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Trend manifestations for the technology industry.

If you keep these links handy they will give access to some general but category specific trend manifestations. Feel free to use them as you see fit and get in touch if there is something more specific we can help with. Our paid for services exist on separate, exclusive web sites.

Resource – The Tumbler Edition: Updated weekly, browse through for a list of manifestations in key topical areas that are indicators for where these things might be headed in that category:

Resource – Manifestation Decks: Updated monthly; mini case studies written up for the most interesting links we find.

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  1. 1. Crayon Works Insights and trends that will shapes our lives 1
  2. 2. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Microsoft phone knows when not to disturb x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Using environmental sensors, the device could stop users from being called or texted at inappropriate times. The sensors could measure different aspects such as the phone‘s location, direction, movement, time, light levels, temperature and pressure. his information could be used to determine where the user was and what they were doing and their status could be automatically updated on messages and social networks. It‘s sensors could enable the phone to detect that a room is dark and decide that the user is asleep. The GPS could detect that the phone was in a cinema or theatre and divert calls to voicemail or prevent texts from getting through. A convenient way to put up the ‗Do Not Disturb‘ sign digitally – what could be more helpful? • Mobile Living • Culture of Immediacy • The Changing Meaning of Luxury
  3. 3. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Recycling bins track phones to target ads x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Smart trash cans collect people's information without them knowing. Already outfitted with advertising screens, a handful of the London‘s 100 Renew Pods are now equipped with new ―Renew Orbs,‖ which use Wi-Fi to track the proximity and speed of people walking past, as well as identify the maker of their smartphone. The marketing company allows their clients to carry out their own surveys on the types of demographics that are in the area of the trash cans. This would allow them to work out the density of iPhone users for example, and if there‘s enough of them to warrant an advertising campaign, it would be easy to use the trash can‘s built-in LCD screens to do so. With this, store owners can use the data to tune layouts, offer discount coupons, or reward frequent buyers in a very similar way that online retailers operate. • Mobile Living • Culture of Immediacy
  4. 4. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Digital camera uploads pictures directly to social media sites x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Swedish company theQ has launched a 5-megapixel digital camera that lets users to take and upload photos directly to social networks. TheQ camera has 2GB of integrated storage, unlimited online storage space, and 3G connectivity. Available in nine different colours for $199, the social camera can upload your photos to the internet instantly and automatically, privately archiving them or sharing them. You can select social networks, apply filters and save your photos online, with everything hidden from public access so you stay in control. The camera currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google+, Flickr and Tumblr. A quick and easy way for the youth to upload pictures while also backing it up without the added hassle of uploading it to their website – quick and easy! • Mobile Living • Culture of Immediacy
  5. 5. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Device turns iPhone into a 3D camera x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Poppy turns iPhones into 3D cameras to allow users to add originality to their captured moments. The device takes the form of a stereoscopic box that includes a slot to fit an iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or iPod Touch. Using mirrors, the Poppy captures two images at slightly different perspectives at the same time. When viewing the content through the device‘s viewfinder, the images are then merged into one 3D image. Operating through optics, the device doesn‘t need batteries and allows users to capture both 3D images and video. Besides adding extra capabilities to everyday smartphones, it also brings an element of fun when it comes to making unique content with an iPhone. • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury • Culture of Immediacy
  6. 6. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Handheld device provides immediate translation service x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: The ELSA is a portable device that instantly connects responders with a live translator at the push of a button. This is a bonus for emergency workers that come into contact with citizens that don‘t speak the language. Designed to be worn around the neck or clipped to the belts of police, firefighters or ambulance drivers, the ELSA – which stands for Enabling Language Service Anywhere – is a small plastic speaker and microphone system that can connect to one of a team of always-on-hand interpreters. Developed by RTT, the device includes a single button that can be pressed whenever emergency services are dealing with someone that can‘t speak English. RTT‘s translators are proficient in 180 languages and dialects. Users can also record the conversations for later playback and transcription if necessary. Besides this, it can also be used in other industries such as business and law. Anything that helps improve communication across cultures is always in demand. • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury • Culture of Immediacy
