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Trend manifestations for the alcohol industry.

If you keep these links handy they will give access to some general but category specific trend manifestations. Feel free to use them as you see fit and get in touch if there is something more specific we can help with. Our paid for services exist on separate, exclusive web sites.

Resource – The Tumbler Edition: Updated weekly, browse through for a list of manifestations in key topical areas that are indicators for where these things might be headed in that category:

Resource – Manifestation Decks: Updated monthly; mini case studies written up for the most interesting links we find.

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  1. 1. Crayon Works Insights and trends that will shapes our lives 1
  2. 2. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Hello Kitty launches flavored beer in Asia x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: From clothing and accessories to cupcakes and sweets, Hello Kitty has branded taken the world by storm. But now the little cartoon cat with the pink bow is lending its name to a most unlikely new product - beer. The beer is low alcohol - each 70p can contains 2.3 to 2.8 per cent alcohol - about half that of regular beer. The sweet, low-alcohol beverage is aimed at women across Asia, the majority of whom do not drink alcohol, let alone beer. The beer comes in four flavours including peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit and banana. The market that Hello Kitty intends to tap looks like a viable one – marketing alcoholic beverages to women who do not drink is a large section of the society and an untapped one. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society
  3. 3. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Craft beer goes premium in London x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: The microbrew has swiftly moved from an object of obsession for beer nerds to a fine way to boost the margin of a multi-course meal. London restaurateurs are running with the concept, pairing distinct beers with their signature dishes for an arguably more memorable experience. This is a perfect setting for craft beer -- it‘s a classic luxury market setup: small, quality-focused volumes sold at premium prices. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Healthy Hedonism
  4. 4. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Golf themed craft beer x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Company is the newest addition to Ontario's growing craft beer market. Founded by Geoff Tait, the former head of a golf apparel company, Triple Bogey aims to be the first ever beer targeted directly at the one game for which beer is practically an official requirement. The brand will feature local beers all made in Toronto, including the appropriately named "Triple Bogey Lager.‖ Aside from the province's golf courses, Tait intends to market the 5% ABV Triple Bogey Lager to sports bars, restaurants, patios, and presumably the couches of people watching golf at home, given his plans to list the beer in the LCBO. This is a great marketing strategy to target a game that physically insists upon heavy drinking. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Healthy Hedonism
  5. 5. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Just brew it! x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Beer tends to be paired with burgers, not bicycles. But around the USA, a new recipe in tourism mixes craft beer tastings with cycling, running and rafting. John Stevens launched Port City Running Tours in his hometown of Portland, Maine, in 2012 and now offers 3-mile jogs on Saturdays with samplings at three breweries. This is a great way to get craft beer lovers together with the added bonus of promoting that it‘s healthy. Is there a better reward for exercise than beer? • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Healthy Hedonism
  6. 6. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Avocado ale makes its debut x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Dieter Forstner, the brewmaster for the Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery has created an ―Avocado Ale‖. The ale uses Californian avocados along with cilantro and a few other guacamole- themed ingredients to create a uniquely Californian beer. Although this is a rare combination, this gives a new twist to the hybrid beers which are mostly beers induced with other spirits while also making it look a little healthy with the inclusion of healthy ingredients. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Changing Meaning of Luxury
  7. 7. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Cooks County starts craft beer dinner series x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: A brewery dinner series put on by Cooks County has officially brought Los Angeles' newfound craft beer love into a foodie world usually reserved for wine lists and farmers market products. Every Tuesday night through the end of September, Cooks County chef Daniel Mattern and pastry chef Roxana Jullapat will host a four- to five-course prix fixe menu in their typical style, borne out of a collaboration with a local brewery and its favourite beers. Dubbed the California Craft Beer & Food Festival, it might be the first project of its kind to be undertaken by this new breed of L.A. restaurant that puts ingredients first. Building on the craft beer phenomenon that has eclipsed L.A, it also gives the diners a connection to what they consume. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Changing Meaning of Luxury
  8. 8. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Crowdfunding meets craft beer x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: A few weeks ago, the first-ever crowdfunding site for craft beer entrepreneurs made its debut with CrowdBrewed. Travis Benoit launched CrowdBrewed , which enables craft beer brewers to raise money through crowdfunding — people can pool their money to donate on a smaller scale and through equity funding, in which accredited investors can give money in exchange for ownership in the start-up.CrowdBrewed expects to fund approximately five campaigns and equity fund two campaigns on a monthly basis. They also help in expanding social media platforms. Crowdsourcing lends itself perfectly to a niche market like craft beer and helps build the craft beer market perfectly. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  9. 9. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Oregon beer puts on a sour face x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Cascade Brewing Company, based in Oregon have deviated away from the hoppy and big ales by going sour. To break out of the rut and normalcy, the creators looked around their local areas and found wine barrels and fruit which then gave birth to sour style beers. Besides giving the brewery an edge in the bustling beer market, it also brings out a new category within beers – one that has been ignored for long. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  10. 10. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Brewery launches the ‘Crowd Craft’ project x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Samuel Adams invites fans to choose the different aspects of a new brew with "Crowd Craft" app. Beer drinkers will be able to weigh in on the colour, clarity, body, malt (sweetness), hops (bitterness) and yeast (finish/ complex flavours) of the new brew. After this date, Samuel Adams will use the favourites from each category to develop the recipe for the crowdsourced beer. This gives a great chance for drinkers to customise their drink and try and win this. It also gives the brewery a chance to learn about what their consumers like in particular while also bringing out unique flavours. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  11. 11. