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Qr codes mlearning_101011


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Qr codes mlearning_101011

  1. 1. WHAT TO DO WITHQR CODES Debbie Richards Creative Interactive Ideas
  2. 2. OVERVIEW
  3. 3. IntroductionIf you don’t know what QuickResponse (QR) codes are, orwonder why and how one would usethem in training, this session is foryou.This session covers the following:• Overview of QR codes technology• Creative ways to use QR codes in training• QR code generator applications you can use to create QR codes.
  4. 4. Discussion• Do you have a smart phone or smart device with a camera?• Have you used a QR code? What for?
  5. 5. Video – What is a QR code?
  6. 6. Video – CSI moment
  7. 7. What are Quick Response (QR) codes?• QR codes are made to easy link and transfer information on smartphones• Think of them as print hyperlinks
  8. 8. Origins• Created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes• It was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed• The technology has seen frequent use in Japan; the United Kingdom is the seventh-largest national consumer of QR codes
  9. 9. Bar codes vs. QR codes Bar codes QR codes• One-dimensional codes • Two-dimensional codes• Holds up to 20 numerical digits • Can hold thousands of• Encode information horizontally alphanumeric characters of information • Encode information horizontally and vertically (can fit more data into a smaller space.) • Can be read from any angle
  10. 10. According to we are at the beginning of a newwireless era where smartphones will become the standarddevice consumers will use to connect to friends, the Internetand the world at large. The increase will be so rapid, that by theend of 2011, Nielsen expects more smartphones in the than feature phones.
  11. 11. 1 Billion 50% 200 MillionSmart Phones of all local mobile YouTube viewsin use globally searches are occur every day from a mobile2014 86%is the year that mobile of mobile internet usersinternet usage will overtake use their device whiledesktop internet usage watching television
  12. 12. 51% 71 53% 49 48 3451% of Americans are aware of orhave seen QR or 2D codes. This numberjumps to 71% among 18-34’s. Male Female 18-34 35-54 55+ Have used Likely to Use (extremely/very likely) 22% To find out more about an offer or product 29% information 14% To go directly to an online news article 25% To scan for a coupon from a newspaper, poster, or 18% 21% magazine To access a brand’s website from a print ad, billboard, 16% 18% or newspaper 14% As a boarding pass for a flight on my Smartphone 11% Use my mobile phone to scan a QR code for a contest 11% 14% To receive a coupon on my mobile phone while in a 16% 15% store (by scanning the code on the shelf) 14% To purchase a product I’m interested in 36% To refill prescription drug orders 31%
  13. 13.
  14. 14. QR CODE USES
  15. 15. Video – Using QR codes
  16. 16. Video – Japanese example
  17. 17. General QR code uses• Personal or company contact information that can be saved directly to the smartphone• An embedded phone number that the phone can dial immediately• A webpage or a specific destination on a social network• A calendar event with location, title, start and end time, and alarm• A physical address with location information
  18. 18. QR code uses in training• Text information• Quiz questions• Scenario questions (e.g., how would you use this item in this situation?)• Polls and surveys• Discussion forums• Audio (including multiple language formats)• Video (for example, those how-to-manuals can be how-to- videos instead)• Instructors/mentors available for live-chatting
  19. 19. QR code uses in training• To link handouts and books to online resources (e.g., turning books into dynamic, interactive resources by linking them to interactive update-able websites)• To orient workers to a company’s physical plant and to link location with information about resources (both physical and human)• To orient students to a campus• To link artwork at a museum to information about the artwork, the artist, the historical period, etc.• To link buildings to information about architecture and history
  20. 20. QR code uses in training• To complement fieldwork and inquiry-based scavenger hunts with online information• To link nutritional objects to calorie counters• To link equipment to online how-to-manuals (e.g., to link a glucose meter for diabetics to information on how to use it; to link exercise equipment on a jogging trail with suggested exercises; to connect scientific equipment to how-to-information, etc.)• To link a presentation slide to online information (e.g., to complement conference presentations with online information) /qr-codes-augmenting-augmented-reality/
  21. 21. Student example• Students create a video podcast about an attraction, business, or organization of their choice within a 15-mile radius of their school.• They research the history of their choice, plan the podcast (including media, prose and narration) develop a storyboard in Microsoft Word and then create their podcast using Microsoft Movie Maker.• The students then put on their marketing hats and generate a QR code (or "tag") for the "customers" of their chosen establishment, so people are able to access their video podcast on-demand for their PC or mobile device, while also including the podcasts in their class wiki.
