Chef Essential Gadgets - Upgrade Your Kitchen


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For a professional chef, cooking is about looking, touching, and tasting as well as adjusting to produce tasty and flavorful dishes. These dispensers with nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide cylinders are innovations that provide chefs with benefits and even encourage them to create more delectable dishes that are a feast to the eyes and at the same time offer great satisfaction when it comes to the taste.

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Chef Essential Gadgets - Upgrade Your Kitchen

  1. 1. Chef Essential Gadgets Upgrade Your Kitchen
  2. 2. Chef Essential Gadgets:Cream Whippers andNO2 Cartridges
  3. 3. S ome chefs believe thatwhen it comes to food preparationand presentation, their talent andtheir skills are on display and wouldtherefore refuse to use gadgets orequipments that take the limelightaway from them. But most professional chefs who aresecure in their talent do not mindusing gadgets that can be to theiradvantage especially if it cuts downpreparation time as well as helps
  4. 4. them produce an elaborate mealpresentation. You would definitelyconsider the cream whipper withnitrous oxide cartridges as one of theessentials gadgets you prefer tohave in your kitchen. For a professional chef, cooking isabout looking, touching, and tastingas well as adjusting to produce tastyand flavorful dishes. These dispenserswith nitrous oxide or carbon dioxidecylinders are innovations thatprovide chefs with benefits and evenencourage them to create moredelectable dishes that are a feast to
  5. 5. the eyes and at the same time offergreat satisfaction when it comes tothe taste. Innovations on kitchengadgets have certainly paved theway for food preparation to becomea lot quicker and cleaner. Mostpreparations are no longer as timeconsuming as before and definitelynot as messy. Pouring a heavy cream and sugarmixture inside a cream whipper andcharging it by attaching a nitrousoxide cartridge is definitely a mucheasier and a more effective way toproduce a more consistent and
  6. 6. frothy cream than laboring with thewhisk on one hand and the bowl ofcream on another for severalminutes to produce the same. Whowould not want that kind of conven-ience? Chefs love their gadgets forthe simple reason that it saves themtime and takes the stress out incooking. Their talent is still the mainattraction but using gadgets providefor a more effective venue to put thetalent on display. From creams and soups toespumas and sauces, chefs havefound a way to use a cream whipper
  7. 7. or a soda siphon with carbon dioxidecylinders. These dispensers are safeand very easy to use. They not onlyreduce preparation time butprovided a different texture andfinish to the dish. The cream whipper offers a moreconsistent frothy mixture while thesoda siphon added some sparkle inthin soups and sauces. Some creamwhippers have different nozzles thatcan create a different design whenthe whipped cream is dispensedwhich provides for good presenta-tion.
  8. 8. As chefs have always relied on theirknives to give them that perfect cut,other kitchen gadgets like the creamwhipper and nitrous oxide cartridgesas well as the soda siphon and CO2cylinders, garnishing tools, andspecial cutters have offered themsome sort of versatility when it comesto food preparation and presenta-tion. As we all know the diningexperience involves the five senses.To be able to appreciate the foodserved there must be goodambiance, delightful presentation,
  9. 9. appetizing aroma, good texture, andtasteful dishes and chefs wouldalways appreciate useful gadgetsand supplies that would help themprovide customers with a great din-ing experience.
  10. 10. Upgrade YourKitchen Gadgets
  11. 11. A good restaurantremembered for the good servicethat has been provided and most isimportantly for the delectable foodserved. As a restaurateur, you wouldwant to leave a favorable lastingimpression on your customers so thatthey would come back. Updatingyour kitchen with the latest kitchengadgetry like soda siphons with CO2cartridges and cream dispensers willhelp your chef produce a wide array
  12. 12. of food choices. By creating dishesthat are not only mouth-watering butalso a feast to the eyes combinedwith impeccable service wouldmake people patronize your restau-rant. Kitchen gadgets have providedchefs with time saving preparationsand have made the process a loteasier. Innovative kitchen gadgetslike dispensers with disposable gascylinders offer chefs a way to createa more elaborate presentation oftheir dishes. Using a whipper withnitrous oxide, you can easily make
  13. 13. whipped cream, hot, and coldfoams, as well as creamy soups, anddesserts. With a variety of applica-tions, gadgets can surely give yourkitchen and your culinary prowesssome boost as you prepare differentdishes. Soda siphons using CO2 cartridgesare the perfect way to preparecarbonated water that is sure toprovide you with great savings andat the same time you are helping theenvironment by reducing your use ofbottled water. Carbonated water orsparkling water or seltzer water can
  14. 14. siphon with cool water andcharging it with CO2. If you want toserve flavored water, do not addflavor on the water while inside thesiphon. It is recommended that youfirst put the flavoring on a glass orpitcher and add the carbonatedwater later. With this kind of gadget, yourrestaurant is able to offer plain orflavored sparkling water that couldeasily be a favorite among yourcustomers. While kitchen gadgets offer a lot offlexibility when it comes to food
  15. 15. preparation and presentation, usingthese gadgets takes not only themess out of the process but also thestress out of cooking. Likewise, thesegadgets offer easy cleanup processso it does make things easier for therest of your kitchen staff. The disposable gas cylinders arerecyclable and the soda siphon itselfcan easily be cleaned. Ensure firstthat all the pressure inside thecharged siphon has been releasedby pressing on the lever beforeopening it. With these gadgets, itis always best to check on the
  16. 16. instructions to ensure that they giveyou good service for a long time.These gadgets can easily be storedand can provide you good servicewith your kitchen preparations. Yoursoda siphon and your supply of CO2cartridges can easily fill up a spacethat would also fit one of yourwater bottles. As a restaurateur, it isalways important that you keepabreast of the latest in kitchengadgetry and check items thatwould be useful for you. If you find ithard to determine which would behelpful in your kitchen, check if using
  17. 17. it will help you save time and if it is,chances are it would be a usefulkitchen gadget.