  7. 7. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Portable USB motion sensor brings hands-free gestures to us x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Leap Motion is a small motion-sensing device that can plug into any computer‘s USB slot. At just three inches long and 0.5 inches high, the sensor features two cameras and three infrared LED emitters that enable the device to detect motion in eight cubic feet around it, to an accuracy of up to 1/100th of a millimeter. Once plugged in, the Leap Motion is powered through the USB port and users move their hands directly above it to control their computer. The device uses apps to recognize programmed gestures, which include swiping and pinching for web browsing, drawing and painting with a finger or pen, sculpting and molding for 3D modelling and even custom gestures for games. Could this make the traditional mouse redundant? It certainly offers more control over the devices we use. • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury • Culture of Immediacy
  8. 8. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Content discovery tool recommends sites x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Founders of have created Lumi, a service that uses people‘s web browsing history to suggest what pages they should visit next. The secure platform uses people‘s browsing history to identify trending and recommended pages in real-time with no other actions required. The feed of individual suggestions of relevant and popular web pages automatically adapts to what the user browses. Lumi is simple to start using, you just need to sign up and install the Firefox extension. It will immediately deliver suggestions based on interests derived from your uploaded browsing history. built their name with music discovery based on individual music tastes. Could this be the next big thing? • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury • Culture of Immediacy
  9. 9. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Fuel powered chargers x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Nectar is a pocket-sized gadget that provides over two weeks worth of power through a USB port. All of this is done using a powerful fuel cell that was built to significantly outlast lithium batteries. Instead of using an outlet to charge your devices, you can now use butane with a handheld charger . The Nectar can currently be pre-ordered for the hefty price of $300. The accompanying butane cells cost $10 a piece. A price worth paying for frequent travellers? • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury
  10. 10. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x QR codes in graffiti x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: The Graffiti Codes project aims to turn illustrations into data-carrying signals that can be drawn and read by iPhones. Rather than taking a photograph of the code with a QR-reading app, users simply move their phone over the path. The device‘s accelerometer detects the pattern of the movement and is able to load the content that path is linked to. Because the method only reads the movement of the phone, the actual code itself can be drawn in any material, and on any surface. For example, a piece of graffiti could be encoded to direct users to information about its creation, or even enable oppressed communities to share information in secret. How many uses can be found for this digital –physical mash-up? • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury
  11. 11. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Solar powered tablet can work in the wild x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: The Earl is an E-Ink tablet specifically engineered for rigorous outdoor use. Running on Android 4.1 with an E-Ink screen, the rugged tablet is stripped back, but features precise GPS and orientation sensors to give users detailed information about their location, direction and elevation. The tablet also has internal weather sensors that offer accurate data about the climate and FRS, GMRS and MURS transceivers that provide resilient two-way multimedia communication with Walkie- Talkies and other Earl devices. The tablet comes with 16 gigabytes of hard-drive space, as well as a USB socket, and is equipped with useful survival guides in PDF format. Users can get over 20 hours of life out of the tablet battery, which can be charged with the built-in solar panel. The touchscreen can be used even with gloves on and the device is water, dust and shock-proof, withstanding submersion in three feet of water for 30 minutes. Not just useful for those who spend time out in the wild like professional adventure people, this device also offers a solution for emergencies and remote locations. A new essential item for the survival kit? • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury
