Childhood Obesity - The Future Is Not Looking Very Good


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We all generally know what the causes are, but we are not here to discuss that or assign blame. In a child's later years this obesity or even just being overweight can have major health risks that can even be life-threatening. In the whole generation there is a huge percentage of folks that are suffering psychologically and physically. Being a teen is hard enough without having to put up with being bullied about their weight by peers. As an obese child, they may have to face some of the following problems.|Most weight-related health conditions involve time. What we mean is it takes a good deal of time for the serious symptoms to begin surfacing. Still, childhood obesity definitely sets the stage for problems later on. Still, kids typically don't suffer from as many medical issues as obese adults do--their youth protects them somewhat. Yet the condition itself is still thought as a risk factor for complications and conditions later on in life. Some of the more severe consequences include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and liver disease.|Childhood obesity is a major and constant problem in the United States and this has had professionals from every stripe confused and befuddled. Of course it does not help that just about anything sold in the US that is a sweet liquid contains copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup. This, however, is another issue that we are not going to discuss in this article. What makes childhood obesity sad is that the kids who suffer from it seem like they haven't been given a fair shot at life and that's terrible. These kids are already suffering the numerous consequences from arthritis and constant joint and back pain to Type II diabetes and the worst verbal treatment by their class peers. There is more to think about in terms of this sad state of affairs and we'll talk about some of that in the following paragraphs.

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Childhood Obesity - The Future Is Not Looking Very Good

  1. 1. childhood obesity the future It wasn't all that long ago that obesity and all of its related problems were solely the problems of grown-ups. Over the last thirtyish years or so the situation in the US has changed definitely for the worse. There are more overweight and obese adults than there have ever been before and these conditions have been starting to affect kids and teens at younger and younger ages. For kids, the most obvious influences are going to be their parents but education and awareness are important too. But it is the parents who must provide guidance and also be a positive role model for their children. Obese children are facing immediate threats to their mental and physical well being. Beyond that, there are a lot of dangerous risks that will have both the means and the opportunity to develop into real problems later on in life. This deals these kids a terrible hand that is almost completely impossible to get past. This is a trend that has been watched carefully by researchers and professionals since the 1980s. Kids, pre-teen and teens have been gaining weight steadily and the health implications of this are crazy. Over the last few decades a ton of research and many studies have been done about this subject. One thing we know without a doubt is that obesity that happens during the younger years is a major risk factor in terrible health problems that happen in the later years. The most important thing that parents need to understand is that there is more to this story. Children who suffer from clinical obesity will be forced to deal with the affects of their conditions far before they grow into adulthood. Childhood obesity has been getting press coverage for a very long time. But it does seem that it has had little effect, especially in the US where it has reached epidemic proportions. We are not going to assign blame to people or discuss what makes people obese as we all know this already. In the later years of a child's life they can have major health dangers or even have their life threatened if they are obese or overweight now. Physical and psychological areas are suffering in a noticeable percentage of this entire generation. Being overweight will make peers be brutal, which should not have to be endured as well as being a teen. As an obese child, they may have to face some of the following problems. The nature of many weight-related health conditions involves the element of time. What we mean is it takes a good deal of time for the serious symptoms to begin surfacing. Still, the stage definitely gets set for later on in life when a child is obese. Still, kids don't usually have as many medical problems result from obesity because they are still young. But the condition in and of itself is definitely a risk factor for later on when adult sized conditions and problems develop. Liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancer, diabetes and stroke are all serious possibilities.|In the United States childhood obesity is a constant and growing problem; something that has astounded and baffled professionals from every corner of the map. It certainly doesn't help that large amounts of high fructose corn syrup are found in pretty much everything sold in the United States. But that is another issue we will not discuss today. Obese kids sort of seem like they haven't been given a real chance at life which is really sad. These kids are already suffering the numerous consequences from arthritis and constant joint and back pain to Type II diabetes and the worst verbal treatment by their class peers. This is a sad state of affairs and we'll explore it further in this article. The child who is obese is on a crushing path heading right for awful health problems. One
