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Can Your Web Hosting Survive The Digg Effect?


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So you finally made it to the front page of Digg. Question is will your web site stay up or crash and burn? Answer is it will unless you have really planned for it.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Can Your Web Hosting Survive The Digg Effect?

  1. 1. Can Your Web Hosting Survive the “Digg Effect”?? Speaker: (Curtis) R. Curtis, CMO RankSense
  2. 2. “The Digg Effect!!!”
  3. 3. Everywhere you turn!!
  4. 4. Top Social Media & Bookmarking Sites Sorry if I left out your favorite 
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing Works! Why?  It is for FOR EVERYONE!  It covers EVERY TOPIC!  It is GROWING – FAST!  Most of all, it is VERY SUCCESSFUL
  6. 6. Be Careful What You Ask For! ….. “The Digg Effect” Poor Service or Disruption ! Thousands of eyeballs lost! Campaign Failure! Money down the drain!
  7. 7. Unhappy users & visitors! Why Did I Want to be #1 on Digg?
  8. 8. BUT …….
  9. 9. Finding the RIGHT Hosting Co.
  10. 10. Things You Need to Consider:  Do I need dedicated server (s)?  How much bandwidth is enough?  Do I need managed or unmanaged?  What OS, database, scripting, etc?  Do I need failover/load balancing?  How quickly can I scale up?
  11. 11. What you need to look for:  Flexible bandwidth & network options  Broad range of advanced hosting services  Professional, trained 24x7 techs & server admins onsite  Rock solid, reliable backup & failover solutions
  12. 12. Beware of “EMPTY” Promises!
  13. 13. Above ALL: *** CHECK THEIR REFERENCES!!!***
  14. 14. Because after it happens is too late !
  15. 15. Work With Your Hosting Company  While planning your campaign  Before implementing your campaign  While testing your campaign  Get a 24x7 hosting company contact(s)  Give them a 24x7 company contact
  16. 16. Choose wisely! There are many great hosting companies depending on your needs!
  17. 17. BUT You Still Need A Good SEO or “Great SEO Software”  to Make You #1 on Google!
  18. 18. “Wake the Frack Up Folks!!!”
  19. 19. Can Your Web Hosting Survive the “Digg Effect”?? RankSense Email: Tel: 1.206.414.3654 Cell: 1.604.313.7377