Ser y estar


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Ser y estar

  1. 1. MENU What is the meaning of “to be” in Spanish? Conjugation of “to be” in English Conjugations of “ser and estar” in Spanish Differences between “ser and estar” Pronunciation of “ser and estar” Rhyme for “ser and estar” EXITMartha Abeille
  2. 2. What is the meaning of “to be” in Spanish? SER ESTAR MenuMartha Abeille
  3. 3. Conjugation of verb “to be” in English Verb “to be” is an irregular verb. Therefore you should memorize its conjugation. I am you are he/she is we are you-all are they are MenuMartha Abeille
  4. 4. Conjugations of “ser and estar” in Spanish Verb “to be” as well as “ser and estar” are irregular verbs. Therefore you should memorize their conjugations. SER SER ESTAR yo soy yo soy yo estoy yo estoy tú eres tú eres tú estás tú estás él él él él ella ella es es ella ella está está usted usted usted usted nosotros (as) somos nosotros (as) somos nosotros (as) estamos nosotros (as) estamos Vosotros sois Vosotros sois Vosotros estáis Vosotros estáis ustedes ustedes ustedes ustedes ellos (as) ellos (as) son son ellos (as) ellos (as) están están MenuMartha Abeille
  5. 5. Fundamental differences between … Menu SER ESTARMartha Abeille ON OFF
  6. 6. We use verb SER… 1. To indicate existence 2. To express country of origin and nationality 3. With adjectives to indicate innate or essential characteristics 4. To indicate possession or ownership 5. To indicate where an event takes place 6. To talk about professions examples 7. To tell the timeMartha Abeille ON OFF
  7. 7. EXAMPLES FOR “SER” 1. Las hormigas son insectos/ Ants are insects 2. Yo soy de México / I am from Mexico Yo soy mexicana / I am Mexican 3. Tú eres generoso / You are generous 4. El libro es de Luis / The book is Luis’s 5. La obra es en la escuela/ The play is at school 6. Manuel es doctor / Manuel is a doctor 7. Es la una / It is one o’clock Return Son las dos / It’s two o’clockMartha Abeille ON OFF
  8. 8. We use verb ESTAR… 1. To indicate a state or condition, usually one resulting from a change 2. To indicate location 3. In progressive tenses 4. In many idiomatic expressions 5. To describe how food tastes examplesMartha Abeille
  9. 9. Examples for ESTAR… 1. Pedro está feliz / Pedro is happy 2. Estamos en la escuela / We are at school 3. Ellos están comiendo / They are eating 4. Yo estoy de acuerdo / I agree 5. La pizza está deliciosa hoy./ The pizza is delicious today. ReturnMartha Abeille
  10. 10. “Ser and Estar Rhyme” How you feel and where you are This is when you use estar. What you’re like and where you’re from is when you use the other one. MenuMartha Abeille ON OFF
  11. 11. SER o ESTAR Complete the sentence with the correct form of SER or ESTAR. 1.La casa________________blanca. 2.Los chicos ______________tristes hoy. 3.Yo __________ de Oaxaca, México. 4.Marta y yo______________en la clase. 5.Tú____________corriendo en el parque. 6.Elena____________alta, flaca y rubia. 7.Los estudiantes _____________chilenos. 8.Yo__________muy nervioso porque tengo un examen esta mañana.Martha Abeille