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Everything Solavei


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Here's all you need to know about Solavei mobile. It's quite comprehensive.

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Everything Solavei

  1. 1. Solavei – A complete Solavei Review..NoHolding Back!BY REGGIE BRUTUS ON APRIL 23, 2013 INIntro To SolaveiIf you want Solavei service or want to join theopportunity, it’s always imperative you do your due diligence. So let me help you withthat process and give you a complete yet conciseSolavei review.Ok..Solavei is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO). Basically all that means isthat they don’t own their own mobile towers. In Solavei’s case they use T-mobile celltowers. They offer their customers nationwide 4G unlimited talk, text and data for $49per month. In addition to this Solavei offers each customer at no additional cost theopportunity to earn money. Enough money to get free mobile service or make a full-time income, which all depends on the individuals efforts. This is done through aSolavei visa card that’s given to each customer again at No Additional cost . So far sogood.The company was founded by Ryan Wuerch and launched in September of 2012. As ofthis Solavei Review, their customer base has grown to about 180,000 customers inroughly 6 months. Their growth has been purely through referral based marketing andthrough the help of a few celebrity endorsements from Stephen Baldwin and DannyGokey. Again..not to shabby.Personally..I have the Solavei service, and I have to say I have no complaints about theservice. I was a T-Mobile customer prior and the call quality and 4G speeds have beenthe same. And where I was paying $108 and some change with T-mobile includingtaxes, with Solavei I’m paying $54 and some change. So for now you’ll get nocomplaints from me about the service. Granted my Solavei review might be a bit biased,but it’s completely 100% honest and thorough.
  2. 2. ** Now if you were a T-mobile customer before and you didn’t have great call quality,then you probably wont have good call quality with Solavei. However, newer phonesand improvements with T-mobile might make a difference. So keep that in mind. **Solavei Highlights1. Solavei offers Unlimited Voice, Text and 4G Data on a nationwide network for ONLY$49/month…with NO contract! Easily the lowest rate in the market for unlimitedservice with No Restrictions on data.2. Ability to earn income up to 20k/month or more by referring others. With their pricepoint and service, shouldn’t be very difficult to share. (more below on automatedsharing software)3. Ability to bring your own phone. This is an excellent benefit. With any other prepaidservice, not only are you limited to 3G speeds, but you have to use their phones.Where as Solavei service will let you bring any Unlocked GSM phone and sign up rightaway. If you want to know if your phone is a GSM phone, you can CLICK HERE andsee the list of US companies who’s phones are GSM.4. No activation fee. Once you go online, and sign up for service, the only thing youhave to pay is $49 for the first months of service and $9 for a SIM card. Now you canavoid that $9 fee if you find a Solavei distributor who has some handy and willing tosend one out to you for free. (Which I’d be happy to do if you’d like). Just emailmeHere.Solavei – A Mobile Social Commerce companyIf you’ve been in the home business industrybefore, you’ll LOVE the product and price point. Traditionally with MLM companies,their products or services are TWICE more expensive than comparable products on themarket in order to pay out commissions to their distributors. Solavei actually saves yousubstantially on the service that you’re already paying for and actually gives you A LOTmore value.Solavei is not just a mobile phone company, they’re the catalyst to the Mobile SocialCommerce era. In a time where smart phones and tablets have seemingly taken over,
  3. 3. mobile commerce is on the rise. Not just simply about buying with your smart phone,but actually getting great deals because you have Solavei service. They are basicallydriving down the cost of goods and services through mobile service.Think of it as like a mobile shopping club or a mobile Costco except you don’t have themembership fees. Your membership is your mobile service…that you pay lessfor ordon’t even pay at all. As more great deals come in for example $29/month for cable orjust cash back for buying something at Home Depot with your Solavei visa card. Youhave access to this because you are part of the Solavei network.Click Here to check if your phone is compatible. Solavei Phone Service AvailabilityKeep in mind, if your current phone doesn’t work with their mobile service, you canalways buy a new phone directly from Solavei or find one from a friend, on eBay,craigslist or walk into any Walmart and get a pre-paid T-mobile phone. So there are lot’sof options.Solavei CompensationSo whether or not you just want free mobile service or you want Full-Time residualincome to replace your current income. They’re marketing tools and social sharingfeatures are second to none. You can literally share this service with THOUSANDSDaily and never have to pick up the phone to call anyone. That’s what I love about thecompany. Take a quick look at the Solavei Compensation video below done by one ofour teammates.WATCH THE COMPENSATION VIDEO MarketingWhen you become a customer and decide you want to share this opportunity withothers, you do that through Solavei’s patented “Social Marketing System”. This systemis truly revolutionary and is a game changer in the direct sales/network marketingindustry.Want to share the Solavei opportunity with your friends on Twitter or Facebook? It’seasy. Just select which compelling video or message you want to share, click a buttonand it’s done. Solavei will do the sharing for you.
  4. 4. But it doesn’t stop there. We actually have a complete marketing system that includespractically 10k in internet marketing training and knowledge including capture pages,promotional material, viral videos SPECIFICALLY FOR SOLAVEI’S SERVICE and somuch more. We give it to our Team members and show you how to use it….FORFREE. Just take a look at one of the videos you have access to that literally does allthe selling and question answering for you. Click Here to watch the Video. Or See oneof our Amazing Capture Pages.The amazing thing is, I’ve seen more people making over $1000/month with Solavei justusing these free tools than I’ve ever seen in any other marketing system.Solavei PhonesOne of the most common questions I get with Solavei is “I understand the savings andthe opportunity but if I do switch, will I have to pay full price for future phones?”And the answer to this question is yes. Here’s the real deal with the Big Mobile PhoneCompanies (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-mobile too) You might get FREE phones orlower priced new phones, but it comes at a cost. You’re in a 2 year contract with a realunlimited plan for a minimum of about $120. So for your 2 year total with FREE Phoneyou’re paying $2,880.With Solavei – for example if you decide to pay $500 for a phone with the MonthlyPlan – $49/month. Grand total for 2 years…(drum roll please) = $1,676. That includesthe cost of the “expensive” phone. That “Free Phone” your current company is “giving”to you is actually costing you ($2,880 – $1,676) = $1,204!!!But let’s be real here…if you’ve actually read this post, then you know that what Solaveioffers is SO much more than just awesome mobile service at the best price available.You are part of a Social Mobile Commerce company that will lower the price of goodsand services for you on EVERYTHING…not just mobile service. If you use the tools wehave for you to just click a button and share…..YOUR MOBILE SERVICE IS FREE!Solavei is one of the easiest home businesses to grow into a large residual incomebecause the product makes so much sense. Honestly anyone can have free mobile
  5. 5. service with just a little effort. But, there are a few tricks, tips and strategies that we’velearned along the way to help you turbo charge your business.We make it available to anyone who lowers their phone bill with Solavei through ourteam. We offer the 7 Hour Wealth Formula for FREE. Using this sharing system withSolavei we show you how to spend no more than 7 hours a week building asubstantial residual 5 figure monthly income with Solavei.You Can read my blog and get all sorts of trainings for your internet marketing orNetwork marketing business. JUST CLICK HEREOR GOTO: the button below to join the fastest growing teamin Solavei today.