  12. 12. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Homeowners can now control multiple household gadgets through one app x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Revolv wants to offer a complete home automation system, managed through a single smartphone app. The kit consists of a hub loaded with seven different communication methods, allowing it to connect to the home‘s gadgets via wifi, Bluetooth and even obscure platforms such as ZigBee or Z-Wave. Through the Revolv app, users can then control their heating, lighting, music and electronic locks from their smartphone. They can set up profiles for different occasions – like automatically opening the motorized curtains and playing the radio when it‘s time to get up, or dimming the lights and switching up the heat on a date night. The system‘s Geosense function also allows homeowners to execute certain settings based on their real-time location, detected through their smartphone GPS. This is just another step to making the concept of an automated home a reality. • Retail • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury
  13. 13. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Kitchen countertop can charge phones x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Chemical giant Dupont Building Innovations and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) have joined forces to create a tabletop that will embed wireless charging into its surface. The alliance sees Dupont‘s solid surface combined with PMA wireless charging technology, allowing consumers to charge their phone simply by placing it on their Corian countertop. This is just another innovative step to make wireless power a part of everyday life. Many other businesses and industries could look to mimic this. • Retail • Mobile Living • The Changing Meaning of Luxury
  14. 14. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Cable box lets users see what their friends are watching x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Fan TV is a new device that combines live TV, DVR and streaming services and comes equipped with a touchpad remote control. The simple touch remote enables users to interact with their TV by swiping to change the channel and search for programs. It doesn‘t have any buttons and lets you swipe, tap and explore as if touching the TV screen from your couch. It offers a cinematic user experience that connects viewers to their favourite entertainment, which is presented all in one place. Fan TV also integrates social media into TV watching, letting users see what‘s trending and popular with others in their social network and also lets your friends recommend their choices. By bridging a gap that technology has when it comes to sharing visual media, Fan TV will be taking social media sharing to a new level upon its release and will hit the jackpot with home entertainment. • Retail • Authentiseeking
  15. 15. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Minimal smartphone design is anti-multitasking x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Much of smartphone design and marketing today is focused on the vast number of functions that can be performed simultaneously on our devices, CEL positions itself with the complete opposite approach. Developed from the notion that games, interactive apps, and social network are both distracting and damaging to productivity. CEL disables multi-tasking, reverting users back to handling one specific task at a time. CEL has four basic functionalities: communication, music, photos, and fitness (it even lacks internet). The simple user experience plays out even in the design of the phone since it can be rotated at the middle, as it has two sides. Rotating either side of CEL launches the camera or the fitness device. If this concept makes it to production it will be interesting to see how it fares in the marketplace and who will be most gravitated towards it. • Retail • Authentiseeking
  16. 16. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Motion controlled alarm clock app x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Tech Source: Software studio Tiny Hearts has developed a gesture-based iPhone alarm clock app that forces sleepers to move in order to turn off the alarm. The Wake Alarm app has three settings–slap, flip, and shake. Slapping the iPhone or merely placing a hand over the phone puts the alarm on snooze. Flipping the phone over turns the alarm off. For those who need more ‗encouragement‘ waking up, the app forces the user to shake the phone until the alarm turns off.. Besides enhancing productivity, it also shows us that motion sensor technology is looking to get a firm grip in the techno world. • Retail • Authentiseeking
  17. 17. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Drying box saves water damaged phones x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Technology Source: Use a vacuum cleaner, put it in a bag of uncooked rice, lay it on absorbent towels or napkins–these are just some of the supposed solutions to saving a water- damaged cellular phone. Texas-based DryBox Rescue proposes a different fix– stick the wet phone inside their patent-pending drying chamber. DryBox uses a patent-pending chamber that ‗rapidly removes moisture at the molecular level from small electronic devices.‘ The drying process takes just under half an hour and the company claims an 80% success rate when it comes to saving water-damaged phones. A reliable fix for a very common problem – how well is it going to do? • Retail • Authentiseeking
