Ser el pasado


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Ser el pasado

  1. 1. SER in the past We have learned the forms of SER in the PRESENT &FUTURE tenses, but you canalso use it in the PAST tense to tell what WAS or USED TO BE.
  2. 2. 2 past tenses?Spanish has 2 past tenses: Preterite & Imperfect
  3. 3. Criteria for the uses of the preterite tense1. An action that is terminated or completed. (I walked to school this morning.) •2. An action or state that occupies a limited period of time. (I played tennis for two hours.)3. An action with a specific and indicated beginning or ending. (At 10:00 it started to rain.)
  4. 4. Ser – Preterite tense YO - fui NOSOTROS - fuimos We were I was TÚ - fuiste VOSOTROS - fuisteis Y’all were (Spain) You were ÉL/Ella/Ud. - fue ELLOS/ELLAS/Uds. - fueron He/She was They were You wereThis PAST tense form is used for specific events in the past.
  5. 5. Ex. SER en el Pretérito:Ayer fue malo.– Yesterday was bad.Srta. Robo fue la maestra anteayer.– Ms. Robo was the teacher day before yesterday.Por un año, fui presidente.– For one year, I was president.Note: these have a definite period of time.
  6. 6. Criteria for the uses of the imperfect tense1. An action that was ongoing or habitual in the past. (used to, was …ing) • We used to sing every day.2. Describing people in the past • ••• • Age, characteristics, state of mind • I was 14. He was short. She was shy.3. Background information to set the scene • Time, date, weather, situation (It was…) • It was 10:00. It was Monday. It was raining.
  7. 7. Ser – Imperfect tense YO - era NOSOTROS - éramos We used to be I used to be TÚ - eras VOSOTROS - erais Y’all used to be (Spain) You used to be ÉL/Ella/Ud. - era ELLOS/ELLAS/Uds. - eran He/She used to be They used to be You all used to be You used to be
  8. 8. SER en el Imperfecto:Eran las ocho y media.– It was 8:30.Paco era muy cómico de niño.– Paco was very funny as a child.Ellos eran mejores amigos.– They used to be best friends.
  9. 9. Some words that indicate PRETERITE or IMPERFECT. *these aren’t definites, just suggestions- depends on the meaning of the sentence! Pretérito ImperfectoAyer (yesterday) Cada díá (each day)Anteayer (day before yesterday) Todos los días (every day)Anoche (last night) A veces (sometimes)El año pasado (last year) A menudo (often)El mes pasado (last month) Generalmente (generally)Una vez (one time) Frecuentemente (frequently)*These words indicate a specific *These words indicate ongoingtime or period of time in the past. times in the past. Copy these words in your steno pad
  10. 10. Practicamos A – Fill in the blanks with the correct form of SER in the PRETERITE tense.1. La fiesta ________ ayer.2. Marta y Rosa _______ amigas el año pasado pero no son amigas ahora.3. El viernes pasado, tú ________ el maestro.4. Una vez, yo _______ la reina de la escuela.5. El Sr. Robles _______ carnicero por un año.
  11. 11. Practicamos B – Fill in the blanks with thecorrect form of SER in the IMPERFECT tense.6. ________ las diez cuando la fiesta empezó.7. Marta y Rosa _______ mis amigas cuando yo era joven.8. Todos los viernes, tú ________ el maestro.9. Cada año, yo _______ la reina de la escuela.10. El Sr. Robles _______ carnicero.