  22. 22. Mobile Health• QR codes can be used to help patients use health information in specific contexts, such as when needing to: • Take a pill • Interact with a device (for example, a glucose meter, a smart Band-Aid, etc.) • Engage in a behavior (e.g., finding a hospital, exercising, buying food, selecting a meal, etc.).
  23. 23. Mobile Health• On food/drink packages to link to nutrition information, interactive calorie counters, and personal information about a patient’s diet plan (which would require the learner/patient to interact with a Web site linked to the QR code)• Attached to medication labels, linking the codes to patient-friendly information, as well as physician and pharmacy contact information• Identify drug interactions (useful for patients and physicians) via an interactive or static Web interface• On devices patients use, to link to how-to information (e.g., text, video, or audio information, that could be presented in different languages)
  24. 24. Mobile Health• Link medications, patient devices, physical locations, etc., to live assistance (e.g., nurses, other health care providers) via phone numbers associated with the code or links to sites with live chat capabilities• On a card the patient carries or on a key-chain attachment that’s linked to the patient’s personal health care record (PHR) and/or emergency contact information• To help patients identify health care providers or emergency medical services in their area• On the equipment on a jogging path or in a gym to encourage appropriate exercises, connect to heart rate monitors, etc.
  25. 25. Philips
  26. 26. Video - Ubimark books
  27. 27. Discussion• How could QR codes help with provide information to the students in your organization?• What application would you try and why? • Advertisement • Video • Link to document
  28. 28. EXAMPLES
  29. 29. Foo Fighters• If you liked reading an article about the Foo Fighters in a music magazine, you might see a QR code at the end of the piece• When scanned, it opens up a website with a full-length interview with the band members• Or it downloads free wallpaper, ringtones or a music video to your device
  30. 30. Pepsi Max • This Pepsi ad creatively combines the QR code as part of the visual display making both the advertisement and the QR code itself stand out to anyone who sees it.
  31. 31. Best Buy• Best Buy takes advantage of QR codes in-store by provide codes next to items• When users scan the code, they are taken to product details, reviews, and ratings• The in-store poster also provides details about QR codes, how they work, and how to use them throughout the store
  32. 32. Brookstone
  33. 33. TomTom Navigation • TomTom Navigation released an iPhone app to provide turn-by-turn navigation. With the app, they began selling iPhone car kits that allowed iPhone users to mount their iPhone, similar to mounting their navigation systems in a car. • When purchasing the car kit, TomTom included a QR code on the outside of the box of their phone kit that took users to their iPhone app.
  34. 34. Video – Fiat
  35. 35. Hallmark
  36. 36. Airport Checkpoint Signs• The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration recently announced the trial of QR Code airport checkpoint signs• The QR Codes use the Google URL shortener and resolve to the relevant pages on the website
  37. 37. Fuel Pump StickersThe Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) newcompulsory fuel pump sticker shows how to file a complaintabout the pump, the fuel or an expired registration.
  38. 38. TDA Mobile website The QR code resolves to a TDA mobile site that allows users to see the inspection history at that location or to file a complaint.
  39. 39. Nissan
  40. 40. Video – Tesco QR Code Subway Store
  41. 41. University of Alaska Anchorage
  42. 42. Assistive TechnologyDigit-Eyes is an iPhone 3G app for the blind and visuallyimpaired community. It makes text or audio QR Code labelsyou can read with your iPhone and also lets you read the UPCor European Article Number and find out what’s in the can orpackage
  43. 43. QR CODE “RULES”
  44. 44. Mobilize the landing page • Fendi uses a QR Code that decodes to their main site url • However if you are accessing the site with a mobile device they are using user agent detection to redirect to their mobile website • The Fendi mobile site is quite comprehensive and gives a choice of languages, Italian or English
  45. 45. Keep the url short The QR Code in this advertisement for Ralph Lauren in New York magazine decodes as, an unnecessarily long url. The QR Code could have been smaller and encoded with a higher level of error correction (ECL) if a url shortener had been used, such as
  46. 46. Make the content valuable • The good things about this Suntory QR Code are • It’s on a beer can • The QR Code goes to a mobile site where visitors can offset 100g of CO2 once per day and feel good about it • There is a daily lottery with the chance of winning cash prizes • In other words, valuable content that engages the visitor and makes the decoding of the QR Code worthwhile
  47. 47. USING QR CODES
  48. 48. Video – Using QR Code
  49. 49. Using a QR code
  50. 50. What happens when you scan a QR Code?• QR code contains data which either directly provides you with information or carries out an action:1. A QR code that contains a URL will show you the web link on the smart device display and ask you if you want to use your browser to access the site2. If you say yes, it will take you to that address on the webNote: Some applications will not ask but take youimmediately to the website.