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x BrewDog collaborates with Oskar Blues x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Scottish brewer Brewdog has announced that it will be collaborating with Colorado craft brewer, Oskar Blues, on a new beer. The notorious ―punk‖ operation described itself as ―super psyched‖ to be partnering with the US brewer, famous for beers such as Dale‘s Pale Ale and Ten Fidy. News of the collaboration came alongside the announcement that Brewdog will be hosting a series of ―meet the brewer‖ sessions across the UK next week. With the growing popularity of craft beers and the foothold that BrewDog has in this category, they are increasing their presence not just around the world but also in the UK. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  12. 12. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x BrewDog seeks international success x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: The Aberdeenshire company, which makes craft beers including Punk IPA and Trashy Blonde is to open bars in Stockholm in Sweden and São Paulo in Brazil and potentially two other locations. BrewDog‘s bars offer more choice of beers from a selection of brewers from around the world alongside its own beers, which it claims pack more flavour than mass- produced rivals. It tries to employ knowledgeable staff and holds tasting sessions where drinkers can learn about the process of brewing. BrewDog were the ones to kickstart this in the UK and now they are expanding which shows the growing demand for craft beer around the world. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  13. 13. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Australian brewery revives 300 year old beer x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: A family-owned brewery in Austria is offering beer-lovers a step back in time after recreating a 300-year-old beer recipe found in local archives. The recipe came from ingredients that were listed on an invoice for the nearby Neuhaus castle, which dated back to 1720. The owner used small crops of emmer and malting barley that were grown from ancient seed varieties preserved by agricultural historians.The new beer only breaks with tradition by using an old-style French yeast, which was taken from a rural brewery. Viewed as authentic, premium beer, it is now growing in popularity at festivals and events, where it is sold widely. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Authentiseeking
  14. 14. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x ‘Just add water’ beer set for launch x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: A Canadian brewer is preparing to launch a beer concentrate, that will become a normal ale when you add water and carbonate. Pat‘s Backcountry Beverages is planning to launch the beer concentrate in the US and Canada in September and is hopeful that the UK and Europe will follow soon. Pat‘s has created a ―nearly waterless beer concentrate that contains all the great flavour, alcohol, and aroma of a premium quality micro brew.‖ The beer concentrate is made using ―hybrid brewing technology‖, which creates a highly concentrated beer with a percentage similar to that of vodka or whisky. But when water and carbonation is added ―it becomes good old beer‖. This offers convenience for those who don‘t wish to carry bottles of beer around. Could this be the next big thing? • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  15. 15. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Havana Club sweetens up recipe x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Havana Club has given its Añejo Especial expression a major makeover with a sweeter recipe designed to improve the rum‘s appeal as a cocktail base and attract new consumers into the category. White, young oak barrels are used to mature the various rum bases prior to blending. By accentuating the finished product‘s vanilla and caramel flavours in this way, this is an ideal base for Cuban cocktails, particularly the Cuba Libre. This can also win over fans of other spirits, in particular whisky drinkers who are looking for something new. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  16. 16. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Vending machine gives free beer x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: If you can't take a break on your own, 'Amstel Pause' encourages you to rest for 3 minutes. To persuade people to steal away, Amstel Bulgaria and creative agency Next-DC created ‗Amstel Pause‘, a vending machine rewarding people with free beer for doing nothing. This is a great way to reinforce that beer is a drink that should be had while relaxing and free beer only attracts more customers, making the brand more popular with them. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  17. 17. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Wines for Dummies x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Wines For Dummies takes the pressure and anxiety out of choosing a perfect bottle to go with a meal. Unlike the book of a similar name, this is actually a range of wines that you can buy and drink, catered specifically for those who don‘t consider themselves ―wine snobs.‖ Wines For Dummies offers suggestions on what pairs well with each bottle on the back of the label. Or, if diners are looking for a certain flavour, the labels offer a very clear and basic explanation of what to expect inside the bottle. Each bottle of wine in the range includes a phonetic pronunciation guide on the front label. This is a great way to save time and embarrassment for those who do not know much about wine while also teaching them what they need to know. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  18. 18. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Vodka packaging evokes flavour x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Absolut Vodka has redesigned its packaging for eleven flavored vodkas to with artistic interpretation of the main ingredients. Artists reinterpreted the fruit using traditional art methods – paintbrush and paint, pen and paper - instead of a computer, which is the most prolific tool used in design these days. The result is designs that have a painterly, hand-crafted effect, giving them a sense of individuality and uniqueness. Instead of going for the usual ‗image of the fruit‘ on the bottle, Absolut has taken a different approach and gone the abstract route. Besides making the packaging look premium in nature, it will now hit the senses of the drinker. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  19. 19. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Bar lets customers add creations to the menu x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Tokyo‘s Logbar uses iPads to enable its patrons to make their own concoctions and add them to the menu for other guests to buy. Each customer is handed an iPad Mini upon entering Logbar and is required to create an account and fill out their personal profile before they can use the device. When they do, they can access the bar‘s drinks menu, place an order and take advantage of a number of social features, such as liking and sharing their favourite cocktails and chatting with friends and other guests. Each account holder gets a news feed which logs their recent orders, shows them what other people in the bar are drinking and offers recommendations based on their choices. They can order the creation, name it and add it to the menu for anyone else to try. Creators receive JPY 50 whenever someone else orders their creation. Alcohols brands have slowly started buying into this buy supplying the bar with their brands to see how customers use their products. This is a great way to learn what the consumer likes while giving them a chance to make money while they drink, which is rare. The venue now plans to go global with this concept with a London bar in the works. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  20. 20. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Heineken sends passengers to unknown locations x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: As part of Heineken‗s global ‗Voyage‘ campaign, the Departure Roulette experiment invited travellers in Terminal 8 at JFK Airport to change their scheduled destinations and board a plane to an unknown place. Travellers aged 25 or older were given the opportunity to go to an adventurous location by simply pushing a button on a display in the terminal. However, they had to be willing to drop their existing travel plans and immediately board the plane to the unknown. The inspiration for ‗Departure Roulette‘ is ‗Dropped‘, a series of episodic adventures that involves Heineken sending four men to remote destinations around the world and filming their experience and the challenges they face along the way. These episodes will launch via and YouTube on July 22nd. Heineken has also debuted a new TV commercial called ‗The Voyage‘. This is yet another innovative campaign from Heineken, who are on top of the industry when it comes to innovative marketing that engages consumers. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  21. 21. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Headset lets drinkers fill glass with their thoughts RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: You can use your mind for all sorts of useful things, from problem solving, to positive thinking. But now you can use it for something a lot more tangible – pouring a perfect draught beer. Using only your mind, The Extra Cold Mind Reader challenges you to keep your mind cool, even when presented with images of extreme heat and other distractions. The unique sensory experience also makes use of interactive lighting, cold air effects, rich immersive visuals and sound to really challenge the user. The longer you are able to keep your mind focused on something cold, the more ice cold beer you are rewarded with. Designed by Hellocomputer, and built by Thingking, the mind reader uses an EEG headset to measure spontaneous brain activity over a short period of time along the scalp. The device also picks up on conscious thought, emotion and facial expressions, all of which it uses to control the experience. Here‘s an innovative gadget to make beer lovers drink more beer to test out their skills – great for the customer and the seller. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy • Changing Meaning of Luxury
  22. 22. Powered by: x Chinese brand discounting heavily to increase sales x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Baiju producers have resorted to aggressive discounting in China to maintain sales volumes as consumers switch to beer and wine over the summer months. But this year the Baijiu industry is being hit particularly hard due to a combination of factors, and producers such as Mao Tai, Wu Liang Ye, and Lang Jiu have resorted to unprecedented price-cutting to try and retain their customers. Online retailers have also taken to slashing the prices of their Baijiu, with one online retailer, Jiu Xian, offering an average discount of 60% off Baijiu brands such as Mao Tai, Wu Liang Ye, and Lang Jiu. With a huge dip in the prices, will this revive Baiju? • Have it all Society • Experience Economy Trend Manifestation
  23. 23. Powered by: x Winery promotes wine popsicles to survive the weather RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Experience Economy • Have it all Society • Changing Meaning of Luxury Source: New Zealand winery Kim Crawford has come up with one way to stay cool as temperatures spiral – iced-wine-lollies. The winery has released recipes for frozen Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir lollies which help keep the wine‘s flavour profile more or less intact. The Pinot Noir recipe requires 1.5 pounds of ripe blackberries, four ounces of dark cane sugar, four fluid ounces of water and six to eight fluid ounces of Pinot Noir. The blackberries give the natural fruit flavour with the wine giving the taste if wine. A great solution to beat the heat and enjoy wine! Trend Manifestation
  24. 24. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x The Dalmore joins forces with Harrods x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: The Dalmore has joined forces with Harrods to offer a one-off collection of rare whiskies worth nearly £1 million for the UK luxury retailer‘s newly refurbished Fine Spirits Room. Priced at £987,500, The Dalmore Paterson Collection consists of 12 bottles, selected by Richard Paterson, master distiller of The Dalmore, and Nick Fleming, wine & spirits buyer for Harrods. Dating from 1926 to the 1990s, each of the whiskies have been named by Paterson in honour of the people who have inspired him during his career. The collection is accompanied by a hand-written, calf-skin ledger of more than 200 pages, which documents every step that went into this selection. Each of the 12 whiskies is housed in a hand-made, lead crystal Glencairn decanter, with silver engraving by luxury jeweler Hamilton & Inches. The collection is presented in a wooden cabinet, specially designed by cabinet-maker Gavin Robertson in a 700 hour project. With an increase in luxury tourism, the growth for luxury spirits has also increased. The Dalmore is taking it to new heights. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society
  25. 25. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x NFC charged beer keg automatically charges customers and pours beer RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Robokeg is a robotic beer dispenser that offers drink recommendations and automatically charges the user. The team behind the device want to help event organizers and hospitality companies to avoid lengthy queues for the bar through an automated system. Attendees are first required to show proof of age and their credit card number, which is loaded onto an NFC wristband. The beer tap features a built-in computer that uses the weather and type of event to recommend one of the beverages available, although users can make their own choice. When they‘ve decided, they simply swipe their wristband on the NFC reader, which automatically charges their card and begins pouring their drink. A bill is sent to them via SMS and – as an optional extra – the order can be tweeted from the user‘s Twitter account to let their friends know what – and how much – they‘re drinking. Besides helping eliminate queues at events, the machine could also keep track of those who have had too much to drink. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  26. 26. Powered by: x Instant apéritif service aims to deliver in 45 mins x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: L‘appero is an on-demand apéritif delivery service in Paris that promises customers a wait of no more than 45 minutes. Users can download the L‘appero app from both the App Store and Google Play, which enables them to select the items they want delivered. L‘appero currently offers a choice of two boxes. La Box is suitable for two to four people and includes cured ham, Ossau-Iraty cheese, tapenades, olives, bread and a bottle of wine or water for EUR 30. La Box Moustache on the other hand is for one to two people and includes a bottle of beer, chips and Mimolette cheese for EUR 15. The customer‘s location is tracked via GPS and payments are made through their smartphone. L‘appero uses bicycle couriers to quickly get the boxes to customers, wherever they are, within 45 minutes. L‘appero has seen a gap in the market for localised goods and service to be delivered in a convenient timeframe and is aiming to close this gap in the market. • Have it all Society • Changing Meaning of Luxury Trend Manifestation
  27. 27. Powered by: x Coca -Cola flavoured wine to be released RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Experience Economy • Have it all Society • Changing Meaning of Luxury Source: Hausmann Famille, a branch of the French winemaker Châteaux en Bordeaux is trying to claw back some of wine‘s former popularity in France by introducing Cola- flavoured wine to interest younger generations. Rouge Sucette – meaning Red Lollipop in French –is a bottle of red that is made up of 75% wine, 25% sugar, water and cola mix. It is roughly 9 percent ABV and is best served straight out of the fridge. The bottle is also packaged with bright colours and is constantly updated, to ensure that it is visually pleasing to the younger generation. Whether or not this sweetened introduction to the world of wine will act as a bridge to more refined tastes and more expensive products is still a question. Trend Manifestation