  2. 2. problem, for example, is fatty liver disease (which is just about the most common liver disease). It wasn't that long ago that most liver problems were blamed on alcoholism or sclerosis of the liver. Today, however, we know that fatty livery disease is caused by long term obesity. What will usually make the primary liver issues worse is that the metabolism of an obese person is terribly dysfunctional. The liver helps with detoxifying the body of anything that is not good for it. So there is just an incredible demand and load that is placed on the systems of kids and teens who are obese. The variety of medical problems experienced by obese young people is big. There are quite a few different influences here and some of them are actually genetics. Kids and teens who suffer from severe obesity are more likely to develop a variety of conditions that cause problems for joints and bones. Lots of times problems that are associated with the load bearing joints in particular will show up. Skeletal stress is particularly bad in the hips, ankles, feet and knees. Usually kids are going to have to deal with back pain as well as joints that are slightly swollen all the time. Arthritis in these children and teens is commonly diagnosed, as well. The whole human body is stressed in physical areas if you are overweight. If a child is obese then this can have severe dangers to their respiratory system, giving them obstructive sleep apnea. If a child is obese then they may also have problems with normal breathing. Asthma can be developed if a child or young adult is overweight. Other problems that face the normal breathing process are often called exercise intolerance. Everyone has seen that obese people always seem to have trouble breathing. This is a natural response because the body is having to work harder. This merely sets the stage for increased stress on the entire cardiovascular system, as well. Hypertension and high blood pressure are all but synonymous with obesity no matter what your age may be. Some of the more severe medical problems aren't as likely to show up as a part of childhood obesity while others are a lot more likely to surface. For kids who are severely overweight or obese, high blood pressure is a very common problem. Obviously there is physical stress that gets put on the body when a person has excess weight but there is significant psychological stress as well. Obese children are routinely abused verbally and physically by their classmates. So all of that adds up to a chronically stressful situation which, in turn, causes high blood pressure to occur. For kids, teens and adults who suffer from obesity, Type II diabetes is a real threat. It makes real sense that this condition would develop. This specific kind of diabetes is different than Type I because it can be prevented sometimes. Type II diabetes is most often caused by obesity and other weight related issues and a prolonged sedentary existence. People who are obese have more strain put on their bodies to produce insulin. This is because there is more body there that needs to receive it. Then, as time goes on, the body starts to resist the insulin and that's when Type II occurs. Worldwide medical research has confirmed that obstructive sleep apnea is more common in obese children. This specific condition is quite serious because what happens is that the child's airway gets blocked when he or she is asleep. Kids who are overweight and obese are more likely to develop snoring problems but that's a deceiving piece of data, according to researchers. The reason for this snoring is sometimes OSA, obstructive sleep apnea. It is possible that having an adenotonsillectomy will help children and teens who are obese deal with this problem. "Kids are cruel" is one of the oldest and most common expressions that people hear. It's probable that most of us have had to deal with this particular truism at some point in our youths. Obese
  3. 3. children are quite a lot more likely to be forced to endure cruelty in the form of verbal humiliation and teasing. It is any wonder how these children can get through all those years of school with their sanity intact. We all understand that that kind of long lasting abuse can have severe consequences later on. The constant assault can have a detrimental effect on a child's confidence, self esteem and any number of other issues--the list is a long one. The cardiovascular system is where most of the serious risks will develop. Not only do obese children have elevated cholesterol but they also have generally fatty blood profiles which involves triglycerides. Because these heart diseases start early in life, they need to be intervened immediately. A child may have to take prescription medication to counter the effects of high cholesterol so just think about this. An adult has to accept the side effects if they want to start taking this medication. A teen or young child may find it complicated to take such medicines. Just about all obese people suffer from any of a number of psychological issues as well. When a child feels like they are constantly abused by their peers it can lead to things like severe stress, poor self esteem, a lack of self confidence and even self hatred sometimes. These are silent problems that obese kids and teens often endure all by themselves. If the situation is allowed to go on long enough the person dealing with it could even develop sociopathic behaviors. There isn't any real data to say how