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Speech purposes


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Published in: Technology, Business

Speech purposes

  1. 1. General and Specific
  2. 2.  To Inform• To Persuade• To Entertain• To Inspire
  3. 3.  Lectures, demonstrations, briefings, trainings. The audience learns something.
  4. 4. Sales presentations, project proposals, campaign speeches The audience is convinced to change attitudes or behaviors, or to accept your point of view.
  5. 5.  After dinner speeches, stand-up comedy. Provides amusement or enjoyment for the audience
  6. 6.  Commencement addresses, sermons. Motivates the audience to achieve noble goals or ideals.
  7. 7.  A one sentence statement about what you want to accomplish ◦ Worded from the audience’s point of view ◦ Precise ◦ Attainable
  8. 8. “After hearing my speech,the audience will….”
  9. 9.  All speeches should have introduction, preview, body, summary, conclusion. Customize your structure, language, visual aids. Drive home your point!
  10. 10.  General purpose: to inform, persuade, entertain, inspire Specific purpose: audience P.O.V., precise, attainable. Organize for maximum effectiveness.