  28. 28. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x DIY kit transforms beer bottles into art x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Beer brand have now Skol come out with a line of aluminum beer bottles and each bottle comes with its own limited edition kit that turns the empty bottle into commonplace household objects like a lamp, clock, vase, candleholder, or oil and vinegar set. The Skol Design kits allows anyone to tap into their inner creative and make their own designer household accents. The limited edition design kits will be available in home decor stores and the finished products will also be featured on home catalogs and will be on display on model apartments around Sao Paolo, Brazil. By bringing out limited edition items and finding a new way to upcycle beer bottles, Skol can be an inspiration to many beverage companies. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society
  29. 29. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Coffee beer launches in Japan RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Anchor Coffee, a coffee business in a small Japanese city called Kessenuma, and Sekinoichi, a sake and beer brewery in the city of Ichinoseki, have come together to create a unique beverage for lovers of coffee and beer. Coffee Beer is the result of adding coffee beans during the brewing process of beer. The bitterness and the aroma of the coffee beans give the ale a unique deep taste. To save on costs, Nendo, who designed the bottles, decided to use existing bottles and cover them with small coffee bean-shaped labels. All proceeds of the drink will go to tsunami hit towns in the country. Tapping into the love for beer and coffee and also contributing to a good cause, this is a new and innovative way to build a great product and brand. • Have it all Society • Experience Economy
  30. 30. Powered by: x Mumford and Sons launch festival beer x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Folk band Mumford and Sons have helped create a limited edition beer for the Lewes summer festival they are headlining in August 2013. The band partnered with local brewery Harvey‘s to produce the beer, named Lewes Stopover Brew, a 4% ―soft golden ale‖ made with Fuggle and Golding hops. Only 10 nine-gallon barrels – or 700 pints – have been made for the two day festival, which will also see bands such as The Vaccines, Mystery Jets and Johnny Flynn descend on the Sussex town. The band happened upon the brewery while planning the Lewes leg of their ―Gentlemen of the Road‖ tour. They returned recently to help create the beer, putting in the hops and mashing it down. With a big fan base in the UK, festival goers will surely rush to get their hands on this limited edition beer. • Have it all Society • The Cult of Celebrity Trend Manifestation
  31. 31. Powered by: x Gourmet food vending machine sells champagne x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Experience Economy • Have it all Society • Changing Meaning of Luxury Source: A gourmet vending machine in Berlin offers high-end, prepared foods and gift packages, which are available 24/7. The unit has ten levels of small packaged gifts and foodstuff, which customers can browse and buy around the clock, with prices ranging from €2-€20. There are over sixty products inside, such as Dutch stroopwafles, pralines, chocolates, flavored salts and pint-sized bottles of champagne, which has been their latest addition. Delicatessen Floris Feinkost launched the machine, where customers can go any day of the week and use their debit card to purchase a range of items. The vending machine, which is freshly refilled every day, is a great place to grab some gourmet food or a unique gift package when you‘re on-the-go. Trend Manifestation
  32. 32. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Beer fridge opens only by scanning Canadian passport x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Beer company Molson Canadian launched a campaign created by agency Rethink aimed at restoring Canadian pride. They placed a stocked beer fridge in areas across Europe, including Canterbury, the white cliffs of Dover, London, Northern France, Cassel, Brussels, and rural Belgium. The red fridge had the text ―Canadians scan your passport to open fridge‖ on the front, above a slot for inserting a passport to be scanned. The door would only unlock and allow people to sample the Molson beer inside if someone scanned their Canadian passport. Giving national pride a boost and making Canadians popular everywhere, Molson certainly hit the nail on its head with this! • Authentiseeking • Changing meaning of Luxury
  33. 33. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Liberty expands English sparkling range RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Liberty Wines has augmented its English sparkling offering with the addition of Hampshire‘s Hattingley Valley. The producer will join Nyetimber and Coates & Seely in Liberty Wine‘s English sparkling portfolio as well as English still wine maker Stopham Estate. Hattingley Valley currently has 10 partner vineyards in Hampshire and over 35,000 of its own vines on an 11-hectare vineyard planted primarily with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The 2010 Classic Cuvée, the estate‘s first release, was made by winemaker Emma Rice and is a blend of these three varieties. By adding to their existing portfolio of exclusive wines, the company is looking to boost their reputation within luxury wines. • Have it all society
  34. 34. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Wine travel guide lets enthusiasts to customize and book holidays x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: UK-based Winerist aims to help lovers of the drink to find and book hotels and holiday packages in the world‘s wine-producing regions. Visitors to the site first begin by choosing the country they would like to visit, with help from guides to each region and its wine. Winerist then recommends accommodation in the area which caters to enthusiasts, working with independent boutiques and hotels to provide discounts. Tourists can then find wineries, wine tours and cooking courses which complement the kind of wine available in the region. Customers can book their holiday entirely through Winerist. In addition to this, Winerist also acts like as a comprehensive guide to wine travel. Catering to those who need a niche holiday while also getting experts on board – one for many industries? • Authentiseeking • Changing meaning of Luxury
  35. 35. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Beer bottle labels stop drink driving through free rides home RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Stiegl is now replacing the traditional label on bottles with a free public transportation ticket. Developed by design firm Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, the concept was implemented in Salzburg, Austria, at Christmas time – when people are more likely to be in the party spirit and drinking a bit more than usual. Rather than the typical label wrapped around its seven percent Bock beer bottles, Stiegl attached a ticket for use on the city‘s public transport systems. The idea was that consumers would be encouraged to take a safe journey home instead of getting behind the wheel. Besides saving lives, it gives Stiegl a socially responsible image, which is necessary for most brands. • Surveillance society • Culture of Immediacy
  36. 36. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Nyetimber adds a playful twist to rosé launch x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: English sparkling wine producer Nyetimber is marking the launch of its 2009 rosé with the creation of bespoke garden skittle sets that celebrate aspects of British heritage. Available exclusively through luxury department store Fortnum & Mason, just 50 of the beech-carved skittle sets have been created, priced at £250 each. The sets have been made from beech and feature nine different designs: The Secret Agent, The Master of Fox Hounds, The Racing Car Driver, The Chef, The Punk, The Welsh Guardsmen, The Cricketer, The Highlander and The Judge. Capitalizing on the age-old English love affair with lawn games, Nyetimber now have the perfect collection to fit with their image. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society