  18. 18. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Phone-based information service targets rural consumers RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: As the number of cellphone users continues to rise a number of innovations that have empowered consumers in rural areas over the past few years. Launched by telecommunications provider Bharti Airtel in India, Apna Chaupal – or ―Rural Portal‖ – is a voice-based service through which rural consumers can get a wide array of locally tailored information simply by calling a toll-free line. Rural Indian consumers need only dial 58080 from their mobile phone to be connected with Apna Chaupal. From there they can browse various subscription packs focusing on categories including agriculture, health, education, employment, entertainment and religion. The service is available in all local languages, with highlights including Mandi crop rates, love advice, astrology, English lessons, visa information, music and more. Subscription pricing begins at INR 10 for 10 days. It is also possible to request expert advice for solutions to specific problems. Roughly three-quarters of the world‘s population now have access to a mobile phone. Bharti Airtel are taking advantage of this to serve a majority of their country. • Mobile living • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  19. 19. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile app brings augmented reality to music festival RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Just a month or so after augmented reality browser Layar won the Vodafone‘s Mobile Clicks contest, the technology was already being put to work in a custom- designed application for Louisiana‘s Voodoo Experience music festival. Layar is a free mobile browser for Android devices and the iPhone that overlays computer-generated information on top of real-time, on-screen images from the handset‘s built-in camera. Festival-goers with enabled phones get information on performances, attractions and services simply by pointing their phone cameras toward key parts of the festival grounds. When viewing concert stages, for instance, one custom AR layer provided information on line-ups, schedules and current artists performing, including artist profiles and Web links. Pointing a phone camera at a vendor would show menus and pricing, while other points of interest highlighted by the app included vendor locations, artist displays, restrooms, ATMs, entrances and exits, medical sites and other services. Zehnder was one the first 50 firms worldwide named as developers of the Layar platform. In addition to giving convenience to the younger generation, augmented reality is a craze that is slowly growing. It opens up a whole new world of entertainment for users and useful information for mobile customers. • Crowdsourcing • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  20. 20. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Peer-to-peer sharing now reaches mobile internet x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Fed up with the ‗closed‘ nature of mobile networks and their patchy connectivity outside of urban areas San Francisco-based start-up Open Garden is focussed on democratizing internet access and is looking to boost mobile broadband coverage by sharing devices‘ connectivity in densely populated areas. The app, which effectively enables the hardware in mobile devices and laptops to act as a router, lets others connect to it. Using peer-to-peer technology, each device with the app installed can broadcast their connectivity across a 20-meter radius, meaning that business centres, with a high density of notebooks, smartphones and tablets can have guaranteed internet connections. The app works with devices that are connected to the internet through 3G/4G, and wifi hotspots. Although users will need to share some of their connection, Open Garden seeks to break down the restrictions placed on mobile devices by carriers, which often mean customers experience a lack of connectivity even when another brand‘s broadcasting signal could get them online. The startup aims to encourage larger businesses to change the way they operate their mobile internet provision and to learn to share in order to generate extra income and provide a better service. This is a turn that most mobile providers will also look to take. • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  21. 21. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Student-led mobile provider targets young audience x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: It‘s long been clear that teens have a special affinity for smartphones. So it‘s not altogether surprising to see a new mobile provider launched by a similarly youthful team of entrepreneurs. Sure enough, *bliep is a new, student-led Dutch company that targets young smartphone users with a plan that focuses less on voice and more on text and internet usage. *bliep offers a prepaid SIM card that delivers unlimited internet and text messaging via smartphone for a fixed amount per day. *bliep uses the T-Mobile network, with download speeds of 384 kbps and uploads taking place at 64 kbps — and there‘s no extra charge to ping users with BlackBerry Messenger. Pricing for *bliep‘s service is EUR 0.50 per day. *bliep currently focuses on the Netherlands, but it‘s a safe bet young people in other parts of the world share a similar view and this will get snapped up by many mobile providers. • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Have it all society • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  22. 22. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Caller ID app displays social media info x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Harnessing social media data, CallApp is now displaying personalized relevant information about the caller. The app connects phone numbers to their corresponding social media profiles – if they are publicly available – and displays information on screen when a phonecall is made or received. A contact‘s name, location, email, job details and photo can be pulled up and any online or mobile history connected to the caller is also displayed. For businesses, information such as maps, menus and reviews are also provided. The app offers tools to interact with the contact, from setting a reminder to organizing a meeting, which is incorporated into the displayed details. The app could be useful for both personal and business users, who wouldn‘t have to spend time extracting information and allows them to determine how valuable the contact may be to them. CallApp places the most relevant available information about a caller in one place during the call, cutting out work for the recipient and increasing productivity. On top of this, the information is personalized depending on the history users have with each specific caller. • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  23. 23. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile meet-up service connects commuters x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: The spread of mobile internet has enabled online dating and networking services to step outside of the home and onto the streets, giving users the ability to connect in the real-world, in real-time, via their mobile device. Metro Mates is the first service that is targeted at commuters underground, adopting Bluetooth technology to allow usage on the New Delhi Metro. To join the service, users create an account on the Metro Mates website and enter key pieces of information about themselves, such as personality traits, physical build, and whether they are seeking a relationship or a friendship. However, the service then differs from other dating or meet-up services by asking commuters to fill in their usual journey times and routes on the New Delhi public transport network. Users are then given a unique code, which fellow commuters can use whilst traveling to identify them by and subsequently initiate a connection via Bluetooth — assuming they like what they see on the user‘s profile. Rather than isolating users by shrinking their experiences down to a world of small screens, it is clear that mobile technology has great potential to connect individuals in the real world. Daily, otherwise mundane experiences could be made more sociable with mobile technology‘s intervention is always a big game changer. • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Travel and Tourism
  24. 24. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile meet-up service connects commuters x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: There are countless initiatives set up to motivate people into completing tasks they may otherwise shy away from. When choosing how to best motivate their audience, German-based GetUpp have taken a different approach, focusing on peer pressure rather than rewards. To begin using the GetUpp app, users enter a commitment they would like to meet, such as going to the gym after work. In that case, they would then enter the location of the gym, and what time they should arrive there. Once the commitment is submitted, the user‘s friends can vote on whether they believe their companion will succeed in fulfilling it. The user meanwhile, must strive to arrive at their predetermined location at the correct time. If they are successful, they then open the app and submit their coordinates, which are verified using the phone‘s GPS. GetUpp will then broadcast this success to the user‘s friends. The flip side however, is that it will also broadcast any failures to meet commitments, exposing the user to whatever humiliation their friends choose to bestow upon them. GetUpp‘s use of location as a way of verifying user‘s successes or failures shows us that the applications for such technology are seemingly limitless. Be it for cataloguing typefaces, creating art, asking locals questions or grabbing a bargain, it seems there aren‘t any industries that location-based technology can‘t be put to good use in and using the power of geo-location to enhance user experience. • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  25. 25. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x HMV’s in-store WiFi and café facilities x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: / In summer 2012, entertainment retailer HMV opened what has been called a ―social media café‖ in Cambridge - with the venue featuring free Wi-Fi, phone charging stations and even live music performances. The store also includes a new technology department and boasts a click-and- collect feature. In addition, customers can enjoy a coffee as they browse items and peruse a ―community blackboard‖ where ―local residents and band members can post messages and flyers‖. The company continues with the transformation of its retail offer in response to the changing way that people now discover and enjoy entertainment content. HMV is increasingly developing a fully-fledged multi-channel offer across its combined store, online and digital estate. • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Have it all society • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail
  26. 26. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Payments – any time, anywhere. x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Banking and Finance • Retail • Technology Source: / Twitter's co-founder Jack Dorsey, has launched a new company, Square, which lets people take credit card payments through their mobile phones. The company is called Square because the small plastic device which is plugged into the bottom of the iPhone is a white plastic square with a chip attached. While the app costs $1 per download, the ‗Squares‘ are given away for free. The product aims to do away with the need for small business owners to have merchant accounts. It also intends to allow individuals – perhaps after a purchase on Craigslist – to exchange funds without the need for carrying cash. The idea is that eventually, anyone with a mobile phone will be able to accept card payments. The security risk is reduced because card details are not held on the individual‘s phone, but rather beamed back to a central database which processes the payment and issues an e-mail receipt. With initial valuations in the neighbourhood of $40m, the company plans a limited roll-out in the San Francisco area towards the end of 2010, before a fuller roll-out next year. • Culture of immediacy • Discount Forever • Have it all society
