CEO Presentation to CRC Participants Workshop


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CEO Presentation to CRC Participants Workshop

  1. 1. Presentation to CRC Participants’ Workshop 16 November 2009 David George ; CEO CRC for Rail Innovation Established and Supported under Australia’s Cooperative Research Centres Programme
  2. 2. 7 Themes of CRC for Rail Innovation I ti The Rail CRC research program will focus on seven themes: Climate Change and the g Environment Safety & Security Performance P f Smart Technologies Urban Rail Access Workforce Development and Adoption and Commercialisation
  3. 3. Climate Change and the Environment E i t Catalyst for Environmental Improvement R1.102 Environmental Regulations R1.103 ,106 & 110 Climate Change R1.105 R1 105 Improved Noise Management R1.108 Accelerated Depreciation
  4. 4. Safety & Security Practical Tools for Safety & Security R2.101 R2 101 Safety Culture Management R2.108 National Rail Safety Database – Scoping R2.109 Second G R2 109 S d Generation FRMS ti R2.110 Next Generation FRMS R2.111 ITS for safer level Crossings R3.111 Affordable Level Crossings P4.107 Scoping a rail safety investigator competency framework
  5. 5. Performance Enhanced Rail Industry Performance R1.104 R1 104 Supply Chains R3.100 Insulated Rail Joints R3.101 New WheelSteels R3.102 Non-Destructive Ballast Assessment R3.103 Short Pitch Irregularities R3.104 Corridor Capacity Analysis R3.105 Rail Squat Strategies R3.106 R3 106 Ballast Design R3.107 Integrated Wear-Fatigue Lubrication R3.108 Improvement in Corrugation Detection R3.109 Rail Grinding Best Practices R3.110 Curve Lubrication R3.112 Track Stability Management R3.113 Interoperability
  6. 6. Smart Technologies Opt sed ec o ogy Optimised Technology Uptake R1.115 Future Train Motive Power technologies R2.102 R2 102 Human Factor Analytical Tools R2.103 Train Planning Assessment Tools R2.105 Dynamic Crew Allocation Technology Roadmap to 2040
  7. 7. Urban Rail Access Unleashing Urban Rail R1.107 R1 107 Urban Rail Demand Management R2.104 Crowding R1.109 & R1.104 High Speed Rail
  8. 8. Workforce Development R1.111 Skilled Mi R1 111 Skill d Migration ti R1.112 Attraction and Industry Image R1.113 Staff Retention and Engagement R2.107 National Rail Safety Management Program P4.103 P4 103 Evaluation of Simulators in train driver training P4.104 Leadership and management development p P4.105 Evaluation training courses P4.106 National Competence Assurance for Train drivers P4.108 Scoping the potential of e- learning in rail P4.109 Skills Recognition
  9. 9. Adoption and Commercialisation The CRC for Rail Innovation will deliver maximum benefit to participants through early and effective collaboration, and an optimum process of adoption or commercialisation of research outcomes
  10. 10. Towards a Balanced Portfolio
  11. 11. Knowledge Bank Knowledge Bank will pull together as much Research and rail knowledge as possible in an Electronic and easily accessible format using ARRB for back- office services
  12. 12. Participants Participants’ Workshop Introductions and Industry Update International Perspective - Prof Mark Robinson Show and Tell Poster Sessions University and Industry Perspectives Getting CRC Outputs used by Industry
  13. 13. Thank Th k you f your attention for tt ti David George g