  37. 37. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Stella Artois release a weather controlled ad RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: The latest UK ad campaign of drink brand Stella Artois Cidre consists of ads that will only appear when there‘s a 2-degree rise in temperature above the national average. The weather-activated ad campaign works on a scheduling system connected to digital out-of-home ad spaces. The ads turns on and off based on real-time readings from a weather data plug-in. That means the ads will only show in warm weather in that particular location and won‘t appear in areas with lower temperature or rainy weather. Depending on the success of this campaign, Anheuser –Busch InBev plans to launch this to their other brands like Beck‘s and Budweiser. Have they struck gold with this campaign? • Retail • The Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society
  38. 38. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Quality bourbon in a week x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: The traditional aging process of bourbon whiskey includes storing the distilled spirit in oak barrels and leaving them to age for several years. Cleveland Whiskey owner Tom Lix scratched that method and developed a proprietary aging process that only takes about a week. The spirit is placed in a standard whiskey barrel for the first six months before being transferred into stainless steel tanks. The barrel that was used is cut up and placed into the tank with the spirit. The spirit undergoes a series of pressure differences which squeezes the liquid in and out of the wood pores. Once the spirit is inside the tank, it only takes a week before the whiskey is ready. With this new innovation, the distiller produces 1000 bottles on a weekly basis. Surely, a new method for all alcohol brands to capitalise on. • Changing Meaning of Luxury • Have it all Society
  39. 39. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Heineken challenges creatives to sell beer to their seniors RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Heineken is challenging people to develop ideas on how to reinvent the beer drinking experience for the 60+ drinker. This demographic is largely neglected by major brands and Heineken is addressing this issue head on by setting up its crowdsourcing platform,, to gather ideas on how to cater for this generation of consumers. To enter, one can go to to take on the challenge to recreate the beer, the packaging and the service to better fit the lifestyles and needs of the 60+ generation. Once the entry is submitted, there is a public vote to find out which ones get to the final. The finalists will then attend the final, a two-day workshop in Amsterdam where three teams will have the chance to win a share of the $10,000 cash prize. This is not the first time Heineken is getting involved with their customers – crowdsourcing seems to be what they are known for and is becoming a favoutire brand for many. • Retail • Crowdsourcing
  40. 40. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Group aims to rediscover French wine x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: As part of the French Wines with Style campaign six wine enthusiasts from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and Russia are have embarked on a journey across France.. The six participants are using the road trip to ―rediscover French wines.‖ Using the hashtag ―Frenchwinetrip‖ the group are taking Twitter users with them on their road trip. The road trippers also have access to a specialist audio-visual team, who will help them produce articles, photos and videos which will published online, in blogs and on social networks. With the commercialisation of French wine, the group aims to go to the depths of finding and publicizing originality. • Authentiseeking
  41. 41. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Russian Standard targets music festivals RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Russian Standard Vodka is launching a ―sea change‖ in its marketing strategy with a major presence at several UK music festivals this summer. This initiative forms the first part of a 12 month, multimillion pound programme of activities targeted at a ―millennial audience‖ and crossing areas including music, arts, science, film, theatre and fashion. By targeting the most popular hangouts for their target group, Russian Standard are looking to increase their presence among the youth. • Retail • Faberge syndrome • The Cult of Celebrity
  42. 42. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Diageo taps bartenders to create luxury alcohol x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Diageo is opening its innovation centre to a group of bartenders, who are competing to create a new spirit to be sold in Western Europe as part of their luxury brands. The company received more than two hundred ideas from bartenders about what kind of spirits might attract affluent drinkers. Four were chosen to be developed and tested under lab conditions this week. The one that comes out on top will be further researched before going into commercial production, and could soon be on the shelves. By tapping into the insight that bartenders have as they are close to the consumers, it looks like Diageo will soon be making a product that‘s needed by many. • Retail • Faberge syndrome
  43. 43. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Pernod Ricard launches Ballentine’s 17 Year-Old Signature Distillery Miltonduff Edition RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Tapping into the popularity of novelty whiskeys, Pernod Ricard have launched the latest limited edition expression of its Ballantine's 17 Year Old blended Scotch whisky brand. Ballantine‘s 17 Year Old Signature Distillery Miltonduff Edition emphasises the malt whisky from the Miltonduff distillery. Scotch from the Scapa and Glenburgie facilities are also used to create the 17-year-old. The company have said that the limited edition bottle will be available until next year – giving a premium brand a specific shelf life will only drive the customers to where the bottles are. • Retail • Faberge syndrome • Crowdsourcing
  44. 44. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Carlsberg goes on air to target younger audience RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Carlsberg's UK unit is launching the first ever TV campaign for its San Miguel Fresca brand. The ad, to start running on Champions League Final weekend, is part of a wider UK marketing spend on the brand extension. According to Carlsberg, the beer launched last year now has a 15% share of the "easy drinking" lager category. With the UK‘s sales increasing thanks to ‗easy drinking‘ beers, the combination of this innovative brand with the credibility of San Miguel will be a hit with the younger larger drinkers on a night out or amongst their social gatherings. • Retail
  45. 45. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x The Edrington Group celebrates the Queen’s coronation RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: The Edrington Group has launched its latest limited-edition bottling of The Macallan. Coronation has been released to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Presented in a Gold, Windsor Red and Blue box inspired by the Queen‘s coat of arms, the limited edition features two 350ml bottles of The Macallan single malt. The first is a citrus-led whisky aged in American oak casks and decorated with an image of the Queen taken in 1953 by royal photographer Cecil Beaton. The second bottle has been aged in Spanish sherry casks, giving the liquid a flavour of ginger, nutmeg and rich fruits. It has been decorated with an image of the Queen taken in 2004 by portrait photographer Julian Calder. A total of 1,953 packs will be made available, retailing at the price of £350. By paying tribute to Her Majesty, the brand is building on its collection of commemorative releases for the royal family, this completes the trio that they have released previously, for the Royal Wedding and the Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. • Retail • Faberge syndrome • Crowdsourcing
