Rh bill presentation


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Rh bill presentation

  1. 1. R.H. APPROACHReal Home Based PublicPolicy for a SustainableEconomic Development MR. ANTHONY C. FABABIER, MPA
  2. 2. RH BILL (HB 2378 and SB 2865) “The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011.”U must know dis!!!
  3. 3.  Midwives for skilled attendance (Sec. 5) Emergency Obstetric Care (Sec.6) Access to family planning (Sec. 7) Maternal and new born healthcare crisis situations (Sec.8) Maternal death review (Sec.9) Family planning supplies as essential medicines (Sec. 10) Procurement and distribution of the family planning supplies (Sec. 11)
  4. 4.  Integration of responsible parenthood and family planning component in Anti- poverty Programs (Sec. 12) Roles of local government in Family Planning Program (Sec. 13) Benefits for serious and life threatening reproductive health conditions (Sec. 14) Mobile Healthcare Service (Sec. 15) Mandatory age-appropriate reproductive health and sexuality education (Sec. 16)
  5. 5.  Additional duty for local population officer (Sec. 17) Certificate of Compliance (Sec. 18) Trainings for Barangay Health Workers (Sec. 19) Employers Responsibility (Sec. 20) Pro bono services for indigent women Sexual and Reproductive health programs for PWD’s (Sec. 21) Right to reproductive health care information (Sec. 22)
  7. 7. “Corruption is the cancer of the Philippines that prevents us from growing. My dear youth, contraception is corruption. The use of government money, taxpayers’ money, to give out contraceptive pills is corruption,” Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas said in a message read by former Ambassador to the Vatican Henrietta de Villa.By Evelyn Macairan (The Philippine Star) Updated August 05, 2012 12:00 AM
  8. 8.  “This quarrel is not for us, it is for you. I am standing to defend you. We are fighting error because you might be misled. We are battling against corruption because we know it can harm your soul. Believe me, contraception harms your soul,” Villegas said. “If more babies are the cause of poverty, are we now saying kung walang anak walang mahirap? It does not rhyme because it is not correct. We can have more classrooms, more food, more jobs if we would be less corrupt. Send out the corrupt official and not the baby,” Villegas said.
  9. 9.  “When contraception fails a birth control generation will give birth to an abortion generation,” he added.
  10. 10. Um-OO ka na ba?Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?Naanu ka na nu?What‟s the status quo?
  11. 11. Total PopulationCensus Year Population 1990 60.70 M 2000 76.51 M 2010 92.34 M
  12. 12. Annual Population Growth Rate (%) Source Annual PGRPOPCEN 2010 1990-2000 2.34 2000-2010 1.90
  13. 13.  Families in the bottom 30 percent income group earned 62 Thousand Pesos in 2009 (Final Results from the 2009 Family Income and Expenditure Survey) 206 thousand pesos yearly for the remaining Monthly income was 5,200 pesos in 2009 while it was 22,300 pesos in the upper 70 percent income group Poor families spent 64 thousand pesos annually, on the average, which is two thousand pesos more than their average annual income.
  14. 14.  The Gini coefficient of the income of families in the Philippines was estimated at 0.4484 in 2009. Cutbacks in publicly funded contraceptive services and supplies since 2004 have reduced women‟s and couples‟ access to contraceptives.
  15. 15.  Women in the Philippines increasingly want smaller families. According to national surveys, women aged 15–49 want 2.4 children but have an average of 3.3. Philippines ranks # 48 in Maternal Mortality 230 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births
  16. 16.  The 2011 Family Health Survey (FHS) results reveal that unmet need for family planning (FP) among married women in the Philippines remains high at 19.3 percent, 10.5 percent for birth spacing and 8.8 percent for limiting births. In the 2006 Family Planning Survey, unmet need for FP was 15.7 percent, 8.4 percent for spacing and 7.3 percent for limiting.
  17. 17.  Total unmet need for FP is substantially greater among women considered poor (25.8 percent) compared to non- poor women (16.6 percent) Use of family planning (FP) method is lower among women in poor households than those in non-poor households (43.1 percent versus 51.3 percent
  18. 18.  The difference is mainly due to the lower prevalence rate for modern methods among poor women (31.8 percent) than non-poor women (38.9 percent)
  19. 19. So… yes na ba? O kulang pa?
  20. 20.  The Philippines is a republican and democratic state. (Art. 2 Sec. 1 of 1987 Constitution) ◦ Given a 5 percent average annual GDP growth rate of the country, PHIL. GDP will be doubled within how many years? ◦ Choices: 14, 20, 25 or 10 yearsThe Constitutionality
  21. 21.  (Sec. 2) … adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land… (Sec.4) Prime duty of the government is to serve and protect  Serve: to provide with  Protect: to shield from danger/ loss EMPOWERMENT? - TO AUTHORIZE (not abandonment)
  22. 22.  (Sec.12) … sanctity of the family life and shall protect and strengthen the family. Protect the life of the mother and the unborn from conception… the natural and primary right of the parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character.  MORAL CHARACTER IS KNOWING WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG.
  24. 24.  (a) Values formation; (b) Knowledge and skills in self protection against discrimination, sexual violence and abuse, and teen pregnancy; (c) Physical, social and emotional changes in adolescents; (d) Children’s and women’s rights; (e) Fertility awareness; (f) STI, HIV and AIDS; (g) Population and development; (h) Responsible relationship; (i) Family planning methods; (j) Proscription and hazards of abortion; (k) Gender and development; and (l) Responsible parenthood.
