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Schulich MBA 4 Myths of Digital Marketing


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A presentation that Paul McEnany and I gave to the Schulich School of Business MBA class on the 4 myths of Digital Marketing

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Schulich MBA 4 Myths of Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Digital  Marke,ng  Reboot   It’s  ,me  to  bust  some  myths  
  2. 2. MYTH #1! Digital  is  a   channel  
  3. 3. h9p://  
  4. 4. Content  replaces  communica0ons  as  primary   Web  use…  A  drama0c  shi8  has  taken  place…   with  consumers  now  spending  47%  of  their   0me  with  content  and  only  33%  with   communica0on.   Center  for  Media  Research,  2007  
  5. 5. h9p://  
  6. 6. h9p://  
  7. 7. Meet  Kevin   Kevin  wants  to  go  to  NY  to  party   So  Kevin  emails  his  boss  
  8. 8. It  might  have  worked  before   Facebook  
  9. 9. “your  average  slob     is  just  as  likely  as  a  well-­‐ connected  person  to   start  a  huge  new  trend”          -­‐  Duncan  Wa9s  
  10. 10. MYTH #2! Influence  is  nothing  but   reach   reach   reach  
  11. 11. Most  PR  companies  will  sell  you  a  database  of   bloggers  who  have  lots  of  reach  into  your  “target   audience”  
  12. 12. It’s  about  finding  those  who  are  most  passionate   about  your  brand.   Which  is  easier  than  it  sounds.   They  also  happen  to  be  the  most  visible  and   vocal.  
  13. 13. h9p://  
  14. 14. MYTH #3! Social  Media   scal doesn’t   e  
  15. 15. Really?    It  doesn’t  scale?    Oh.    You  mean  in  Canada.   Image  source:  vividBreeze  on  Flickr  
  16. 16. March  2008,  YouTube  reaches  71%  of  Online  Popula,on  in  Canada   April  2009,  YouTube  reaches  47%  of  Online  Popula,on  in  USA   Image  source:  René  Ehrhardt  on  Flickr  
  17. 17. Oh.    You  mean  your  team  of  4  people  can’t  scale  their  efforts  to   converse  one  on  one  with  millions.   Image  source:  julien  `  on  Flickr  
  18. 18. The  value  of  Social  Media  lies  not  in   our  use  of  it  as  a  tradi,onal  channel   where  a  small  number  of  people   can  reach  a  massive  group  of   people  and  drive  changes  in  their   DUH behavior.   Rather,  it  lies  in  humanizing  our     brand,  exposing  the  people  behind   the  company,  and  crea,ng  amazing   experiences  across  all  touchpoints.   Those  companies  that  hire  a  small   team  and  make  them  solely   responsible  for  all  digital  channels   will  most  surely  fail.  
  19. 19. Image  source:  The  Dachis  Group  
  20. 20. And  yet  most  companies  are     doing  the  exact  opposite  of     what  is  needed.   Facebook  access  is  blocked.   Web  ac,vity  is  monitored.   Image  source:  sarah  sosiak  on  Flickr  
  21. 21. But  can   you  really   block  the   Internet?  
  22. 22. 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are almost 50% more active on Facebook than non-mobile users. There are more than 180 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile
  23. 23. 17%  of  Twi9er  users  have  “ Tweeted”  from  the  toilet   57%  of  smart  phone  users  have  accessed  Internet  from  the  washroom  
  24. 24. MYTH #4! Viral  is  a  linear   event  
  25. 25. in  fact,  if  someone  tells  you  to  “do  viral.”   RUN.  
  26. 26. it’s   be9er  to     talk  about     Talkability  
  27. 27. Zappos  VS.  Endless  
  28. 28. Zappos  VS.  Endless  
  29. 29. Zappos  is  built  on  conversa,on.  Employees  to  fans,   CEO  to  Employees,  CEO  to  fans.  Everyone  isn’t  just   sharing,  but  excited  to  do.    
  30. 30. What  makes  a  brand  social?  
  31. 31. CULTURE.   h9p://  
  32. 32. CONVERSATION.   h9p://  
  33. 33. MEANINGFUL.   h9p://   h9p://   h9p://  
  34. 34.  this  isn’t  just  a  race  for  the  most  video  views,  but   crea,ng  long-­‐term  plaiorms  for  conversa,ons,   meaningful  interac,ons  and  a  culture  that   encourages  it  to  con,nue.    
  35. 35. Senior  Strategist   Director  of  Strategy   Trist  Image   Twist  Image   h9p://   h9p://   h9p://www.heehawmarke,   h9p://