Making the Best Homemade Soda


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While commercially made soda would normally say “contains real fruit juice”, homemade soda since you dictate what is in it, could be “100% REAL fruit juice.”

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Making the Best Homemade Soda

  1. 1. Making the Best Homemade Soda
  2. 2. Most people are not aware that they can make a healthy soda inthe comfort of their own home.Normally, they would rely on thegrocery store and pack up on bigbulky cans or bottles of soda fortheir Sunday refreshment bar.While you have a lot of choices to
  3. 3. choose from when it comes tosodas, it isn’t nearly unlimited ascompared to how creative one canbe when one has the capacity toflavor his own soda. As they say, anything home-made probably tastes better thansomething bought at the store –and when it comes to soda it isn’t
  4. 4. very different at all! This e-book discusses theconcept of making the best home-made soda using equipment readilyavailable in the market todaysuch as a soda siphon andsoda chargers.
  5. 5. Before going to the hard-ware let’s look at the advantagesof going homemade on yourcarbonated beverage. Generally,when you make your own sodas itwould be better for your health. Why? Because this allowsyou to choose your own flavours;therefore you can choose whole-
  6. 6. some, naturally sweet additives; anice break from high fructosecorn syrup. While commercially madesoda would normally say “containsreal fruit juice”, homemade sodasince you dictate what is in it,could be “100% REAL fruit juice.”
  7. 7. In fact, it would probably be rareto encounter anyone without homebased soda making equipment whocould have tasted a carbonateddrink that contains only the es-sentials - fruit juice, water andCO2.
  8. 8. So now we can take a lookat the equipment. The twoessential tools used are the sodasiphon and soda chargers. Thesiphon is a container that ispressurized to help preserve theCO2 content of the cold,carbonated water in it. Chargersare like small gas tanks that arefilled with carbon dioxide.
  9. 9. Learning how to use these twosimple pieces of equipment to-gether with baking soda and selt-zer already enable one to createhigh quality, healthy and low costhomemade soda! But of course, this e-bookis not just about making home-made soda; it is about making the
  10. 10. BEST homemade soda. Well, thefew little tips in this regard referto two essential factors: thewater and well-kept, high qualityequipment. The water used shouldbe distilled and free of any impu-rities. This is because when wateris carbonated it becomes easier totaste the impurities in the waterif there are any. As for the
  11. 11. the equipment, the key here toalways make sure you follow theguidelines in the usage, upkeepand storage of each tool. This isfound detailed in the user’smanual. Also, make sure it is a highquality product. Luckily, premiumsoda making equipment is easy toacquire in stores and online with agood warranty.
  12. 12. Again, not many people areaware that carbonated beveragescould be “homemade”. And in com-parison to store bought sodas,the best homemade sodas arepreferable because they are easyto make, healthier, and you arenot limited in your creativity inmaking them.
  13. 13. Adding Magic to Food andBeverages UsingWhipped Cream
  14. 14. Nothing is more universal in making a dish more heavenly than whipped cream.It can be used to instantly livenup almost anything that is sweet.If you want a creamier crepe, justadd it to the filling inside or use itoutside as a sumptuous garnish. Acappuccino really isn’t one without
  15. 15. it being generously lathered tothe brim. Cakes and pies are just abit more tempting withsome melt-ing cold whipped cream on top. Pancakes are sometimesserved with whipped cream in-stead of butter and a simple bowlof mixed fruits can still be ahealthy dish with lots of sweet-ened whipped cream.
  16. 16. This chapter will discussthe different equipment used forwhipped cream and how it is doneprofessionally, some tips in makingthe cream and how one can bringthis joy to his or her own home.
  17. 17. First off, whipped cream isbest made when N20 is dissolvedinto the cream. This is done bypressurizing cream either throughan industrial grade creamdispenser or a cream whipper.Either way, small canisters orchargers of N20 are used withthe container in order to dissolvethe gas. This works very easily
  18. 18. because the gas easily dissolveswith the fat content of thecream. This way, the whippedcream achieves its best volumeand fluffiness. Professionally, thisis the best way to make whippedcream that can be used on almostanything. The other way of makingwhip cream is to use the standardmanual whisk or an electric
  19. 19. whisker. This way is a bit lessefficient on the volume of thecream and a bit more tiring andtime consuming than using thedispenser and / or the whipper. A few tips in making thecream: the most essential beingthat it is best to dissolve thesugar and any other flavoring into
  20. 20. into the cream before dispensingit in a pressurized container. Thisway, the sweetness and flavor isequally distributed and it does notclog the cream dispensing equip-ment mentioned above. Anothertip is to use high quality fullcream that is at least 28% fatcontent to assure the N20 dis-solves in it properly.
  21. 21. In fact, bringing theprocess of making cream to one’sown home is very easy and simpleto do. The aforementioned equip-ment of the cream dispenser andthe cream whipper is readilyavailable online from reputablecompanies. Just make sure thatthe upkeep of the equipment iswell taken care of such as keeping
  22. 22. them clean and making sure theyare not clogged. A steady supplyof N20 cream chargers can alsobe acquired from the same storesthat sell equipment and can bereplenished as needed. Thecontainers themselves look verysleek and stylish and are quiteeasy to use and to store.
  23. 23. All in all, whipped cream is awonderful ingredient; and fortu-nately, it is easily within reach tomake by oneself. This is truewhether it is for professionalcafe use or for serving to one’sfamily and other guests in thehousehold.
  24. 24. For more information about cream dispenser and sod a chargers PLEASE CHECK