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Social Media Demystified (part one)


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Presentation on social media from a behavior perspective. Gave this to the Schulich MBA class and also internally.

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Social Media Demystified (part one)

  1. Social Media demystified part one
  2. conversations are simple
  3. people are not
  4. foreseen behavior?
  5. 75 million blogs and climbing More mobile phones than TV sets 1.3 billion Internet users 3.3 billion active mobile subscribers Canadian broadband users online more hours monthly than any other country Over 5.9 million canadians on MySpace 18% of advertising generates positive ROI Texting is the most widely used data application on the planet 2 billion users of SMS 800 million active users of email Up to 85% of Koreans belong to Cyworld Majority of youth expect two-way relationships from their brands