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How to Have a Healthier Lifestyle


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Studies show that around 60 percent of Americans consume one or more sodas per day. This is alarming since sodas are known to have various negative effects on a person’s body. They include caffeine dependence, increased risk of obesity, in-creased risk of diabetes, high cholesterol levels, bone damage, and tooth decay.

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How to Have a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. 1. How to Have a Healthier Lifestyle
  2. 2. How to Have aHealthier Lifestyle
  3. 3. L iving a healthy lifestyle is not optional. It is necessary for one to be able to make themost out of his existence on this earth. While some people think that this is difficult to achieve with all the temptations present in day to day life, it is actually easy with the right attitude and a bit of knowledge. Here are some tips on how to have a healthier life-style. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  4. 4. Ditch the soda Studies show that around 60percent of Americans consume one ormore sodas per day. This is alarmingsince sodas are known to have variousnegative effects on a person’s body. Just few of thenegative repercussions of soda on one’s health includecaffeine dependence, increased risk of obesity, in-creased risk of diabetes, high cholesterol levels, bonedamage, and tooth decay. To quit the unhealthy habit ofdrinking soda, one can drink healthier alternatives suchas fruit juice, fruit shake, smoothies, dark chocolatebeverage, or milk shake. One can also make his ownsoda using soda chargers. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  5. 5. Opt for healthy desserts Desserts are very high incalories, fat, and sugar. And yet,this is a common favorite amongpeople, especially those that have a sweet tooth. Thegood news is that one does not have to completelyeliminate desserts in his diet. What you can do is to optfor healthier alternatives such as fruit desserts, yogurt,dark chocolate, nuts, and so on. Opting for these des-serts, which are low in fat, sugar, and calories can doso much in improving one’s overall health. You mayalso make your own desserts by using cream whipperand cream chargers to ensure that you indulge in noth-ing but healthy decadent treats. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  6. 6. Stop smoking Smoking can contribute to so many kinds ofailments such as heart diseases, lung cancer, emphy-sema, and many more. Cigarettes contain nicotine,which is an addictive substance that makes it hard forsmokers to say goodbye to this unhealthy habit. Toresolve this, you should stop smoking all together. Itmay help to use an electronic cigarette. This device issimilar to real cigarettes. It also lights up and evenemits smoke in the form of water vapor. E-cigarettescan help you curb the habit by letting you control theamount of nicotine that you intake into your body.Slowly, you can quit on smoking with the use of thisitem. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  7. 7. Reduce alcohol intake Consuming alcohol is another bad habit that manypeople have a hard time breaking. While it is all rightto drink alcohol in small amounts, such as a glass ofwine with dinner, it is bad for the body when consumedin large amounts. Alcohol can impair function andthinking, and might lead one to make poor decisions. Italso affects one’s coordination and functioning nega-tively. To reduce alcohol intake, one should avoid goingto places where alcohol is served. When one feels theneed to drink alcoholic beverages, go for those thattaste like it but without the alcohol content. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  8. 8. Reduce stress Finally, reduce the stress in your life. Go on avacation, get a massage, take a break from work, goout and be with family or friends, and forget aboutyour problems once in a while. Stress can contribute toa host of health problems. Reducing stress can helpimprove your health. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  9. 9. Major Health Risks of Soda Drinking
  10. 10. Sthings you oda drinking is bad for one’s health. So why are so many people still gulpingdown these unhealthy beverages? There are so many can point asculprits. For one, you can blamemedia’s advertisement andglorification of these drinks,such as how drinking a soda would make you lookcool. Another is people’s lack of education regardingthe negative repercussions of the drink. You may alsopoint at the beverage’s addictive element, caffeine,which makes it difficult for some people to quit thehabit even when they want to. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  11. 11. Maybe if people are more informed as to the extentof damage that drinking soda can bring to their health,they would find it a lot easier to quit this habit. To getto know more about the negative effects of sodadrinking to one’s health, here are a few that you reallyshould know about. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  12. 12. Caffeine effect Caffeine is one major component of soda that hasseveral negative side effects on your body whichinclude but are not limited to jitters, irregular heartbeat,insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels,headaches, and vitamin and mineral depletion. On topof it all, caffeine is an addictive stimulant. That addictive element makesit more difficult for a person tostop drinking soda, even whenthey understand the negativehealth effects. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  13. 13. Obesity Recent studies show a strong correlation betweensoda consumption and obesity. Some research indicatesthat people who drink at least one soda per day have anelevated risk towards obesity. This is because soda is high in calories, high in sugar, and low in nutrients. In short, it can make you gainunnecessary weight that you really don’t want to have.Soda consumption also plays a role in childhoodobesity as more and more kids get into the habit ofdrinking soda at least one can per day. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  14. 14. Tooth decay Apart from those two negative effects, sodadrinking can also contribute to tooth decay. Soda, which contains about 9 to 11 teaspoons of sugar, can cause enamel erosion and damage one’s teeth. Aside from this, it also has acid that slowlydamages the surface of the teeth and makes it easier forthe bacteria in the mouth to do damage not only on theteeth but also on gums and bones. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  15. 15. Now that you know the negative effects of soda inyour health, it is not enough that you just sit there anddo nothing about it except to worry. You should doyour part in ensuring that soda won’t harm you andyour family anymore. You can do this by eliminatingsoda from your diet or by making your own healthysoda alternatives. To do this, invest in a soda siphonand some soda chargers so you can create your ownsoda that does not contain harmful chemicals that cancause the negative effects mentioned above. Soda Siphon & Soda Chargers
  16. 16. For more information about soda siphon, please check out soda chargers.