  27. 27. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Bump and pay x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Mobile-based payment options are likely to become increasingly popular during the ‗10s decade as demand for convenient and instant cash-free payments grows. Contactless payment cards already exist (Oyster and Visa Wave, for example), the jump to mobile devices is next. Bridging the gap are a growing number of mobile apps that facilitate mobile payments. The PayPal Mobile iPhone app (downloaded 1 million times by April 2010) enables contactless payments between mobile devices. Paypal users simply ―bump‖ phones together to make payments to each other, hinting at the possible future direction of mainstream payment methods, with clear implications for retailers and financial service providers alike. • Culture of immediacy • Discount Forever • Have it all society • Banking and Finance • Retail • Technology
  28. 28. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Discount voucher search engine x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Vouchercloud is a website, app and search engine which allows UK consumers to instantly find all discounts that apply to them. By allowing them to search by category as well as location, they can immediately find discounted restaurants, travel destinations or leisure activities near them, and either download printable vouchers or simply show their mobile phone to redeem them. Consumers can then feel as though they have savvily extracted a bargain, while brands are free to exercise price discrimination without lowering headline prices. • Culture of immediacy • Discount Forever • Have it all society • Free • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail
  29. 29. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Barcode-scanning app for mobile price comparison x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: StripeyLines is a smartphone app (released in Summer 2010) that scans product barcodes and compares prices online. Users can also use the app to search for product information and consumer reviews, as well as save scanned items in Favourite lists that can be shared with friends and networks. Shopping applications like this one place a huge amount of information within fingertip reach of consumers, further empowering their position in the shopping process. They also open up the possibility of being able to shop everywhere; Barcodes can be scanned in friends‘ houses, when at work, in shops, on the street – wherever the consumer finds herself and her smartphone. • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail
  30. 30. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Buying a house?: Tecnisa’s got an app for that! x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: With it‘s newly launched iPhone app, Tecnisa, one of Brazil‘s largest construction companies is trying to take apps into a new direction: house buying. According to the company, an impressive 35% of its sales now originate online and it claimed to have finalised 40 deals via online-only channels by June 2010. Tecnisa‘s success is an interesting indicator of how far we have come from just two years ago when apps for the iPhone first started to appear and searching for property online was a novelty. The growth in mobile technology has since dovetailed perfectly with changes in consumer psyche that has seen them become increasingly comfortable with – and trusting of – technology in so many areas of life. • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail
  31. 31. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x The mobile phone for ‘Gen Z’ x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: The LG Wink 3G is part of LG‘s full-touch wink line and is expected to go on general release in Europe and the Middle East in Autumn 2010, followed by Latin America and Asian countries towards the end of the year. However, LG is aiming to target solely Generation Z kids (those born between 1991 and 2009) with this entry-level model - specifically identified as a ‗Gen Z special‘ in the official press release. ―Just as a wink is an affectionate means of communication between close friends, LG Wink Series was designed primarily for young mobile users who enjoy expressing themselves in unique and stylish ways whether by phone or one of today's most popular social networking tools.‘‘, said the company. • Culture of immediacy • Discount Forever • Have it all society • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail
  32. 32. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile doctor in your pocket x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional media Source: Launched in January 2010, the Handy Sana 210 claims to be the world‘s first personal healthcare system fully integrated into a mobile phone handset. Running the 'Heart Suite' application, users can record a personal Electrocardiogram (ECG) reading (by pressing two fingers on the phone's in-built sensor) and keep track of blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. All data can be instantly shared with the service's 'Global Physician Network', which can advise whether the user requires additional medical attention. The device is an example of a growing trend towards self-monitoring, now possible with sophisticated mobile devices and internet connectivity. Consumers today can track - and analyse - any number of personal variables, from personal health indicators to the locations visited in the past. • Culture of immediacy • Healthy hedonism
