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Ways to Use Carbon Dioxide Cylinders and Nitrous Oxide Cartridges


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Both carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are essential gases popularly used nowadays in different applications, tasks and industries. Using nitrous oxide cartridges in food preparation cannot only make food and snacks last longer but can also guarantee cleanliness.

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Ways to Use Carbon Dioxide Cylinders and Nitrous Oxide Cartridges

  1. 1. Carbon dioxide cylinders Both carbon dioxide and nitrousoxide are essential gases popularly usednowadays in different applications,tasks and industries. Both are colorlessand odorless. However, carbon dioxideis slightly toxic and has a pungent andacidic taste, while nitrous oxide is non –toxic, non – flammable and sweet totaste. Nonetheless, compared to nitrous
  2. 2. Nitrous oxide cartridgesoxide, carbon dioxide is more familiarto the people as it is involved in humanrespiration.Carbon dioxide is known as the endproduct of breathing. But then, these
  3. 3. Carbon dioxide cylindersgases only constitute small percentageof the total gas content of the world.Yet, this doesn’t imply that they are ofno use at all. These gases are now com-mercially available in various vesselssuch as carbon dioxide cylinders andnitrous oxide cartridges.
  4. 4. Nitrous oxide cartridges Carbon dioxide cylinders areused in making fire extinguishingsystems, refrigeration of foods, car-bonation of drinks and sodas, and fa-cilitation of oil recovery, just to name afew. Carbon dioxide cylinders containvarious parts that should be observedand checked regularly to assure that thecylinder is in good working condition.
  5. 5. Nitrous oxide cartridges Carbon dioxide cylinders are usedin large-scale businesses such as inchemical production, construction andmanufacturing, rubber and plasticindustry, environmental uses and thelikes.
  6. 6. Nitrous oxide cartridges The word “nitrous oxide” hadgained quite a name not because of itsbenefits but simply because of its manyuses. Nitrous oxide is commonly knownas the “laughing gas” as it can make aperson euphoric and sedated duringprocedures such as a root canal. Thisspecific gas is depicted as colorless,nonflammable and sweet tasting.
  7. 7. Nitrous oxide cartridges Nitrous oxide cartridges are smallgas vessels that are utilized for portabi-lity and convenience. This nitrouscartridge is lightweight and easy to usein comparison to the conventional gascylinders people typically envision.Usually, nitrous oxide cartridges areutilized in paintball competitions, asnitrous oxide is more resistant to
  8. 8. Nitrous oxide cartridgesoutside temperature such as heat,making it as an ideal propellant for thissport. Also, a nitrous oxide cartridge isused as the common and mostpreferred aerating agent for whipped cream, making whipped cream thicker and better.
  9. 9. Nitrous oxide cartridgesNonetheless, nowadays, there arevarious and unusual uses for carbondioxide cylinders and nitrous oxide. Forone, carbon dioxide cylinders are nowutilized not for just creating carbonateddrinks and soda waters commerciallybut home made as well. This innovationis possible through having a carbondioxide cylinder that is more portable
  10. 10. Nitrous oxide cartridgesand accessible. Having home-madecarbonated drinks and soda water canbe a great addition to house party barsand special occasions. Moreover, a car-bon dioxide cylinder is also an itemused for airbrush painting as it replacesthe air compressors that were com-monly used before. Other than that, ifone talks about nitrous oxide, onewould think that this gas could be just
  11. 11. Nitrous oxide cartridgesutilized as an aerating or propellingagent. However, it was discovered thatnitrous oxide cartridge could be used asmeans to prolong shelf life. It is saidthat there is a certain property in ni-trous oxide that prevent bacterialgrowth in foods, making it one of thebest food additives.
  12. 12. Nitrous oxide cartridges Using nitrous oxide cartridges infood preparation cannot only makefood and snacks last longer but can alsoguarantee cleanliness. These are some of the known wayswherein carbon dioxide cylinders andnitrous oxide cartridges can be used.But then, the possibilities are endless asinnovations continue to be discovered.
  13. 13. Nitrous oxide cartridgesYou can never know what is on the ho-rizon for these gas vessels in the nearfuture.
  14. 14. To get a deeper insight intocarbon dioxide cylinders and nitrous oxide cartridges, cartridges, please check out