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Role of media

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Role of media

  1. 1. Role of mediaRole of media A presentation by-A presentation by- himani bansalhimani bansal Hitesh kumarHitesh kumar Harpreet singhHarpreet singh
  2. 2. Media newspaper int net
  3. 3. Print Media: 1)Newspaper 2)Magazine Audio Media: 1)Radio Audio-Video Media: 1)Television 2)Internet
  4. 4. In INDIA  78.8 Million number of newspaper are sold Daily.  41,66,438 number of magazines are sold on weekly & monthly basis.  665 Television Channels are there.  65 Million active internet users are there
  5. 5. This is everyday Media is integral part of Modern Society..
  6. 6. Functions of media • reporting the news; • common carrier; • setting the agenda; • acting as the public representatives; • investigation or attack journalism; • socializing people; • providing a political forum.
  7. 7. Role….What should be ??? Positive Creative Informative Motivating Entertaining
  8. 8. Yes, Many media are like this, But some…………… Are Negative Oriented Give “Masala” News Boring Discouraging Crime Encouraging
  9. 9. positive effects of media • common man gets latest news within fraction of seconds. • helps to exchange information. • helps to bring out hidden talents of people. • the games increase logical thinking, grasping power. • let public to take part in social events.
  10. 10. negative effects of media • some bogus news in newspaper may raise blood pressure and create negative feelings. • over exposer to media may cause health problems too. • easy availability of adult content on internet. • high dependence of children on google,wikipedia.
  11. 11. Ideal Media • Should be Free from Pressure • Fact Finding • Nation Building
  12. 12. What we should do??? We should encourage the good media. We should give our constructive criticism to them for improvement. We should participate in them by Writing, Presentations & Video programs. We should make all others aware about the nation building Media.
  13. 13. Media-we need it • it will be here, irrespective of our choice. • so let us try to have a media, which is- positive in approach. provide real information. and help in nation building.