Thermodynamic system


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Thermodynamic system

  1. 1. Presentation on“Thermodynamic system”
  2. 2. contents:-• Definition• Types & their examples -open system -closed system -isolated system
  3. 3. Thermodynamic System:-• A definite quantity of matter on which we focus our attention for its thermodynamic analysis i.e., to study the change in properties due to exchange of energy in the form of heat annd work is called thermodynamic system• The system may be a quantity of steam, a mixture of gas and vapour or a piston cylinder assembly of an internal combustion engine.
  4. 4. • System:-Anything which are kept in consideration is called - System.• Surrounding:-Everything external to the system is known as Surrounding.• Boundary:-The thermodynamic system and surroundings are separated by an envelope called Boundary of a system.• Universe:-Thermodynamic system+surrounding=Universe
  5. 5. Classification of Thermodynamic system• Open system:-in open system, the mass as well as energy transfer may take place between system and its surroundings.• Most of Engineering devices are open system.
  6. 6. Example of open system:-• Internal combustion engines• Air compressor• Water pump• Steam engine• Boiler• Tutbine
  7. 7. Closed system:-*In closed system, the mass with in theboundary of the system remains constantand only the energy transfer may take placebetween the system and its surroundings. Examples of closed system 1.Pressure cooker 2.A rubber balloon filled with air and tightly closed 3.The gas confined between a piston and cylinder
  8. 8. Isolated system:-*In an isolated system,neither mass norenergy transfer takes place between thesystem and its surroundings. Examples of isolated system 1.Thermos flask 2.The universe
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