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This is a 3 page fact sheet about CREATIVE COMPANION for download with short description of my approach and tools, the CREATIVE COMPANION Manifesto, my project approach in the form of a Tango.
Plus a page about Music Thinking my initiative to promote 'think like a musician' with the Twitter hashtag #MusicThinking

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  1. 1. FACT SHEETBrand minded and people centred experts on branding, communication and design, that fiteasily and flexibly in client or agency teams to provide added value in the triad of business,people and technology. BRAND BRAND CREATE CREATE BRAND CREATIVE CREATIVE CREATIVE CREATE MAKE MAKE SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE MAKE THINKING ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE THINKING THINKING STRATEGY CHOICES CHOICES STRATEGY DIRECTION DIRECTION STRATEGY DIRECTION CHOICESCHOICES CHOICES DESIGN DESIGN CHOICES DESIGNFor the past 15 years, CREATIVE COMPANION worked for well known design and online agencies,production companies and consulting firms like Studio Dumbar, Clockwork, av communication,EuroArts and Ordina on clients like:ABN-AMRO, AG2R La Mondiale, Allsecur, Artstart, Berliner Philharmoniker, Bakker Hillegom,Bundesverband Zementindustrie, Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft, Dutch Government, Essent,GE Access Europe, IMS Health, KPN, Mexx Europe, Nokia Headquarter,, Shanghai GeneralMotors, University of Twente, University of Applied Sciences Inholland, W&W Versicherungen. MANIFESTO CREATIVE COMPANION TOOLS AND APPROACH BUSINESS BUSINESS emotional emotional process innovation innovation innovation EXPERIEN EXPERIENCE PEOPLE TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE TECHNOLOGY functiona BUSINESS functional innovatio innovation emotional process innovation innovation EXPERIENCE PEOPLE TECHNOLOGY functional innovation BRAN BRAND EXPERIE EXPERIENCE BUSINESS emotional innovation BRAND EXPERIEN EXPERIENCE PEOPLE TECHNOLOGY function innovatio inspired by Tim Brown BRAND CREATIVE BRAN ONLINE CREATE MAKE BRAND CREATE CREATIVE STRATEGY MAKE SERVICE DIRECTION CHOICES THINKING EXPERIE CHOICES ONLINE STRATEGY CHOICES DIRECTION CHOICES DESIGNChristof Zürn +31 6 14697251
  2. 2. PROJECT APPROACH Projects need a clear structure or methodology. But in theory things often look complicated and ‘the map is not the territory’. So do your first step, rehearse, prototype and have fun. Before the start: choose the right partner, clear the dance floor and trust your intuition. 1 L 2 R 13 L R11 22 1 72 8 1 2 6 3 11 22 5 4 91 11 10L L RR L R L RR L L R L R L RR L L RR L L 2 R 1 2 2 L 12 L R L R R 1 2 1 L R L R 1 2 L R L R START 1. Brand values and personality 7. Online and social media choices 2. Brand research offline, online, social 8. Strategic and creative alignment 3. Differentiation and positioning 9. Ideation and innovation sessions 4. Persona development 10. Team composition and team lead 5. Customer and consumer journey 11. Concept development 6. Consumer touchpoints and eco-system 12. Communication and design Christof Zürn +31 6 14697251
  3. 3. MUSIK THINKINGWHAT IS MUSIC THINKING?Everything where metaphors, tools, techniques, patterns, instruments, brands and behavioursare derived from music and used in other areas or in a surprising new way.INSPIRATION AND INNOVATIONWhere music and music thinking is used to solve problems, to reach goals or just inspire.BE PART OF THE GAMEPlease feel free to tag and share your tweets with #MusicThinking if you find something thatmatches the description. Every week all the tweets tagged with #MusicThinking will be auto-matically published in The Music Thinking Weekly.Christof Zürn +31 6 14697251