  51. 51. QR code reader software• For your phone to be able to read QR codes, you will need to have QR code barcode reading software installed on it.• To find out what application to use for your phone, do a Google search for the model of your phone along with “QR Reader”• Other Resources:•• (use smart device)
  52. 52. NeoReader for iPhone• When its open, you need only to point your iPhones camera at the QR Code, click the scan option, and youre all set.• Within a few seconds, the app delivers the unique content directly to your iPhone.• Works best on iPhones running OS 3.0 or higher• Free
  53. 53. Optiscan for iPhone• Upon scanning a QR code within the app, you can view the companys QR code information.• You can also save that data for later, so you dont have to come back to the QR code every time you want to view it.• Even better, Optiscan allows you to share QR codes with others.• Costs $1.99.
  54. 54. QuickMark for iPhone• After its scanned, the app then provides the information it collects from the code.• Everything you do with the app is kept in its history folder for viewing at a later time.• You can even create your own QR codes to share data on your iPhone with other QR-code-reader users.• Recommended by Google• Costs $0.99
  55. 55. Blackberry Messenger 5.0 1. Open up BB Messenger 5.0 2. Open the menu and find the option "Scan a Group Barcode" 3. A notice screen will pop-up - check the option to not show you this message again 4. Your camera will activate 5. Center the code in your viewer - not too close 6. Whatever content is embedded in the code will appear and you can click "yes" when it asks you to proceed. Most qr codes contain links to websites
  56. 56. QR Droid for Android
  57. 57. Exercise• If you do not have a QR code reader on your smart device, install one.• Scan each of the QR codes examples to reveal content• Check content against the “rules”. Does it follow the “rules”? Why or why not? • Mobilize the landing page • Keep the url short • Make the content valuable
  59. 59. Video – Creating a QR code
  60. 60. What to look for in generator software• Multiple download formats to give you the flexibility to print codes on signs, put them on webpages and send them in emails• Ability to customize colors to coordinate with branding• Ability to encode the types of information you want to include (some generators have more options than others
  61. 61. QR code creation steps (using Kaywa)1. Chose the content type • URL • Text • Phone Number • SMS2. Chose the image size3. Click Generate
  62. 62. Kaywa
  63. 63. Google
  64. 64. How much data can you include?• The amount of data dictates how intricate the barcode is, and because not all mobile phones offer robust cameras ….• The safest codes are those embedded with minimal text • one or two sentences • URL • phone number • email address
  65. 65. QRStuff
  66. 66. Exercise – creating QR codes1. Link to a URL – find an example of how to cut and paste in Microsoft Word2. Link to a Google Map location – your house or office address3. Link to a YouTube video – how to change a flat tire4. Link to a PDF document - Copy and save the QR codes in a word processing document
  67. 67. BeeTagg
  68. 68. Beetagg
  69. 69. Qreate & Track
  70. 70. QRpedia • Generates a QR Code for any Wikipedia URL • When scanned the QR Code resolves to the server and looks for the Wikipedia entry to display in the mobile devices preferred language • Ideal for museums and far superior to resolving to an entry in the same language for every user • The image below shows the QR Code for one of the geology exhibits in the Derby Museum and Art Gallery
  71. 71. QRpedia
  73. 73. Importance when seeing a QR/2D barcode (most important/2nd most important) Clear instructions 61% on what to do Trustworthiness of 48% barcode app Availability of 46% barcode app How quickly barcode app works 35% 16% of Americans use QR/2D codes Interesting mobile 10% experience at least once a month – this number increases to 23% amongst 18-34’s.Sources: Ipsos U.S. Online Omnibus May 2011, N=2029, Total U.S. 18+
  74. 74. Essentials• Who is your target audience?• Do they have smart phones or smart devices?• Will they feel comfortable using the QR reader technology?