  33. 33. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile doctor in your pocket x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: The Vodafone 247 mobile phone handset, launched in India by Vodafone Essar in August 2010, is aimed at Indian consumers living in rural areas where electricity supplies are unstable and undeveloped. The basic phone features a solar powered battery which can be recharged in either sunlight or ambient indoor light and once fully charged, can run on standby for up to eight days. The VF247 belongs to Vodafone's ultra low cost handset (ULCH) range that aims to 'connect the unconnected' in developing markets with basic mobile phone handsets. The phone costs 1,500 Rupees (the equivalent of £20). The company hopes its efforts will contribute to rising mobile phone penetration in rural Indian areas - in 2010, according to Vodafone, only 20% of rural Indians own a mobile phone. The potential is significant, given that roughly 70% of the Indian population live in rural areas. • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail
  34. 34. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile water tracking system updates residents x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: The reliability of water supply is a major issue for millions of households in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Although water is meant to be delivered to communities via a piped supply on a rotational schedule, the water often isn‘t being piped when it should be — leaving families waiting indefinitely for supplies. Hoping to provide a solution, NextDrop was launched. The NextDrop system, designed and set up by a team of Stanford and Berkeley graduate students. In order to communicate with residents when the water is available, valvemen call the NextDrop interactive voice response system upon opening their neighbourhood valves. NextDrop then texts the inhabitants of the area the news that water is being piped 30 – 60 minutes before it arrives, as well as texting the engineers at the utility live data on the water delivery. Residents are then contacted randomly to verify the accuracy of the data supplied by the valvemen. If there is any conflict between the data supplied by the valvemen and the residents, the engineers are alerted. These engineers are also able to step in if the valves are not initially reported open when they should be. Offering immediate support and solution, this helps the residents to quickly communicate essential information about a necessity like water as opposed to waiting for days or even weeks for it. Crowdsourcing may be one of the simplest ways of solving social problems we know of; relying on the participation of those it benefits. • Crowdsourcing • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  35. 35. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Through the grapevine x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Our very favourite things are the things that allow us to make even better things: tools that create connections and empower creativity. The latest of these is Vine, Twitter's new video sharing app. Vine lets people shoot and share six-second looped videos. There is no way to edit your footage, no filters, no red "record" button, no play button.No play button, even. It's touch to shoot; scroll to play. That makes it incredibly information-dense, like Facebook's news feed or Twitter's stream. It makes edits for you, stitching your shots together in sequential order with no way to reorder or trim footage. In this manner, it differs from the other video apps which are in the market and makes sharing instantly far easier. Once celebrities flock to it, the app is surely going to make its mark. • Crowdsourcing • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  36. 36. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x iPhone app lets consumers ‘try on’ real watches RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: We‘ve seen tech innovations that let consumers virtually test out makeup and even tattoos, and now Canadian Nuevo Watches offer just that. Compatible with the iPhone and the 4th generation iPod touch, the Nuevo app from Monokromik lets users try on and select watches in the Neuvo watch collection without physically touching them. Once the app is downloaded, users can virtually try on any of Nuevo‘s four CAD 45 watches, which come in black, bronze, gold or silver. The watches are only sold online, which makes the app especially useful. Building on the popularity of tryvertising, the company seem to know that nobody wants to buy products that cannot be tried on. • Mobile living • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Retail • Fashion
