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Final project creath 1


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Final project creath 1

  1. 1. May 17, 2013Use the atlas to find 1 cityoutside of the UnitedStates that you’d like tovisit.
  2. 2. The Amazing Race•
  3. 3. Final Project –The Amazing Race• Choose 5 cities in the world• Locations must be on 3 differentcontinents• Research & choose tasks tocomplete in all locations
  4. 4. Final Project• You will be–Completing an itinerary (scheduleof places to visit)• Journal Entry for each location• Post cards from each location
  5. 5. Today’s Task• Choose your 5 locations (using the atlas)• Determine their absolute & relativelocation• Show your locations on the map• Find the distance between each placeusing the scale and a ruler• When you are done, use the atlas to findout what places you might want to visit
  6. 6. May 20, 2013• Today, we will be learning aboutour 5 cities• Think about this: What do youwant to do there?
  7. 7. Symbaloo
  8. 8. TO DO LIST:1. Finish Friday’s paper2. Check L&L & find distances3. Bring paper to Mrs. Creath4. Complete “Locations Profile”5. Bring papers to Mrs. Creath
  9. 9. Take out yourFinal Project papers