  46. 46. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x In Singapore, a Bar for Mad Men x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Just five months old, the Mad Men bar caters to Singapore‘s growing love for hidden rooftop spots, but manages to escape much of the pretension associated with the ―speakeasy‖ scene. Mad Men offers an impressive range of whiskey including Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Japan‘s Nikka, a range of sakes, craft beers and ciders. Cocktail favorites include the black forest mojito – rum mixed with a myriad of berries, soda and mint – and the classic Old Fashioned. Although the bar does not have much to do with the hit TV series, one cannot help but think it will draw in fans with the emphasis on whiskey, which is Don Draper‘s drink of choice. • Consuming with ethics • Perfection of the body • Faberge syndrome • The cult of celebrity
  47. 47. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Dom Perignon launches Vintage 2004 RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol Source: Moet & Chandon, a French champagne house and co-owner of the luxury goods company Moët-Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), has rolled out the 2004 vintage of Dom Perignon. The 2004 wine possesses aromas of almond and cocoa on the nose and white fruit with hints of dried flowers, toasted notes and round finish. Dom Perignon chef de cave Richard Geoffroy was quoted by the website as saying that when compared to the 2003 harvest, the 2004 harvest was near-perfect and effortless, where grapes were exposed to dry heat in the final weeks. Being a key brand in the luxury alcohol market, this looks to be the new entrant and will be coveted by many. • Consuming with ethics • Perfection of the body • Faberge syndrome • The cult of celebrity
  48. 48. Trend Manifestation Powered by: x Vodka made from cow’s milk x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Retail Source: Jason Barber, a 47 year old farmer living in Dorset, UK uses his herd of 250 cows to product the infamous Black Cow vodka. The process involves separating out the cow‘s milk into curds and whey. The curds are used for cheese and the whey fermented to make a beer, which undergoes a secret blending process before being triple filtered and bottled. The unique alcohol beverage has even got it‘s own celebrity following in the form of 007 star Daniel Craig and chef Heston Blumenthal. While offering something slightly healthier and very innovative, Black Cow surely has a growing market. • Consuming with ethics • Perfection of the body • Faberge syndrome • The cult of celebrity
  49. 49. Powered by: x Coors to launch iced tea flavoured beer RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Food & Beverage Source: One of the largest brewers in North America, the company hopes to revive the beer market by introducing the Coors Light Iced T beverage. The beer drink is iced-tea flavoured and contains 4% alcohol content but no caffeine. Coors Light Iced T will initially be launched in Canada first, with plans to roll it out in the U.S. at a later date. They will also go ahead and introduce Carling Zest, a beer infused with citrus flavours that‘s available for a limited time. With the growing interest in flavoured beers, Molson Coors looks to tap this market and also offer a premium with limited edition products, which will entice consumers. • Have it all society Trend Manifestation
  50. 50. Powered by: x Heineken creates interactive bottle x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Retail • Food & Beverage Source: Heineken has introduced a ‗smart‘ beer bottle that can interact with other bottles, its surroundings, and the people around it, at Milan Design Week. ‗Heineken Ignite‗ is a new innovation from the brand that demonstrates its commitment to using design to create inventive new ways to experience the product and the brand. The interactive bottle uses micro sensors and wireless networking technology to sense when people are clinking the bottles together to say ―Cheers.‖ It can also react when a person takes a sip and actively respond to music. With the help of eight bright LEDs, an 8-bit microprocessor and an accelerometer, these motions trigger certain effects that light up the whole bottle, and when it is left idle they fade away. This novelty bottle aims to differentiate Heineken while enhancing the overall experience, and it fits in nicely with the club culture it‘s trying to reach. • Experience Economy • Networked Society • Mobile Living Trend Manifestation
  51. 51. Powered by: x Ad agency creates its own whiskey x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Retail • Food & Beverage Source: White Pike Whiskey is a collaboration between the Mother New York and Finger Lakes Distilling. The distiller, Thomas McKenzie, create the white whiskey using corn, spelt, and malted wheat. Unlike brown whiskeys, white whiskeys are unaged when they‘re bottled and are better to mix with. Mother has designed a series of ads that are edgy and thought provoking.. White Pike is available at New York bars and restaurants and all of Mother‘s clients will get a taste at meetings. Mother New York has worked on many ad campaigns for liquor brands, but it‘s the first time it has marketed its own. • Have it all society Trend Manifestation
  52. 52. Powered by: x Budweiser to release bowtie shaped can x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Retail • Food & Beverage Source: Budweiser is set to introduce an original new beer can – a bowtie-shaped aluminium can that mirrors Budweiser‘s iconic bowtie logo. Creating the can requires a 16-step process – 10 steps to form the bottom half of the can, with an additional six steps to form the top portion. The Anheuser-Busch Global Innovation Group has been investigating potential can innovations for several years. Due to the can‘s slimmer middle and sleek design, it holds 11.3 ounces of beer and has about 137 calories, approximately 8.5 fewer calories than a traditional 12-ounce can of Budweiser. The launch of the can is being supported with a marketing campaign that includes digital, print and television. It will be offered for sale in grocery stores and super markets, convenience stores and packaged liquor stores, but only in the United States. The bowtie can is another example of how Budweiser continues to innovate, evolve and attract a new generation of beer drinkers. It builds on the success of Budweiser Black Crown, a crowd-sourced fan favourite. • Experience Economy • Demanding consumers Trend Manifestation
  53. 53. Powered by: x Device warms liquor for consumption in vaporous form x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: Created by a Chicago bar owner, Vapourtini is a globular glass device is used to warm liquors at the table so that drinkers can enjoy them in vaporous form. The Vaportini consists of a glass globe and a glass straw along with a plastic funnel, metal ring and candle. Users simply place the candle in the bottom of a standard pint glass and light it. The metal Vaportini ring goes on the top of the glass, and the glass globe sits atop that. Using the funnel some liquor is added to the globe. After five minutes of warming over the candle, a clear vapour is created. Users then insert the glass straw into the globe‘s opening and inhale deeply, hold their breath for a few seconds, and then exhale again. Because alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, without going through the digestive tract, the Vaportini offers the advantage of no calories and no impurities in addition to the fact that the effects of alcohol consumption are felt immediately but they also wear off more quickly. This product is so innovative in nature that it changes the nature of the way a traditional product like alcohol is consumed. Surely, given the advantages, most restaurateurs and retailers will soon jump on the bandwagon. • Experience Economy • Have it all society • Faberge Syndrome • Changing meaning of luxury Trend Manifestation
  54. 54. Powered by: x Alcohol-free whiskey is halal-certified x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Retail • Food & Beverage Source: Halal baby food and cosmetics have hit the market previously, catering to needs of those who abide by Islamic law. The addition to this list is now ArKay, a halal- certified whiskey beverage that is free of alcohol. The beverage includes no alcohol and so is technically considered a soft drink; at the same time, it‘s said to taste just like the ―real thing,‖ its maker asserts. Not only that, but the product conforms to halal guidelines and is made with certified halal ingredients. This product caters to the market that is roughly a quarter of the world‘s population and is the only one of its kind. • Consuming with ethics • Perfection of the Body • Culture of immediacy Trend Manifestation
