Garden Management and Financial Stability


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Kansas Community Garden Conference
July 8, 2014
Linda Inlow Teener

This presentation covers key issues of governance, division of labor and budgeting for success. We will discuss structuring an advisory board, using gardeners and other local volunteers. A sample budget will be presented with suggested sources of funding.

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Garden Management and Financial Stability

  2. 2. WHO I AM…  Linda Inlow Teener  Executive Director of UFM Community Learning Center , 1221 Thurston St. Manhattan, KS 66502 (785) 539-8763;  UFM has sponsored a community garden since 1974  Manhattan Community Garden has been recognized as the oldest community garden in Kansas
  3. 3. HISTORY OF THE MANHATTAN COMMUNITY GARDEN  The Manhattan Community Garden began in 1974 with a mini grant from ACTION, coordinated by UFM. The land, on Riley Lane, was purchased by Urban Renewal and was zoned as green space for the next 20 years. It continues to serve as garden space.  In 2012 a second site was added at 1435 Collins Lane. This land is leased from Riley County. It is located in a flood plain that cannot be used for permanent structures.  Currently the Garden has 131 plots on Riley Lane and 156 pots at Collins Lane.  Plot rental + a small deposit are charged on a sliding scale to cover garden expenses. A small additional fee is charged for tilling plots if desired.  The garden is governed by an elected board of gardeners + a UFM representative.
  4. 4. WHY WE CREATE COMMUNITY GARDENS  Provides nutritious, home-grown foods  Builds community & social interaction  More cost-effective than buying produce  Beautification  Increases green space in communities  Mental and physical health
  5. 5. SUSTAINING THE GARDEN… Questions to Ask  What is our purpose and structure? The goals for the garden will affect the structure.  Who will use the garden?  How will it be governed?
  6. 6. MORE QUESTIONS TO ASK…  Who will serve as the garden leadership?  Do we need an organizational structure and Garden rules?  Who will handle garden chores?  Do you want to promote education and gardener morale?
  7. 7. GARDEN GOVERNANCE  Will there be a governing group and what will it look like?  Mission and purpose  Bylaws  Management  Rules and Guidelines Manhattan Community Garden Bylaws, Rules, Newsletters and Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the UFM website
  8. 8. RULES SET THE STANDARDS  Plot rental costs – set fee or sliding scale  Plant by date  Abandoning plots; reassigning plots  Excess weeds  Use of chemicals in the garden  Required volunteer hours for the general good  Watering  Use of equipment  General safety  Grievance procedures
  9. 9. USE OF VOLUNTEERS  Division of labor makes for smoother functioning  Committees to consider: Rules and Safety, Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Education, Compost and Mulch, Records, Finance, Tilling, Public Relations  Board members might chair, but involve gardeners as much as possible
  10. 10. MENTORING PROGRAM  An opportunity for new and experienced gardeners to share knowledge & experience  Builds partnerships between gardeners  Can be both a mentor & mentee Example: You have experience in growing vegetables but want to learn about organic gardening  Matches based on mentors’ experience & mentees’ interests
  11. 11. FINANCIAL RESOURCES FOR MAINTAINING THE GARDEN  What can our group donate? Will we hold fundraisers?  Will we charge plot rent?  What community resources can we access?  Local resources include: those who will become gardeners, County Extension, Master Gardeners, Garden Clubs, other gardeners
  13. 13. GARDEN INCOME  Plot rent  Weed deposits  Tilling Fees  Grants  Donations  Fundraisers
  14. 14. GARDEN EXPENSES  Water  Lease rental on the land?  Equipment Repair/ Equipment Storage  Equipment and Tool Purchases (May be able to get donations here)  Supplies  Compost and Mulch  Liability Insurance  Printing and Postage
  15. 15. TROUBLESHOOTING  Vandalism  Structures in the garden  Angry Neighbors  Angry gardeners and unruly behavior  Violation of Rules  Use of tools and water  End of the season cleanup
  16. 16. COMMUNITY GARDEN RESOURCES ON THE WEB  American Community Gardening Assoc:  The Community Garden Tool Kit: 6.pdf  Ten Steps to Creating A Community Garden:    K-State Research and Extension:  Kansas Garden Guide:
  17. 17. SUSTAINING A COMMUNITY GARDEN  Questions and Group Discussion Manhattan Community Garden Bylaws, Rules, Newsletters and Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the UFM website