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The Well-Informed Arts Professional


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Presentation as delivered to Andrew Taylor's "Survey of Arts Management" class at American University on October 1, 2012. Originally developed for the Arts Enterprise Summit 2012 in Claremont, CA.

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The Well-Informed Arts Professional

  1. 1. Survey of Arts ManagementOctober 1, 2012
  2. 2.  Dual career: composer + arts admin (2002-07) Worked in fundraising for national service org MBA at Yale School of Management, 2007-09 Research Director, Fractured Atlas
  3. 3.  Founded October 2007 (first year in b-school) Personal journal to industry chronicle 0 to 3000 subscribers in <5 years
  4. 4.  ArtsJournal GIA News Philanthropy News Digest Arts Watch You’ve Cott Mail
  5. 5.  Google Reader Createquity Highly Recommended Arts Blogs Non-Arts Sources  FiveThirtyEight  Stanford Social Innovation Review  Harvard Business Review  ReadWriteWeb  Chronicle of Philanthropy
  6. 6.  Barry’s Blog annual rankings Foundation Center grant stats Organizations to know  Grantmakers in the Arts  Americans for the Arts  NEA  National service orgs  Unions, industry associations, etc.
  7. 7. DIKW ModelData Information Knowledge Wisdom
  8. 8. For analysis & interpretation Createquity Arts Policy LibraryFor the documents themselves Foundation Center’s PubHub Grantmakers in the Arts website
  9. 9.