ESC7 - Symbaloo: My Appy Place


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Region 7 ESC hosted Extreme Makeover: Technology Edition. These are the slides used during our presentation on Symbaloo.

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  • Let’s take a look together.
  • Let’s take a look together.
  • You know as teachers we have that innate urge to hoard everything we can get our hands on. I once stopped beside the road and picked up a piece of styrofoam and made a giant piece of bread to use with the book, The Giant Jam Sandwich. I am not lying. So you can only imagine how many resources I am currently hoarding. I admit I have a problem. I am a tech hoarder. I have three terabyte external drives that are all full, and yes, I added to that problem yesterday....and even today. I started out Bookmarking my Favorite Pages at school and when I got home I didn’t have them. Then progressed to dragging links down to my toolbar. I had to go into the properties and delete all of the names and just put . so that I could see the pages that I would visit regularly every day. I quickly signed up for a Delicious account, (tags, network, network tags) Then there was the rumor that Delicious was going away and we were all in danger of losing all of our bookmarks, so I signed up for Diigo and exported all of my tags there and added about 1,300 more and began a regiment of Pecid AC from all of the anxiety associated with the possible loss of my tags. My PLE includes my Personal Twitter, my Classroom Twitter, my Personal Facebook, my Campus Facebook, Prezi followers, Linkedin followers, Livebinder followers, Youtube followers, and OMG along comes Pinterest................
  • This is your mind on TAGS.
  • I WAS frustrated much, and then while stumbling through my mayhem, I came upon SYMBALOO EDU.
    If you do not already have a free Symbaloo Edu account, you might as well sign up right now for one because before our time is up, you ARE going to want one.
  • I was attending the TCEA state conference and I just did not have the time to attend all of the sessions that I had selected. So after the conference TCEA always posts the links to the presenter’s handouts, and I went searching for one particular session of interest. The format that was being used for the presentation was like nothing I had seen before. It reminded me of my iPhone or iPad screen and I was intrigued visual nature of the content. So I signed up for a FREE account and began to build my first webmix. (If Symbaloo EDU is blocked try Symbaloo)
  • Let’s take a look together.
  • ESC7 - Symbaloo: My Appy Place

    1. 1. That was T h e n .. .
    2. 2. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    3. 3. ...This is NOW! Nina Peery Pam Cranford
    4. 4. Nina Peery Pam Cranford
    5. 5. Delicious Tags Facebook Edmodo Professional Development Pinterest Linkedin DMAC Eduphoria Blogs LiveBinders Twitter YouTube, Twitter, Diigo, Bookmarking, . . .
    6. 6. Frustrated Much?
    7. 7. Let’s start HERE!
    8. 8.
    9. 9. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    10. 10. Do you know what your marketing is doing? We can help.
    11. 11. Do you know what your students are doing? SYMBALOO can help!
    12. 12. Nina Peery Pam Cranford