Tips for making your tradeshow a success


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Tips for making your tradeshow a success

  1. 1. Tips for Making YourTradeshow a Success
  2. 2. IntroductionIt’s no secret that a tradeshow can be a very effective vehiclefor growing your business. Whether you are launching anew product, a new concept or an entirely new business,using the tradeshow platform works.Of course, there are also many tradeshow failure storiesfloating around. It only works if you take the right steps andfollow proven tips for making the show a success.It’s really up to you if your tradeshow will send you a fewsteps back or vault you to the next level.
  3. 3. Work Out a BudgetBefore you get into the planning and strategizing, you mustfirst work out a budget for your show. There are manydifferent tradeshow booth displays you can choose from,and all come with different price tags.The key is to be honest with yourself, and get the very besttradeshow booth display that you can afford. Take yourtime with this step, so you don’t come up short financiallyor with the type of display you ultimately use for the show.
  4. 4. Set GoalsSuccess in any business venture starts with setting goals, anda tradeshow is no different. When setting your goals for theshow, consider aspects like:• Will you actually be selling products or services?• Are you just doing market research?• Are you looking for newsletter sign ups?• Are you trying to gauge the competition?Once you figure out what you’ll be doing, you can figure outthe overall goals concerning numbers and stats.
  5. 5. Choose the Right DisplayYour budget and goals will help determine what type oftradeshow booth display to use, but they aren’t the onlyfactors. The overall effect you want to have on thetradeshow floor will also play a big role. Some tradeshowbooth display options include:• Pop-up display• Banner stand• Custom display• Tension fabric display
  6. 6. Choose the Right ShowIf you work your budget perfectly, set clear and realisticgoals and get great portable displays, then choose the wrongshow all your efforts will be a waste. When choosing atradeshow, consider:• Where your target market will be• Where your competitors will beThese two factors alone will help steer you in the rightdirection and help you choose the right show each time.
  7. 7. Send the Right MessageNo matter how great your tradeshow booth display looks,not everyone who walks by is going to stop. It’s imperativeto send the right message with your copy to really attractinterest.Use a headline that can be read easily and that stresses thebenefits of your product or service to potential customers.Use bullet lists, quotes, statistics and open-ended questionsto draw your prospects in and stand out from yourcompetitors.
  8. 8. The Visual EffectAlong with the words you use, the overall visual effect ofyour display is also important. You may want to ask foradvice from people that are experienced with tradeshowsfor this one. To create a memorable visual effect, you’ll haveto consider things like:• Colors, designs and graphics• Tradeshow rules and guidelines• Lighting and spotlights• Audio-visual capabilities
  9. 9. Sweeten the DealOnce you attract attention and get prospects to stop at yourdisplay, the real work begins. Make sure you have someenticing offers and promotions ready to sweeten the dealand get that conversion. Consider these proven tactics:• Games and contests• Special discounts• Special events• Referral programs
  10. 10. Follow UpYou aren’t always going to get a full commitment orconversion on the tradeshow floor. This is why it’s importantto follow up with prospects once the show is over.Make collecting emails and other contact information part ofyour strategy, then follow up with offers and reminders afterthe show is over.
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