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Sagrada Familia


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Description of Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona. By year 6 students at School El Castellot (La Múnia-Castellví de la Marca) in Catalonia-Spain. E+ project Discovering Europe

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Sagrada Familia

  1. 1. WQ: The art of building SAGRADA FAMÍLIA Barcelona
  2. 2. The Sagrada Família
  3. 3. IT IS A CHURCH It’s a Roman Catholic church It’s not a cathedral, because there isn’t any bishop. It was designed by the catalan arquitect Antoni Gaudí. Although it’s not finished yet, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  4. 4. GENERAL DESCRIPTION In 2004 Sagrada família was the most visited monument in Spain It’s one of the symbols of Barcelona.
  5. 5. 3.260.880 people visited Sagrada Família in 2014
  6. 6. ANTONI GAUDÍ He was the architect He was born on: 25th June 1852, in Riudoms, a village near Reus He died on 10th June 1926 in Barcelona Antoni Gaudí created other works such as Parc Güell,La Pedrera,La casa Batlló or El palau Güell.
  7. 7. SAGRADA FAMILIA • Was designed by Gaudí. • It isn’t finished yet. • Works in progress • Gaudí was inspired by nature to build it.
  8. 8. AN UNFINISHED BUILDING They started building it in 1882 and still is not finished yet. It is expected to finish the year 2026,100 years after the death of Gaudí. Do you want to see what it will look like when finished? Watch this amazing video!
  9. 9. BUILDING PLAN For that reason, he left detailed plans of the Sagrada Família. That’s why the works in the Sagrada Família can still go on, according to Gaudi’s plan. Antoni Gaudí was not very young when he started building Sagrada Família, and he knew he would not live enough to see it finished.
  10. 10. Where is Sagrada Família?
  11. 11. Situation in Barcelona ● Sagrada Família is located on Mallorca street. ● Sagrada Família is located in the Eixample district. ● It is between Gaudí's square and the Sagrada Família square. IT IS IN THE CENTER OF BARCELONA
  12. 12. City Map ● On the next map we can see where The Sagrada Família is located in the city of Barcelona ● It is in the city centre.
  13. 13. SAGRADA FAMILIA You can see it from all Barcelona. The Sagrada Família is located in the center of Barcelona.
  15. 15. Modernisme In arquitecture, curve lines and forms are preferred to stright ones. Inspired in nature. At the end of the XIX century, and early XX, there’s a cultural movement in Catalonia called “Modernisme”, in literature, arts, and of course, arquitecture. In other places, modernisme has other names: “Art nouveau”, “Modern style”, “Jujendstil”, “Floreale”, etc.
  16. 16. DESIGN Sagrada Família has got the form of a latin cross
  17. 17. ARQUITECTURE 170m When it’s finished it will be 1,70 m. high. It will be the highest building in Barcelona 60m 90m
  18. 18. SIZE Length 90 m (300 ft) [2] Width 60 m (200 ft) [2] Width (nave) 45 m (150 ft) [2] Spire(s) 18 (8 already built) Spire height 170 m (560 ft) (planned) When finished, it will be the highest building in Barcelona! 170m 60m 45m There are 7’5m between each column. You can easily get all the measurements. 30m (15+15+15)m 90m
  19. 19. How tall are the towers? Nativity façade Passion façade The two central towers are 107 m high. The two side towers are 98m high The two central towers are 112 m high. The two side towers are 107m high
  20. 20. There will be three façades: - Nativity façade (built during Gaudi’s life) - Passion façade (built after Gaudi’s death) - Glory façade (Glory façade is not built yet)
  21. 21. Nativity façade - It’s the East façade - It represents the birth of Jesus, and everything there is related with life - It has rich decorations - It’s “happy”
  22. 22. Nativity façade
  23. 23. Passion façade - It’s the West façade - It represents Jesus passion and death - Everything there is related with death and suffering. - It hasn’t got rich decorations. It’s austere. - It’s “scary”
  24. 24. Passion façade
  25. 25. SHAPE The central spire of Jesus Christ hasn’t been built yet. It will be 170m hight, only one metre less than that of Montjuïc hill in Barcelona. Gaudí believed that his creation should not be higher than God's. When finished, Sagrada Família will be the tallest church building in the world.
  26. 26. detailsofthesagradafamilia
  27. 27. magicsquare Themagicsquareisusedtoknowhowold Jesuswaswhenhedied.Hewas33yearsold. Add up the numbers in the square. Try in all directions (down, across, diagonal). What do you get?
  28. 28. magicsquare OnthePassionFaçade,thereisamagic Square Add up the numbers in the square. Try in all directions (down, across, diagonal). What do you get? There are a lot of symbols in Sagrada Família. These are some of them:
  29. 29. magicsquare Themagicsquareisusedtoknowhowold Jesuswaswhenhedied. Hewas33yearsold.
  30. 30. animals Thesearetheanimalsthatare aroundoftheSagradaFamilia The animals are not for decoration. They are symbols. The snake is a symbol for betrayal.
  31. 31. animals Thesearetheanimalsthatare aroundoftheSagradaFamilia Snails, horses, lizards, dogs, chicken, birds, … the more you look, the more you find.
  32. 32. Turtles Therearetwoturtlesatthebase ofthedoor-columns inthe nativityfaçade Sea turtle, at the sea side Land turtle, at the mountain side
  33. 33. Shepherds,sheepand adog. nATIVITYFAÇADE
  36. 36. DOORS • The first door is door of birth • The second door is door of crucify
  37. 37. INSIDE Columns look like trees. It feels like getting into a forest.
  38. 38. WINDOWS • Life (Nativity façade) • Death (Passion façade)
  39. 39. HIGH CEILINGS, like tree tops
  40. 40. STAIRS AND DOORS The staircases There are staircases to climb up the towers The doors (Passion and Nativity)
  41. 41. Funding WHopaysforthe constructionof sagradafamilia?
  42. 42. ConstructionOFthesagradafamiliaISNOT SUPPORTEDBYANYGOVERNMENT. gaudidesignedittobecharityfunded. today thebuildingispayedforbythevisitors. everydaythesagradafamiliamakesalotof moneyfromthevisitorstickets.
  43. 43. THE END