  55. 55. Powered by: x Bollinger creates James Bond packaging x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Alcohol • Retail Source: Bollinger is often referred to as ―the champagne of James Bond.‖ In lieu of the 50th anniversary of 007′s appearance on the big screen in Skyfall, Bollinger has created a limited-edition bottle in a unique presentation box. The gift pack includes the vintage brut Bollinger La Grande Année 2002, and comes in special casing that resembles a Walther PPK silencer. The casing comes with a combination lock, and to open it the user must align the three numbers ―007″. 30,000 bottles of Bollinger‘s 002 for 007 have been produced and are available in specialist shops and wine merchants globally. Each gift set will retail for around $200. Bollinger is capitalising on the rising demand for premium packaging and limited edition gift sets and also looks to make every man feel like 007. • Faberge syndrome • The cult of celebrity • Changing meaning of luxury • Experience Economy Trend Manifestation
  56. 56. Powered by: x Culture and tradition bottled up – in beer! x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Retail • FMCG Source: It‘s not uncommon to see beers associated with a particular location or target audience, but Florida‘s Cigar City Brewing has what may be the strongest dose of ―made here‖ appeal. Focussing on Tampa‘s cigar-making heritage and long history of Cuban influences, Cigar City Brewing produces a wide variety of flavoured beers reflecting the culture and traditions of Florida. Cigar City Brewing aims to build ―a specific flavour profile reminiscent of the foods and fauna of Florida,‖ in the company‘s own words. Cigar City Brewing also strives to use local ingredients whenever possible, resulting in a line of offerings that includes a Humidor Series aged on Spanish cedar, Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale and Guava Grove Farmhouse Ale, to name just a few examples. The company also runs a local tasting room. It appears that Cigar City Brewing has come up with yet another innovative and distinctive twist on an ages-old beverage. Sourcing local ingredients in turn also helps the local community and economy. Bottling tradition, culture and ethics into beer is a win for any company. • Authentiseeking • Cult of home • Complexity and consumer choice Trend Manifestation
  57. 57. Powered by: x Celebrate life with a bit of sparkle x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • FMCG • Health & Wellbeing • Fashion Source: NUVO Sparkling Liqueur brands itself as a lifestyle choice for trendy individuals. Aiming to bridge the gap between beauty and exclusivity, the product calls itself an accessory and not just a spirit. Made with premium French vodka and a touch of sparkling white wine and infused with passion fruit nectar, NUVO will dazzle taste buds. It comes in a gorgeous, perfume-like bottle that adds flare and décor to any event, thus making it a sought after accessory. Building on the need for beautiful products and exclusivity, this bottle of alcohol will blend into any setting which is swanky and fabulous, a combination that is irresistible to many. This will only help in growing the market for exclusive and upmarket liqueur products. • Have it all society • Faberge Syndrome • Changing meaning of luxury Trend Manifestation
  58. 58. Powered by: x Design and name your own whisky blend x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: Scottish Whisky Blender is a site that enables visitors to design and name their own custom whisky blends. Whisky Blender gives users seven hand-picked whiskies to choose from when crafting their own blend. Consumers simply pick which ones they‘d like to include and in what proportions, and then come up with a name for their personal blend. Once the order is complete, Whisky Blender will blend, bottle and brand the whisky in a 70cL corked, lead-free crystal decanter bottle, including a hand-written, personalised label. Meanwhile, Whisky Blender also enters the blend into its ever- growing archive along with a unique code, so it can be enjoyed by others as well as revisited by the person who originally created it. Building on the ever-growing need for personalised items and gifts, the company takes it to a different level. With whisky often being symbolic with class, here is a classy, upmarket personalised item that could not go wrong in the beverage market. • Have it all society • Surveillance society • Perfection of the body • Culture of immediacy Trend Manifestation
  59. 59. Powered by: x Glitz and glamour with a bit of Martini x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • Experience Economy • Have it all society • Faberge Syndrome • Changing meaning of luxury Source: The Bar Martini is the result of the collaboration between Martini and Dolce & Gabbana, two brands that blend Italian tradition and modernity. They blend together to provide an intimate, relaxing and glamorous experience in the heart of Milan. Decorated entirely in black, the bar provides an air of mystery with a red dragon rising from the floor. The bar is hidden within the Dolce & Gabbana flagship store in Milan, with an interior garden and has 9 exclusive cocktails on its menu, all made with Martini Gold and infused with locally sourced ingredients. Capitalising on the reputation of the fashion capital Milan is known to be, Martini cater to an exclusive clientele, once those are privileged enough to shop at the Dolce & Gabbana store. With these one of a kind cocktails being served only at the bar, Martini are sure to draw in the elite clientele they wish to focus on. Trend Manifestation
  60. 60. Powered by: x Diamonds and gems in a bottle x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: Blackwood Distillers in Scotland are looking to target a very lucrative and exclusive market with the launch of DIVA Premium vodka, which is triple distilled and filtered through a sand of crushed diamonds and gemstones. Inside every bottle of DIVA is a hollow wand that contains a selection of fine jewels and gemstones. A standard off-the-shelf bottle contains 64 cubic zirconia crystals -- among them Scottish smoky topaz, pink tourmaline, sky blue topaz, London blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, and Peridot -- or 72 Swarovski crystals. More premium bottles can be customized to include a selection of the rarest gems imaginable. Clients are invited to call the DIVA team to arrange a consultation and the group will do all the legwork to source out only the finest gems. Not surprisingly, no two bottles of DIVA Vodka are identical. As it comes at different and hefty price tags, the vodka is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world. With a sleek, classy packaging and jewellery included, the vodka mixes what most women love effortlessly. • Experience Economy • Have it all society • Faberge Syndrome • Changing meaning of luxury Trend Manifestation
  61. 61. Powered by: x Take a drive with Johnnie Walker and Porsche x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: JOHNNIE WALKER® BLUE LABEL™ and Porsche Design Studio, two of the world‘s most iconic aspirational brands, today unveiled the JOHNNIE WALKER® BLUE LABEL™ Limited Edition Collection by Porsche Design Studio. The Collection creates the new gold standard for luxury whisky experiences and the ultimate in gifting and celebrating game-changing achievements. The Collection features a series of collectible items engineered for the shared enjoyment of the JOHNNIE WALKER® BLUE LABEL™ Perfect Serve, a medley of bold layers of flavour drawn from the largest reserves of whisky in the world – hand-selected, rare casks from across the distilling regions of Scotland, influenced both by the smoke of the west and the rich, sweet whiskies of the east. The covetable bottle is paired with a series of one-off collectible pieces including, all redefining the celebration of game-changing achievements for connoisseurs and Game Changers all around the world. The Collection also features an added dimension of exclusivity through the engraving of individual collection pieces, introducing an unparalleled opportunity for bespoke personalisation. By combining uncompromised functional quality and design driven innovation, they have together a range of luxury products and gifts with genuine, unsurpassed style and substance while giving an unparalleled opportunity for bespoke personalisation. • Experience Economy • Have it all society • Faberge Syndrome • Changing meaning of luxury Trend Manifestation
