But what if it’s your staff who are talking?
    90. 90. Catherine Deveny's (The Age) Logie night tweets… "I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid". “Rove and Tasma look so cute . . . hope she doesn't die, too.”
    91. 91.
    92. 92. Well…you need to monitor what’s being said AND you need a social media policy! Consider… • WHO will be allowed to post? All staff? Just senior staff? Different staff post different topics i.e. Sales staff post product sales? Marketing staff only? Web team only? Just staff who can spell?! Just staff who have something worthwhile saying? What if the usual person is away? • WHAT are they allowed to post? Special offers only? Links to articles? New product releases? Work related only? Random musings? • WHERE can they post to? Just Twitter? Facebook Page & Twitter? Company only pages? Their own profiles about your company stuff? • WHAT is the screening/monitoring process? Free for all? None at all? Scheduled but approved? Approval required for some types of posts only? • WHEN are they allowed to post? – As often as they like? A few times a day? Daily? Weekly? When there is something worthwhile saying? If you need help…talk to us!
    93. 93. 1. Introduce the purpose of social media 2. Be responsible for what you write 3. Be authentic 4. Consider your audience 5. Exercise good judgment 6. Understand the concept of community 7. Respect copyrights and fair use 8. Remember to protect confidential & proprietary info 9. Bring value 10. Productivity matters Key principles of a good social media policy Ideally get professional help in the process, including legals!
    94. 94. • IBM’s Social Computing guidelines •Dell’s Online Communication Policy •Australian National Botanic Gardens •H&R Block •Coca Cola • Kodak •Telstra What company’s have a social media policy? Telstra promote the 3 R’s policy – you are REPRESENTING, take RESPONSIBILITY, show RESPECT
    95. 95. Social networking meets search marketing…
    96. 96. Facebook is having a crack too… It’s here and now there’s DEALS too!
    97. 97. To really fly – we’re there for you! • Start up SUPER HERO packages – see flyer • Social media policies • Social media training – for your and your team • Social media audits & strategies – what’s working, what’s not, what should you do next? • Social media campaign – one-off or ongoing • Blog set up, development and strategy • New hires/recruitment • Events • Sell products • Competitor analysis – how can you beat the other villains? • Applications – want to develop a social media one or an iPhone one?
    98. 98. Stay in contact! Join our database 07 545 11315