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Welcome to canada


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business 240

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Welcome to canada

  1. 1. By Chris Apple
  2. 2.  My product is work pants that do not stain or rip. Are you tired of pants that get stains on them whether or not your working on your car at home, doing yard work or doing your job these pants are guaranteed to never rip or get stained.  We even offer kids sizes We guarantee or product, if they rip or stain you can exchange them for a new pair no questions asked.
  3. 3.  InC anada t her e cur r ency i s a paper cur r ency of one hundr ed cent s. They have coi ns m l i ke w uch e do her e i n t he U t ed St at es. They have coi ns ni of one, f i ve, t en, t w y-f i ve, f i f t y cent s and ent one dol l ar . I n paper m oney t hey have t w f i ve, t en, t w y, f i f t y, one hundr ed, and o, ent one t housand dol l ar s. O Cne anadi an dol l ar equal s .6899 cent s i n U t ed St at es C r ency. ni ur So i f you have one U t ed St at es dol l ar i t s ni w t h one dol l ar and f or t y f i ve cent s i n or C anada’s cur r ency (Encycl opedi a of N i ons at 2007).U t ed St at es cur r ency i s accept ed i n ni m m or ci t i es al ong and som i m accept ed ost aj et es i n t he sm l er ci t i es. al
  4. 4.  The way that I would market my new product in Canada is have a huge grand opening where you have a chance to win a 10 free pairs of pants by purchasing one pair of pants. Our product is not like any other product out there so it will market itself by people spreading the word about the break through
  5. 5.  Inventory will be managed first by taking a few of each style of pants to Canada and see which one sells the best then base my orders on the best selling products. I would try to avoid ordering products that don’t sell because it costs money to sit on a product for a long period of time. Figure out what people like and want
  6. 6. Some laws that are needed to know are youcan not open a business in Canada withoutgetting a business partner or agent ormoving to Canada and receiving a specialpapers to open a business.
  7. 7.  Canada is a constitutional monarchy Has a federal system Two dominant political parties in Canada have historically been the liberal party of Canada and conservative party of Canada There were 2,452,787 crimes reported in 2006; 48% were property related crimes and 12.6% were violent crimes. At a rate of 7,518 reported incidents per 100,000 people, the crime rate in 2006
  8. 8.  Canada contains the northern part of North American continent except for the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon and Alaska. Canada’s boundary length extends 131,099 miles and the total land area is 3,855,175 square miles and is hardly bigger in size than China and the United States. Canada is all of the yellow Canada’s mountain ranges