  62. 62. Powered by: x Estrella Damm speaks the universal language of music x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG • Experience Economy • Networked Society • Mobile Living Source: With their success in UK, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Brazil, Spanish lager company Estrella Damm looks to target a younger audience in Spain by means of music and the Internet Estrella Damm has developed a website which acts as an online music magazine for music fans in Spain. Building on this, they are also organising and sponsoring a music festival in Barcelona on an international scale. By using the tried, tested and successful method of communication via rock and pop music, it makes the product fun; amplifies nostalgia content; and makes the product more psychologically accessible to both men and women , young and old. Trend Manifestation
  63. 63. Powered by: x Château 7-eleven for the new millennial x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Travel and Tourism • Culture of immediacy • Complexity and consumer choice • A return to maximising Source: The convenience store chain 7-eleven, hitting upon the growing popularity of oenology, has created its own brand of wine : Château 7-eleven, launched exclusively for what it sees as the legal-age ‗New Millennial‘ (young people born between the 1980s and 2000s). The wine comprises value wine sold under the Yosemite label from Californian vineyard : a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon. The bottles are affordable and sold between $3.99 to $8.99. It is an attempt to supersede beer which is the first beverage of choice for this age group. Also appealing are the convenience and the temptation to try new products. Trend Manifestation
  64. 64. Powered by: x DIY Wine x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: Brooklyn Winery, created in late 2010, gives wine lovers the opportunity to make their own wine by following a specifically designed process. Consumers can even take part in the wine-making or on the contrary, let the company manage the more detailed aspects of production. The process starts with a number of wine tastings. In late summer or early autumn, the grapes are then brought to New York for sorting, crushing and to initiate the fermentation process. Once the fermentation is done, the DIY wine makers are then taught how to press the grapes and barrel the wine. Once the wine is ready, a label can be placed on the bottle; either chosen by the participant or Brooklyn Winery. The process takes around a year, with the total cost of the Custom Barrel Package (full barrel) is $5,700. Giving consumers a unique chance to experiment with tastes and the process of making wine, it also adds to the need for authenticity, which is growing when it comes to alcohol consumption. • Experience economy • Have it all society • Culture of immediacy Trend Manifestation
  65. 65. Powered by: x GelatoVino – combining wine and ice-cream x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: In Los Angeles, two Italian treats have been brought together in a store called GelatoVino thanks to the enlightened idea of George Abou-Daoud. The shop is a mix between an ice-cream shop and a wine cellar. It offers a range of 12 dessert wines classified into Bubbly, Crisp and Cool, as well as other sections that can be accompanied with a wide choice of both unusual and traditional ice- cream flavours (traditional vanilla, chocolate but also Earl Grey tea, sour cherry- chevre, beer-flavoured Downtown Brown, Sambuca-espresso, to name but a few). The ice-cream prices range from $3.50 to $5.50 whereas the wine-glass costs between $7 and $12. They offer 24 unique gelato flavours along with 10 to 12 dessert wines. • Experience economy • Have it all society • Culture of immediacy Trend Manifestation
  66. 66. Powered by: x Have fun and blend your own wine x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG • Experience Economy • Changing meaning of luxury • Have it all society • Culture of immediacy Source: Opened in November 2010 in San Fransisco, Dcantr is a Blending Bar that features on the wine list of Deantr, focusing on customised wines that are mixed and matched by customers on site. For $15 you get 150mL (5 ounces) and three different Pinot Noirs to customize your own glass of wine. The section features 3 different single vineyard bottlings of Pinot, all from the Sonoma Coast. Tasting notes under each listing give you a basic idea of how each wine tastes by itself. From there, it‘s up to you to decide how you want your glass to add up. The ―encouraged creativity‖, as the menu proclaims, acts to turn the entire customised operation into a fun, almost scientific experience. Trend Manifestation
  67. 67. Powered by: x Sugar free cola creates waves down under x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • Retail • FMCG • Assault on Pleasure • Perfection of the body Source: 2010 saw the launch of ‗Bundy Bare‘, the latest addition to Australia‘s iconic Bundaberg brand. The drink, a blend of double distilled oak aged rum and specially crafted no sugar cola, was offered as a sugar free alternative within the range for consumers looking to enjoy the distinct taste of the original ‗Black Rata‘ without the calories. Promoted as a solution to the tension created by the need to let go and need look good, the brand threw the full weight of its iconic male imagery behind the drink to firmly position it as a very male offering that wasn‘t just for fatties or girls. Though this concept of ‗sanctioned‘ indulgence is not new to marketers, the benefit this kind of restraint is expected to create requires re-addressing. As people grow increasingly pre-occupied with the idea of perfecting their bodies the pay off they are after is no longer just health – it‘s more about appearance. Trend Manifestation
  68. 68. Powered by: x Marley’s Mellow Mood x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: Enco Products in partnership with the family of musician Bob Marley launched a range of natural relaxation drinks featuring the musical icon on the packaging. Priced at £1.59 per can, the beverage is marketed as a blend of natural ingredients with remedial qualities such as anxiety reduction and natural muscle relaxation. Customers are also given the option to share a part of the proceeds with a charity whose causes are in line with the well loved artist‘s own vision and passions. Another great example of the use of celebrity association to launch a product amongst a wide and already established audience. Marley fans will buy into it without thinking twice and being able to contribute to a good cause while also getting something out of it is always appealing. • Free • Discount forever • Perfection of the Body • Culture of immediacy Trend Manifestation
  69. 69. Trends Manifestations Powered by: x Iron Press x RESLATEDECTORSRELEVANTTRENDS x x • Health and Wellbeing • Beauty • FMCG Source: Iron Press is a new soft drink aimed specifically at men. The product launch is to be supported by a national marketing campaign, including TV advertisements based around the ‗Carling Black Label‘ humour reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s. The product produces a beer-like head when poured and can be served in a pint glass to give the allusion of drinking an alcoholic beverage. With increasing numbers of men cutting back on alcohol due to health or lifestyle reasons, the makers of Iron Press, Halewood International, hope to provide a greater choice of soft drinks for men so that they can enjoy an alcohol-free party, event or evening at home. With the threat of further reductions to the drink drive limit in the future, it is hoped that Iron Press will be an attractive alternative to alcohol. • Consuming with ethics • Perfection of the Body • Culture of immediacy