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Locatags and


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Locatags and

  1. 1. ‘Locatags’ & Bringing >location to the statusphere May 2009
  2. 2. Let’s assume we all know… • ‘Status’ – Facebook – Twitter • Hashtags – Adding semantics (meaning) to statuses And let’s assume we want… • Twitter more convenient in everyday life…
  3. 3. Hashtags (recap) • Easy to use • (fairly) easy to understand • Allow search & retrieval • Many uses – Events (#MW09) – Memes (#followfriday) – Opinions (#fail) – Mood (#hungry) – Etc.
  4. 4. What are ‘locatags’ ? • Location-based tagging – To tell where you are – Make it searchable, workable • hashtags cannot fulfill the same purpose – Sometime hashtags connote a location, not always – Hashtagsrefer to things, locatags means going to some place • Example – “Going for a drink at >Macumba” will allow to map all the people using locatags
  5. 5. Locatags syntax : still open • Dave Troy / Twittervision – L: (never quite took off) • Nearyoo : – ‘undertags’ (‘_’) • Keeps readability – ‘greatags’ (‘>’) • Good graphic symbol of “getting into” a place • Stowe Boyd : – Slash (‘/’) (and closing slash for multi-words)
  6. 6. Locatagsare not hashtags! • Locatags<>hashtags – Some hashtags imply a location (#mwsf09) but not all • Using a locatag means “check-in” – You are actually there (or going there) – Do not use if you’re merely talking about a place • Use closing tag (<) if multiple words – Just landed in >SFO – Going to >Starbucks, 780 Market St, SanFrancisco<
  7. 7. Nearyoo (beta) is an early implementation of locatags • Step 1 : follow @nearyoo – Will follow you back (and listen to your tweets) • Step 2 : use ‘>’ (greater than) before places – “just arrived in >Houston” – “going for a drink at >Cellar, SanFrancisco< (closing ‘<‘ for multi-word locations)
  8. 8. Nearyoo: enabling real-life meetups Step 3 : that’s it ! Nearyoo will: - Locate you: - Locate also Twitter users using GPS - Allow friends to meet - Remember : it’s beta !
  9. 9. In a nutshell… • Locatags are great ! • Follow @nearyoo • Use ‘>’ before locations in your tweets
  10. 10. Contact Roald Cyberath roald(at) @roald Picture credits : Hash (cc) Flickr – Joyosity ; Nutshell (cc) Flickr – Vermario