many obese teenagers go on to college. Our guess is that the number is relatively small and that there are quite a lot more obese high school kids than college kids. Would that really be surprising since so many are probably worried about enduring even more years of torture and abuse? Young girls who have gotten past puberty are also at risk for gender specific obesity-related issues. Menstrual cycle issues are particularly prevalent in women and girls who are obese. This is a problem because the body has lots of interference in its normal hormone production. The overall effect is to cause any and all manner of irregularities with the menstrual cycle. Obesity is often the main cause of these kinds of female problems. Sterility is another common result for some women, particularly if hormonal interference is strong. Think about it: if there is a disruption in the hormones, what kind of impact can this have on the other female processes that are reliant upon hormones? The human body requires its hormone production to be normal in order to keep the body's metabolism functioning properly. Researchers still don't know if there is a direct correlation between obesity and early onset puberty which is more common in girls than in boys. However, there's a particular amount of common sense to be had in looking at what we know. For example, we know that kids who are obese and overweight grow faster and enter puberty earlier. It is a situation, though, in which definite causation needs to be defined. Obviously this is not a serious threat to a child's health or super impacting of other obesity related problems but there are definitely some implications that will go along with the abnormally early onset of puberty.|Part and parcel with the bullying and general social ostracizing encountered at school, overweight and obese children/teens are practically guaranteed to develop social dysfunction. One other term used is "social disabilities" in which there are high degrees of depression, extreme levels of unhappiness, etc. A natural result of all of this is extreme levels of stress which are well-known to be unhealthy from a psychological
  4. 4. perspective as well as physical. Some obese kids deal with this by becoming bullies. What is clearly happening is the bullying behavior is an expression of the anger that has accumulated most likely from being bullied, themselves.|There are a few reasons as to why the prospects do not seem very clear for an obese child. Health problems and diseases are risks that an obese young child has to face when they become an adult. Is there a way in which this condition can be reversed? Thanks to results we can see that obese teenagers are 16x more likely to become severely obese adults. This is clearly not a good thing for those teens. Because the risk factors are developed at an early age, they are likely to have a very poor quality of life as an adult. Teenagers have a faster rate of personality development and socialization than kids of other ages. Not only that but body image development is particularly fragile during the teen years. These parts of human development are particularly difficult for obese teens. What happens then is that the obese teen leaves high school at distinct disadvantages. Being able to normally compete and succeed is not something that is going to be possible for most of these kids.|As you can guess, there is enormous social stigma attached to the obese child and teen. They have a hard time even doing everyday things like getting through the school day. The effects of this kind of activity can wreak havoc on a person for the rest of his or her life. Each person will react in his or her own way to this. The ripple effects from this can be large and serious and it is important to get obese teens and kids and adults into counseling so that they can properly deal with the effects of these kinds of things. There is a real problem with kids and teens who suffer from obesity that affects other people too. You should also think about this in terms of the cost it puts on society. Kids who are obese are probably going to grow up into adults who are obese and that means that they will have to deal with things like medical costs, etc. This means that it is really a problem for society as a whole though few people grasp that. Obviously, obese children are at tremendous physical and social disadvantages once they have reached their condition. Everybody knows just how difficult it can be to lose weight and to be successful at it you need to have strong support and high levels of determination. Friends and parents need to be as supportive as possible. Young adults and kids have an amazing reserve of resiliency and can bounce back if healthy directives are taken. But of course it just depends on what, if any, serious medical conditions have become expressed. We believe that an obese child should receive something akin to an emergency plan of action to begin losing weight. But we do know that these children are in many unique situations. Although this situation has avoided being reversed, it is very serious. It is very important for kids who are suffering from obesity to find a trusted and qualified adult to talk to about their weight conditions. You need to be informed about what makes your condition happened. The good news is that you can absolutely do something about this and it is never ever too late to begin working your way back to optimum health. Obese kids and young adults have often been (accurately) described as "the walking wounded." This applies because of the way that obesity affects the mind and the body.
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