  75. 75. Licensing• The coding standard is a published ISO document, the name is a registered trademark, DENSO owns the patent rights, but has chosen not to execute them, this allows wide use without paying any royalty• When using the term “QR™ code” the registration should be noted on the same page. When including a QR™ code image, no registration code is required• (Wave, 2007‐2009)
  76. 76. Strategy• Create a mobile app or version of your content• Make sure your students have access to a QR reader• Train students on how to use the QR reader• Provide an incentive or give them a good reason to scan
  77. 77. Testing• Testing is crucial!• Be sure to try the QR code you create using different types of phones and different reader applications to be sure the outcome is as you’ve planned• Use a low resolution phone camera – if it works on this device, it’s likely to work on newer versions
  78. 78. Parting words• Worthwhile - useful, offering something of value• Timely – information should be up-to-date• Simple and fun – should be easy to execute or understand, yet actively engage the user• Unique to mobile - should be something that cannot be received in any other convenient way. Make them fell like they are a part of a special group because they are using their phone to gain something unique
  80. 80. Microsoft Tag2D barcode solution that connects the physical world to your mobile environment.Users scan the Tag with the camera on their Internet- enabled phone and are linked to digital media: Web content Videos Music Maps Social networks And more
  81. 81. EssentialsTag Scan Experience/Buy MeasureTags are used in Anyone can download After scanning the user The Tag Manageradvertising, signage, the free app to their can experience a comes with a suite ofbrochures, magazines, existing mobile phone relevant and dynamic customizable reports,posters and anywhere and scan the tag. interactive experience allowing organizationsthat the online world The Tag app is available on their device. and brands to evaluatecan enrich an offline for all of the top mobile This experience can and learn from their Tagexperience. platforms, including enrich, educate and campaigns.Tags can be black and iOS, Android, Windows even lead to a purchase.white, color or even Mobile and Blackberry.customized to integrate Only a single app iswith a creative concept needed and works withor design. all platforms, all Tags.
  82. 82. Publishing8 of 10 major magazines using barcodes use Microsoft Tag Woman’s Golf Digest Seventeen EW USA Today Day Cooking New York ESPN Teen Light Daily News Magazine SELF Vogue KOA Simon & Sports Allure Camping Schuster Illustrated People Guide
  83. 83. Examples 88
  84. 84. Allure MagazineAllure Magazine utilized Tags to increaseengagement with readers for its annualgiveaway in partnership with brands 444,572 scans - believed to be the top 2D barcode campaign to date 38% more entries than the 2009 giveaway Mobile participants 2.5x as active as other contestants 34% of mobile entrants opted to receive email updates and Allure information
  85. 85. Crock Pot“Tag delivers an intuitive element for products that need extra communication. The technology improves our customers shopping experience, allowing them to go from 0-60 a lot quicker, which benefits our brands in terms of ‘closing the deal’ in the most efficient manner.” – Lenna Conley JCS Global Brand Development
  86. 86. MS Office• For the launch of Microsoft Office 2010, the software’s advertising team used Microsoft Tag in its advertising and product packaging to link potential buyers to a mobile site Customers learned about new product features through videos and tutorials, downloaded templates, and registered for a trial version Microsoft adapted the Tag for each publication and ad type to track popularity of the messaging by publication
  87. 87. Tag TypesB&W Color CustomDownload the free Tag app to your phone at to scan these Tags and try it out.
  88. 88. ProcessA comprehensive easy to read implementation guide is availableat:‐guide.aspxA MS Tag reader must be installed on the phone for the code to be read.
  89. 89. Standard tags• Tags are generated in vector graphics format so that they can be infinitely scaled from small to large yet maintain a crisp visual appearance• Standard Tags use a space‐efficient set of color or black‐and‐white triangles
  90. 90. Standard tags• The symbol rows are separated from the frame and from one another by row spacers.• The black frame is enclosed in a white border; equal in width to the height of the black bottom bar.
  91. 91. License• Microsoft® will have you agree to a terms and conditions document• They allow you to print and disseminate the tag on your materials free of charge providing you comply with the implementation guidelines found at:• 86FF-4F18- BBCB7A44B617AC51/Tag_Implementation_Guide.pdf• (Microsoft, Implementation Guide, 2011)
  92. 92. RESOURCES
  93. 93. Research• QR codes for learning:• Stimulating oral storytelling using QR codes: Ps• 2D Barcodes:• The GeoHistorian Project:• QR Code.Com:• American Cancer Society Using QR Codes, Growing Adoption of 2D Codes by the Healthcare Industry • codes.html• How Philips Healthcare Mobilized Learning with ScanTechnology:
  94. 94. Articles• LinkedIn Group: 2D Code for Global Media• 10 ways you can use QR codes now!• USPS encouraging use of QR in mailings• NY Times - Plants go digital - Home Depot and Lowe’s QR rollouts• Brookstone testing QR codes at 30 NY stores• Macy’s Backstage Pass Campaign to connect consumers with designers (via video)• Scanbuy reports +800% growth in QR scans since last year• QR codes and social engagement (ie, Facebook “Like”)• NYC has big plans for QR codes around the city