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  1. 1. Young teenager male bored out of his mind , has nothing to forward too in life andtake a life changing decision
  2. 2. The young teenager start to smoke weed and enjoys it, decide that he start to takenew drugs.
  3. 3. The young teenager gets on the phone to one of his friend to see if he knows were to getcrack cocaine and other drugs.
  4. 4. The young teenager decide to buy some of cocaine and goes to pick it up from aunknown dealers house.
  5. 5. The young student decide to snort the cocaine he brought from the dealer , using hisstudent card to line the cocaine up
  6. 6. Things have turned for the worst and the young male teenager has turned paranoidand started to go mad and lose his head
  7. 7. The young teenagers persists to snort the cocaine even through his paranoia and has beenhooked and looks rough and cant stop.
  8. 8. The amount of cocaine the young male took has won the battle against his body systemand resulted in the death of the boy