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Paid, Earned and Owned = Converged Media


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Presentation at MediaNext on converged media

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Paid, Earned and Owned = Converged Media

  1. 1. Optimizing Client Social Media Programs Colin Browning Director, Converged Media Services IDG
  2. 2. Key Social Trends for 2013 1 Social on Mobile Leads Growth 2 Converged Media is Optimized Media 3 Content Marketing & Visual Storytelling 4 Globalization of Social
  3. 3. “Mobile is in our DNA… For us, it’s all about mobile and it always has been." -Biz Stone, Co-Founder, Twitter
  4. 4. The Mobile First, Social First Transformation • Smartphone users spend almost 33 minutes a day on Facebook. • Sixty-one percent said they check the network daily. • Mashable noted Facebook is the third most popular app; email and browser ranked 1 and 2. • Twitter primary mobile users are 96 percent more likely to follow 11 or more brands, while the average Twitter user only follows five or more brands. • They’re more engaged: 63 percent more likely to click on links, 78 percent more likely to retweet and 85 percent more likely to favorite a tweet. Twitter and Facebook ARE mobile platforms !
  5. 5. Mobile Content Creation • Mobile Content creation is taking off • We typically find out about major news events through social media • Roughly 90% of the Boston Marathon bombing coverage was via social/mobile sources
  6. 6. “Through social networking, we can transform the global economy into a global community." - Robert Silverstein
  7. 7. The World is Social!
  8. 8. Global Overview: Top Social Networks US UK Germany China Japan Brazil Russia Spain India S. Korea Xing StayFriends RenRenPengyouTencentWeiboWeiboQQ Mixi VostuOrkut OdnoklassnikiVKontakta Tuenti Orkut CyWorldNaver
  9. 9. “It’s all storytelling, you know. That’s what journalism is all about." -Tom Brokaw
  10. 10. Content is Critical • 78% of chief marketing officers think custom media represents the future of marketing. • 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. • 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. • 60% of executives will watch a video online as opposed to reading, when given the choice
  11. 11. “In the future, all media will be converged… We might not be able to separate the difference and consumers might not be able to separate the difference." -Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group
  12. 12. What is Converged Media?
  13. 13. OWNED: Audiences come for great IDG content. 18 comments 10 comments 7 comments EARNED: Audiences stay for great conversations. PAID: The great content & conversation reaches a broader target market IDG Converged Media Amplifies our Efforts
  14. 14. Engagement Theory How do we use these trends?
  15. 15. Align with Client Objectives and based on Converged Media Amplify Programs Integrated Programs AWARENESS/ BRANDING ENGAGEMENT THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP/ CREDIBILITY DEMAND/ LEAD GENERATION CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM NAME ALIGNS TO YOUR OBJECTIVE /INITIATIVE 1. Enhanced Community Threading g g 2. Ignite g g 3. Knowledge Vault Exchange g g 4. Power Blog g g 5. Community Works g g g g
  16. 16. The Community Magic Bullet? Paid, Earned, Owned Media? PAID EARNED OWNED WHAT IS MISSING?
  17. 17. The OTHER VARIABLES What makes Paid, Owned and Earned work? PAID EARNED OWNED
  18. 18. The Content Spectrum For Engagement Interest vs. Engagement CORE BUSINESS CRITICAL EVERGREEN TIMELY Engagement Interest Engagement Interest Engagement Interest Engagement Interest
  19. 19. Examples Engagement Interest Engagement Interest
  20. 20. The Passion of Community Management • Community managers should be: • Excited to talk to every new member • Reaching out EVERY possible way • Phone • Email • Over coffee! • Thanking members for every contribution • Suggesting members comment on specific posts
  21. 21. Community programs are maturing 95% of organizations staff a community program team 75% of community staffing is in-house 80% of organizations have policies governing online activities 50% of organizations have a community playbook Source: The Community Roundtable 2013 State of Community Management Survey
  22. 22. Standards for community programming are emerging Source: The Community Roundtable 2013 State of Community Management Survey 0 20 40 60 80 100 Content promotion Offline events Regular online events (webinars,… Member advisory board Badges or status Percentage of survey participants using the specified programming Member-facing programming in online communities Organizations that can quantify the value of community management Organizations reporting ROI of community
  23. 23. As are standards for community engagement Community playbooks include: • Online engagement policies • Membership and engagement levels • Guidelines for posting and organizing content • Monitoring and response schedule • Standards for reporting metrics 50 55 67 0 20 40 60 80 Survey average Organizations reporting ROI of community Organizations that can quantify the value of community management Percentage Percentage of organizations using community playbooks Source: The Community Roundtable 2013 State of Community Management Survey
  24. 24. The Membership Journey Stranger Lurker Participant Sharer Member Advocate Effort AdvocateLurker Stranger Participant Sense of Ownership
  26. 26. Example Clicks & Views Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Polls Comments Follows
  27. 27. Time Inception •Slow, direct growth •Limited engagement •No sense of community •50 – 100% of activity generated by community manager Establishment •Growth ramps, some referrals •Engagement grows •Limited sense of community •50 – 70% of activity generated by community manager Maturity •Growth accelerates • High levels of engagement • Strong sense of community • 10 – 40% of activity from community manager Mitosis • Topics change, community splinters • Community starts back at inception • Some/many members continue to provide a base
  28. 28. Colin Browning @CRBrowning www.LinkedIn/in/colinbrowning