  25. 25. ◦ (Article 15) The FAMILY  The government  May intervene to promote families’ total development  Defends the right of parents to found family in accordance with their religious views of responsible parenthood  Secure the family a living wage What do you think is the problem, the family size or the wage?
  26. 26.  (Sec. 13 and 14) Role of Youth and Women in nation building (Sec. 15) Right to Health  (Article 13 Sec. 11) … shall make essential goods, health and other social services available to all people at affordable cost. Article 3 Sec. 1 (Bill of Rights)  Right to LIFE…
  27. 27. BUHAY
  28. 28. Life – means something more than mere ANIMAL EXISTENCE. Animals have sex for reproduction alone, not for pleasure. GOD IS PRO- QUALITY LIFE. Not just on numbers.What is Life?
  29. 29.  WHO are the POOR? : minimum needs of people and their ability to satisfy those needs… : minorities? Women? Children?Economic grounds
  30. 30.  Unequal distribution of income? Employment? Opportunity? Monopolized economy by the elite society?
  31. 31. Quantities of resources that families can place in employment and the prices received for those resources, determine their income.
  32. 32.  How can I increase my value or worth in the workplace? - Realistically, a person’s value or worth increases due to his educational attainment, special skills and abilities. Also, if you possess unequaled technical and behavioral competencies. IN SHORT, NAG-IISA KA! Ikaw na!
  33. 33.  Utility function of children to their parents: ◦ Increase family productivity ◦ Old age security
  34. 34. IS IT SINFUL?Morality?
  35. 35. Religious Freedom right of a man to worship GOD, and to entertain such religious views as an appeal to his individual conscience without dictation or interference of any person.- NATURAL LAW and the irony of DEMOCRACY… (MAJORITY RULES)- No one holds the monopoly of righteousness.
  36. 36.  Promotes sexual promiscuity? ◦ Sino ang may kasalanan? ◦ SEX EDUCATION? parents? Schools? ◦ Promotes abortion?
  37. 37.  Government EXPENDITURE? ◦ Tama bang ang TAX eh ipambili ng condom? SAYANG BA TALAGA? HEALTH? Mothers children Men Higit sa lahat… WE ALREADY HAVE THIS PROGRAM, WHY PASS RH BILL?OTHERS:
  38. 38.  Article: Free Birth Control Cuts Abortion Rate by 62 Percent Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Date: 04 October 2012 Time: 05:00 PM ET Providing free, reliable birth control to women could prevent between 41 percent and 71 percent of abortions in the United States, new research finds.
  40. 40.  The RH bill would cause much higher prices of commodities and health care products in the Philippines. Singapore‟s PM Lee Hsien Loong to PH‟s Malthusian Economists and Intellectuals: „You Got it All Wrong, Stupid!‟ A number of Asian nations achieved economic growth, not by curbing their population, but by adopting sound free market economic policies.THE VINCENTON POST
  41. 41.  Sotto is Right, „Overpopulation‟ in PH is a MYTH! But there is no correlation between economic growth and poverty reduction, or between overpopulation and poverty
  42. 42.  A Heated Conversation With a Population Control Freak: The Main Cause of Pop Growth are Repressive Economic Policies! UP Economists‟ RH Paper = Emotionalism Plus Anti- Intellectualism
  43. 43.  The Philippines is poor because of its protectionism, regulations and failed welfare and economic policies that discourage both local and foreign investors. It is poor because of our high level of corruption due to our highly intrusive political system. The only key to economic growth is economic freedom or liberalization, not population control policy.
  44. 44.  Are You Ready for Higher, More Taxes? Killing RP‟s Industry and Small Business with the RH BillFilipino People Need Jobs, Not RH!
  45. 45.  1. “The RH bill is a foreign-dictated policy.” ◦ “Sino sila para magdikta sa atin?Hindi tayo gaya nila na iba ang pagpapahalaga sa pagbubuklod- buklod sa pamilyang Pilipino at pagpapahalaga sa buhay ng tao.” 2. “RH backers are of doubtful character.” US Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations agencies, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) as the main global forces behind the measure.Here are the RH bill‟s 7 deadlysins, according to Sotto:
  46. 46.  3. “Eleven mothers DO NOT die of childbirth everyday.”
  47. 47.  The RH bill is a marketing tool for contraceptives.” ◦ “Aba ang galing ano?Gagawa ka ng demand for contraceptives, tapos ikaw ang magsu- supply ng solusyon. Magandang ideya sa marketing pero hindi sa paggawa ng batas. Sana „wag nating gawing pain ang ating bansa sa ganitong pag-eeksperimento.” (the Dharmendra Kumar Tyagi (DKT),)
  48. 48.  5. “The RH bill may be promoting a super race.” ◦ “This is what they call eugenics: If you are weak, useless, uneducated and poor, you have no right in this world. In other words, what eugenics wants to happen is to have birth control so that those left behind is only a superior, intellectual race.” 6. “Passing the RH bill now will legalize abortion later.”
  49. 49.  7. “Local NGOs get millions to push for RH.” (Rappler.Com)The 7 Deadly Sins of the RH bill, according to Sotto BY AYEE MACARAIG Posted on 08/15/2012 11:37 PM | Updated 08/16/2012 1:53 AM
  50. 50. BEFORE WE END…
  51. 51. CONCLUSION Sustainable Development? Right Based? Culture Based? YES
  52. 52. Lahat ng pinipilit masakit…
  53. 53.  RH is our fundamental right. Our country needs the RH Bill now.- Lea Salonga I am for a well-informed and empowered Filipino youth.- Dingdong Dantes