  37. 37. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Easy SIM card add-on offers cheap international calls RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Norwegian telecoms firm Interfone is now offering a SIM card add-on that enables international callers to easily access cheap rates without switching their current provider. Users signing up for the service receive an ultra-thin SIM chip, which is installed by sliding it on top of the SIM in their current handset. When a call is then made to a location outside of Norway, the SIM chip is activated and Interfone‘s pricing plan kicks in. For each international call, users pay their standard domestic rate, plus Interfone‘s charge. For consumers with an allocation of free domestic calls on their standard tariff, they could end up simply paying the Interfone charge for the call. Interfone hopes that its technology will help consumers bypass the more expensive charges imposed by bigger telecoms companies. It is very likely that this innovation will disrupt existing pricing schemes, given that the cost of calling in Norway is relatively high. • Mobile living • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  38. 38. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Tiny chip inserted in the sole of a shoe can charge cell phone RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: The battery problem with smartphones has inspired countless creative ways to keep them charged. The latest invention is a tiny chip that can be inserted in the sole of any shoe that gathers and stores energy as the wearer walks. The technology consists of an ultra-thin chip of crystals that generate electricity when subjected to pressure; placed in the sole of a shoe, it gathers energy when the wearer walks, runs and moves about. A phone can then be charged via a thin extension cable that runs from shoe to pocket, or energy can be stored in the crystals for charging purposes later. This is a new innovation which will take the mobile world by storm, given that it offers a lot of convenience while doing something as natural as walking. • Mobile living • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media • Health
  39. 39. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Mobile travel app integrates augmented reality RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Numerous travel sites have graced our virtual pages in recent years, including several that allow users to create personalized itineraries. Canadian based mTrip are the latest to enter this market. mTrip Travel Guide apps deliver information on thousands of attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping destinations along with offline mapping, directions, trip planning, augmented reality and trip sharing. Travel information for each city draws both from user-generated content and professional material created by European travel expert Falk and daily updates are provided for free. The mTrip Genius tool automatically creates personalised trip itineraries based on travel interests, trip dates, accommodation, pace preference and the ratings of other travellers; no internet connection is required. The augmented reality portion of the apps superimposes points of interest onto the phone‘s display, while offline map and location-based navigation can guide users by foot or subway. With a wifi connection, users of mTrip‘s guide apps can also share e-postcards via Facebook and email. Taking advantage of augmented reality, this gives flexibility , convenience and customisation to the average traveller, right at their fingertips. This is definitely one for mobile communications companies to look out for. • Crowdsourcing • Culture of immediacy • Mobile living • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  40. 40. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Vodafone – getting away with it RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: Vodafone Australia is promoting its sponsorship of the Vodafone Test cricket series with special books that can help people pretend that they are doing something other than watching cricket. The telco has launched a series of fake 'vBooks' with fascinating titles like Backyard Crustaceans, Matchstick Viking ships, and Handmade Gifts of Love, that have a handy hole in the middle for cricket fans to insert their smartphone and sneakily catch up on the scores via the Vodafone Cricket LIVE Australia app. The app features the full match schedule, cricket news, lives scores, statistics and highlights. To receive their free vBook cricket fans have to enter their details on Vodafone's website. The covers are also available to download and print from the website. Vodafone has already done the most useful thing it can to encourage more people to watch the cricket and promote the brand's sponsorship and that is by creating the Cricket LIVE app itself, a handy companion for any hard-core cricket fan. • Crowdsourcing • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media
  41. 41. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Dunkin’ Donuts launches new mobile app RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x Source: US doughnut chain Dunkin' Donuts has launched a mobile payment service of its own. The app, which is free, lets users get a digital payment card, top up one they already own, and view transactions they've made in the past. Users can top up using major credit cards along with online payment platform PayPal. To pay in-restaurant, users simple tap the app. A QR code pops up on screen, which users then show to Dunkin staff to scan. That in turn deducts payment from the digital card automatically. The app includes a social gifting feature to encourage people to spend more. People can send Dunkin' Donut vouchers of a value between $2 and $100 to friends via SMS, email and Facebook Connect. Other features include nutritional information, and a map to locate nearby branches. Making payments easy is never a bad thing and a simplified, smooth experience is enough to keep people coming back. Digital customer service seems to be growing and having these at your fingertips just makes it easy. • Crowdsourcing • Culture of immediacy • Telecommunications and Media • Traditional Media