Maximizing Lead Generation & CPA Marketing


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How to Maximize Your Success
Without Breaking the Bank?
Lead generation is one of the top businesses online. This Pubcon presentation will explore the rules, the steps to success and how to maximize your lead generation...without losing your shirt!

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  • Hi I’m Curtis R. Curtis (and no that is not an echo) Thank you for coming.As some of you may know, I am a “VETERAN” in the Internetindustry and I have been involved in online marketing since …well forever.Since 1992 I have been building and running serviceproviders, starting first with BBS which were the first to market online. As these are the earliest companies on the Internet, they have been the pioneers in online marketing (SEO, CPA marketing…you name it) Over the years I have gotten to see firsthand those who succeeded and those who failed in what is probably one of the most competitive verticals & why!!! I like to start off by asking if anyone here has ever been involved in marketing hosting.Great then you know what I am talking about. 
  • While my presentation discusses the hosting industry…what I am about to propose can be transferred to any particular vertical on the Web. What most of you do know is how competitive it is. Web hosting companies pay $100 of $Ks if not $Ms/mnfor lead generation and CPA marketing. At a recent Affiliate Summit, a CEO of one of the largest hosting companies admitted to paying its top affiliate $6m last year. I myself spent millions every year.
  • As you can see Web Hosting CPAs are high (and these are just the published). Why? Because in-house lead generation strategies are even more costly…in fact ridiculous when you consider they are selling $6.95/m hosting or dedicated servers for less than $50/m At present, a shared hosting customer is valued at around $400 while Dedicated goes several times that figure into the $1000s Note: this is just their published CPAs. Upon negotiation, they can go much higher.
  • Yet I can attest to the fact that great hosting companies can & do make a lot of money … BUT this is only the really good ones who are really good at marketing and customer interaction….BUT they are few & far between.
  • The web hosting space is definitely one of the most competitive spaces there is on the Internet.Everyday there are 100s of new entrants into the market space “a quick Google search for "hosting" produces 425,000,000 results. That means that the hosting market is a very crowded space.”For every one of those that succeed, literally thousands fail to make even enough to cover their infrastructure costs. ***This is extremely true for those pre-selling web hosting products.
  • When it comes to webhosting, like most online businesses, many start with a lot of preconceptions like:All you need to do is create and websites and do some online marketing such as directories, ppc, search engines and then wait for the money to roll in. Good luck with that. Chances are most people who doing hosting related searches are not even looking for web hosting when they are searching .They assume targeting those hosting keywords is the way to go. They have no idea how a) competitive and b) how expensive getting ranked high for these keywords is. I just read in the most recent Netcraft report that the keyword “web hosting” is top bid is $46 per click and “dedicated servers” has hit $50 in Adwords.As for the organic, it requires enormous resources & budgets just to get anywhere near the first page. Few if any of us will have the either the resources or the financial wherewithal to compete with those who are spending $100s of thousand of dollars per month on these keywords and have major SEO depts. or agencies working for them. One web hosting company I know spends over ¼ $m/month just on the keyword “web hosting”
  • I promise I will show you there is a better way however… there are a few things I would like to share with you before I do. For those of you who are successfully online marketers , I know you already know this however…for those who are not here are a few things to consider before you tackle this or any other highly competitive vertical. And besides for those of you who know, it never hurts to refresh why we are successful.
  • Maximizing Lead Generation & CPA Marketing

    1. 1. Lead Generation & CPA Marketing<br />How to Maximize Your Success <br />Without Breaking the Bank?<br />(Curtis) R. Curtis, Chief Rainmaker<br />Sharksfly Marketing Solutions &<br />RankSense SEO<br /><br />
    2. 2. “Hosting Lead Generation & <br />CPA Marketing Costs Are One of the Highest on the Internet!!”<br />“So how does anyone make money????”<br />
    3. 3. Web Hosting CPAs<br />
    4. 4. Even with High Lead <br />Generation & CPA Costs Really Smart Hosting Companies<br />Can Make Great Money<br />“BUT…they are few <br />& far between!!!”<br />
    5. 5. Why??<br /><ul><li> It is one of the most competitive!
    6. 6. It is very crowded market space!
    7. 7. Most do not make enough $s to survive!</li></li></ul><li>SO Why Do Most Fail? <br /><ul><li>Run banners/directory ads & wait!
    8. 8. Target the same SERP keywords
    9. 9. Do not have $s nor the resources to compete!</li></li></ul><li>BUT <br />….there is a better way!! <br />However there are few things you should<br />consider before you start<br />
    10. 10. Tips from Pros<br />1. Study & learn from the best<br />2. Put in the time & effort<br />3. Determination & motivation <br />4. Self-discipline & time mgt.<br />5. Stay positive & optimistic <br />6. Communicate with others who are successful marketers<br />
    11. 11. Do your homework…<br /><ul><li>Sign up under a good CPA network
    12. 12. Carefully research potential companies
    13. 13. Check their 3+ months network payouts
    14. 14. Closely examine their terms & conditions
    15. 15. Look for those who convert the best
    16. 16. Look for those with long referral periods</li></li></ul><li>Change the Playing Field! <br /><ul><li>Do not follow the pack
    17. 17. Do not target hosting related keywords
    18. 18. Do not focus on selling hosting!</li></ul> Be Different – Change Your Selling Mindset!<br />
    19. 19. “The Secret Sauce!”<br />Focus on Helping People with Problems!! <br />There are more people with problems than people who need hosting AND they are starving for answers!!<br />
    20. 20. Why is Trust So Important? <br />People who trust you are more likely going to TRUST “yourrecommendations”<br />
    21. 21. How to Find Starving People?<br /><ul><li>Look for people asking questions or having problems related to web hosting</li></ul>*** Trust me… there are lots of them!!!***<br />
    22. 22. Seek Out People in Distress!<br /><ul><li>Answer questions in forums
    23. 23. Write articles & blog about web hosting issues
    24. 24. Create solutions to common problems</li></ul>i.e. My server just got hacked!<br />
    25. 25. Discuss Related Issues:<br /><ul><li>Do I need dedicated server (s)?
    26. 26. How much bandwidth is enough?
    27. 27. Do I need managed or unmanaged?
    28. 28. What OS, database, scripting, etc?
    29. 29. Do I need failover/load balancing?
    30. 30. How quickly can I scale up?</li></li></ul><li>Write an E-Book About <br />Common Problems & Solutions<br />Then give it away free – everywhere you can!<br />So am I crazy? <br />Why would I share this Information?<br />
    31. 31. Saving the Best for Last!<br />REMEMBER:<br />“Solve people’s problems and you WILL GET the trust you need to turn your recommendations into sales”<br />
    32. 32. Lead Generation & CPA Marketing<br />(Curtis) R. Curtis, Chief Rainmaker<br />Sharksfly Marketing Solutions &<br />RankSense SEO Software<br />Direct: 1.604.313.7377<br />Office: 1.206.414.3654<br /><br />Questions?<br />