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Powerful Tips for Ranking Well in Local Search - Curtis R. Curtis


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This presentation examines what online businesses need to do to ensure they are found locally online everywhere they need to be found. It examines what are some the local search ranking factors, off page as well as on-page requirements, why customer reviews are so important and other ranking tactics for local search. It looks at what you need to do to have the right local mindset and of course, how Google scores your website for local rankings.

It also discusses what tools, tactics and techniques are recommended and are successful for online businesses can utilize without having to spend a lot. Finally it looks at ways search marketers are tapping into an audience using local search engines, online yellow pages and other local search methods and how hosting companies can help their clients take the first most important step towards being found online.

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Powerful Tips for Ranking Well in Local Search - Curtis R. Curtis

  1. 1. Alternative Search Strategies Powerful Tips for Ranking Well in Local Search (Curtis) R. Curtis, SVP UniversalBusinessListing.Org CurtisRCurtis
  2. 2. Still Advertising in the YellowPages?
  3. 3. Move Over Boys
  4. 4. …..There’s a New Sheriff in Town
  5. 5. …and His Name is “Local Search”
  6. 6. Local Listings = Calls, Visits, Real Sales When users are looking for a business locally – and most are – these results mostly come from listings, not Website information.  offers a simple, inexpensive service that manages these listings in one place.
  7. 7. Go Local – Promote Local! Win Big!
  8. 8. Google 7-Pack
  9. 9. Google Maps - Pizza, Hotel Circle, San Diego
  10. 10. You can optimize your maps listing by: Put main keyword phrases in your Local Business profile description. Use long-tail keywords that relate to your products /services, the brands that you carry, the locations you serve, and anything else particular to your business Choosing/creating the right categories. Start with 1-2 of the pre-established ones before creating/adding new ones relevant to your business. Create citations on local business listing sites. Tip: Look at your competitors, where they are cited & get similar citations.
  11. 11. Bing Local – Liquor Stores, Hotel Circle, San Diego
  12. 12. Yahoo Local – Local Attractions, San Diego
  13. 13. Key Data Aggregators (whom UBL submits to) [PLUS a Variety of Other 2nd Tier Data Aggregators]
  14. 14. Local Search Has Its Own Ranking Factors So what does the local search algorithm look for:
  15. 15. Verified Business Listing Information
  16. 16. Domain & Business Name in Titles in All Maps, Especially Google
  17. 17. Categories in Online Yellow Pages & Other Online Directories
  18. 18. Off-Site Reviews & Citations
  19. 19. Inbound Links
  20. 20. Inbound Links
  21. 21. Choose Business Name & Domain Carefully
  22. 22. Business Name in Title Tags & Description
  23. 23. Business Name
  24. 24. Optimize About Us & Contact Us Pages
  25. 25. Things That Have Absolutely No Value
  26. 26. The Page Rank of the Domain
  27. 27. The Number of Links
  28. 28. The Score of Those Links X
  29. 29. Things to Avoid
  30. 30. Do Not Keyword Stuff
  31. 31. Correct Any Inconsistency
  32. 32. More Great Tips Use Your Site to Build Trust
  33. 33. Get Customers to Generate Positive Reviews
  34. 34. Link from Your Own Website – Duh!!!
  35. 35. Get Trusted Links
  36. 36. Enhanced Google Local Listings
  37. 37. Enhanced Yahoo Local Listings
  38. 38. Are You Invisible?
  39. 39. Over 25% of all businesses are inaccurately listed or completely missing online where they need to be. found.
  40. 40. A Problem If Left Unmanaged Businesses do not even need to have a Website to be found in these listings. Many small businesses are under-represented – especially if they work from home or from cell or VOIP phones. Even large businesses need to manage this process – audits show 20% of listings are inaccurate, leading to loss of business.
  41. 41. Local Search is not Completely Dominated By Google
  42. 42. Finally! A fast, effective, affordable way to ensure your business Information is accurately listed everywhere! Universal Business Listing (UBL) helps your business to succeed & grow by ensuring you are listed everywhere accurately …in Search Engines, Social Networks, Yellow Pages Directories, 411 Directory Assistance and Mobile/GPS devices.
  43. 43. The Ecosystem is Complex - is Universal
  44. 44. Step 1: It’s Like Free Advertising  The first step in promoting a business today is to be able to be found on the Web, Mobile Phone, 411 Directory Assistance and GPS Devices.  This is where 75% of searches occur (versus print) and the numbers are growing.
  45. 45. Step 2: List with
  46. 46. UBL – Is a Key Factor In Online Marketing Business identity & listing service,, has been firmly established as one of the TOP 10 things a business MUST DO to ensure accurate online visibility.
  47. 47. Ensures Business are Listed in: Search Engines like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo, Online Yellow pages like and Social Networks like Yelp and MySpace 411 Directory Assistance like Verizon & and Sprint, Mobile Phones like Apple and BlackBerry GPS navigation devices like TomTom and OnStar.
  48. 48. Benefits to Online Businesses:  Single place to manage all their business listing everywhere online  Distribution to ALL major search sites as a verified source  Saves enormous time, money, and effort by not having to register in dozens of sites every year  Unlimited access and free updates any time  Data includes photos, logos, web links, product descriptions, brands carried and all critical search data
  49. 49. UniversalBusinessListing.Org Distribution Data Mobile & Directory & Portable & Aggregators & Internet Information In-Car Navigation Distributors Search Services Systems
  50. 50. Comprehensive Enhanced Listings  To be discoverable by searchers today, businesses need to list more than name, phone number and address.  UBL provides multiple descriptions and Industry Classifications, including Products, Services, Brands, Specialties, Certifications, Awards, Logos & Photos, Websites, Social Network & Video links, hours, payment methods, reviews and much more…
  51. 51. Powerful Tips for Ranking Well in Local Search For Additional Information: (Curtis) R. Curtis SVP, Strategic Partnerships Partners Site:  Direct: 1 (206) 734-4711  Cell: 1 (604) 313-7377 